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Parametrics and Provocation

This is from April last year (but I’ve only just found it). It’s quite amazing how many lines intersect in it:

Both Schumacher’s and Hadid’s language propose an architecture that’s “above” trivial moral and political hand-wringing, like worker’s rights. Peggy Dreamer, in a recent CalArts panel, described Schumacher’s style as “über-form,” meaning that it takes on the aesthetic of the universal and inevitable in order to create icons of an imaginary future. And that is what China and the Emirates are buying — the Seoul Design Park, Galaxy SOHO, Guangzhou Opera House, the 2022 Qatar World Cup Stadium. These are icons of future cities, not current ones.

The reason it’s here, now, though is to add some framing for this Patrik Schumacher talk, which I was politely asked (on Twitter) to trigger a Xenosystems conversation about it. While I’m in no position to directly wire-head XS readers, it looks stimulating to me. (There isn’t much capitalistic historical materialism about.)

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Shanghai Tower

It’s Aesthetics Week @ Social Matter. Here’s the XS twist:

Shanghai Tower

It’s the new Shanghai Tower, in Lujiazui. Latest glistening jewel in a fabulously beautiful city.

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Urban Defense

There’s an easy solution to the ‘tragedy of the commons’ — abolish the commons. It works in cities too.

Warning: such policies can produce an upsetting vibrancy deficit, by deterring vagrants and panhandlers from participating in street life within your urban enclave.

Liberal comment on the Neocameral City: “It was impressive in its own way, I guess, but I was deeply distressed about the absence of bums.”

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