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Dark Star


Dark Star: H.R. Giger’s World (2015), at IMDb. Here’s a short trailer.

It seems like a suitable frightday night topic — the film impressively conveys the role of raw terror in producing these images. ‘Perinatal trauma’ according to one voice, although that attains very limited purchase on Giger’s ‘biomechanoid’ obsessions. While biography and psychology are dubious guides into cultural products, the account of the young Giger’s horrified fascination with a museum mummy is highly engaging.

All my problems with Giger come from the surrealism — an aesthetic posture to be rigorously damned as facile. If that level of his work is considered a mere vehicle for more profound (or abstract) inclinations, much remains to explore. The movie explicitly describes his work as a gateway into the dark (nigredo), docked to hermetic traditions. Giger’s techno-prosthetically mummified Egyptian princess manifestly draws him into the crypt of transcendental time.

It’s utter degeneracy, of course — but I’m loathe to say that as if it’s a bad thing.

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Chaos Patch (#84)

(Open thread + links)

Sys-req. for a functioning nation. SF from Amerika (relevant). Dear pagans. On entropy. NRx-WN debate. Private cities (part 3). Faye > > Benoist. French new reaction (and NRx in the Kremlin). The weekly round (of doom).

War in cyberspace (and beyond). The limits of peace. Fascism and fantasy.

Popcorn politics (US and UK).

Virtue signals. Facts don’t matter. Where did colleges go wrong? What PC is for. On telescopic morality. Pathological altruism. Non-pathological autism? Scary majorities. Unknown Thelema.

European migration chaos overview and link dump (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9). Immigration economics. A sense of perspective.

Plantoid (techno-aesthetics). Why all the zombies? Yogic evil. The psy-op theory of Christianity. The sanity trade-off. Spider Mouth Girl (some background).

Four evolutionary laws, and a meta-law. Genes and brains. The social module. Cosmology degree-0. Alien engineering? The hell-planet next door. Motherships. Good luck, Winter-Chan!

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Chaos Patch (#61)

(Open thread — just back from Xi’an, after delayed flight, and punchy as hell. I’ll plug some links in tomorrow.)

ADDED: What the DE is for. NRx vs. WN. Egalitarianism ruins everything. Triggered by Western Civilization. Untapped allies. Introducing Futurist Traditionalism, and democracy as disease. Dreams of right unity. Fragments. The weekly rounds.

At some point, Westerners will have to start recognizing that there’s less of a ‘we’ in this than we’re accustomed to thinking. Many Western countries aren’t going to make it. Many regions aren’t going to make it. Many religious groups aren’t going to make it. For small groups of men to solve problems, the problem space has to be shrunk down to a manageable level. Fixing the US isn’t possible; salvaging a portion of it is.

From general election to secession (1, 2, 3, 4). More Schadenfreude-flavored UK regime-continuity popcorn (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6).

Oil glut. Strategic alterations. Wall Street is broken.

Vox gets it (backwards). End-game for Assad?

Left auto-cannibalization watch. (The wholly intra-Islamic version is even more entertaining.) Boiling the Muslim frog.

Defending Wade in detail.

Fake depth.

A Gaudi appreciation. Beauty and fit. American beauty. Fear of the night.

Wolfe on the origins of Silicon Valley (classic).

A filtered future. Selective deregulation (left-style). Dindu Benankeism. Segregation and diversity. A fluffy take on polarization. Peak collapse (if the new millennium coughs up a more deteriorated story than this, things are even worse than I’d thought). Cry-bullies.

ADDED: A few links collected during the Xi’an trip, and today, have been spliced in.

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Shanghai Tower

It’s Aesthetics Week @ Social Matter. Here’s the XS twist:

Shanghai Tower

It’s the new Shanghai Tower, in Lujiazui. Latest glistening jewel in a fabulously beautiful city.

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Take my eye off Anathema, and this happens:

It’s pulpy and narrative-driven, of course, but that surely has its place. Even within its limitations it helps to hold open the question — from which I’m far too easily distracted — what would an NRx aesthetic be? The thematic reflexivity is a part of that.

To be brutally frank, I’ve basically given up on the West as a source of continuing visual aesthetic achievement (symptom). Its global influence strikes me as radically toxic, promoting worthless pomo garbage wherever it gets its foot in the door, and whenever it tries to pull-out of its death spiral — to become neo-traditional — it sticks Roman columns everywhere and looks simply ridiculous. The last person who could get away with anything like that was de Chirico. Probably fascism wrecked it, as it did so many other things. Grumpiness aside, the importance of the discussion is undeniable. The consolidation which matters most takes place on the aesthetic plane.

ADDED: Huge twitter agitation about this, so I’m tacking it on, even though the connection is tenuous at best.

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