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Jacobite 3

How sterile modern cities bred the far right.

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Disconnection VI

Posted from Tokyo, first time in Japan, which is awesome so far. An open society without being stupid about it would be the NRx fast-summary (sound, but limited). It was vastly easier to get into Japan than the United States.

Staying in the AirB&B equivalent of a coffin-hotel, but the situation is good (in Ueno).

Civilization level meets high expectations, and friendliness level exceeds them.
Much more English signage than expected, and the inherited Chinese characters have preserved their meanings, if not their phonological values, so the urban landscape is surprisingly intelligible.
Micro-artisan businesses of extreme excellence, typically run by elderly people, are everywhere.
Automation dialed up to eleven.
Yet to see a single over-weight person (which out-performs the stereotype).

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Free Cities


The Free Cities Initiative: Let A Thousand Cities Bloom (here). In every way an excellent thing to be happening, and crucially aligned with the deep planetary current.

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35 Today

Shenzhen’s birthday is this Wednesday. I’d have put up a 1980 photo, but there wasn’t anything there.

Shenzhen today:


The Wikipedia profile.

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Disney NRx

It looks as if this was a lot more flippant than it needed to be.

Via @asilentsky (via), the question: Was Walt Disney practically exploring a prototypical Neoreaction in the 1960s? Such anachronism typically merits extreme skepticism, but here are some videos to hone your doubt upon: Walt Disney’s original plan for EPCOT (his Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow), parts 1, 2, and 3. Plus some select tweet support:

(That last is a Gibson quote, btw.)

From the EPCOT videos: “Whatever worked became the code … We’re ready to go right now.”

There has to be a discussion about this.

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Steven Sailer makes room for a smidgen of gentle cynicism about the economic driver behind the Obama Administration’s “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing” initiative:

Clearly, racial justice demands forcing suburbs/exurbs to subsidize affordable housing to encourage blacks to move to more convenient locations currently dominated by evil white racists, such as, perhaps, Murrieta, Hemet, Coachella, Twentynine Palms, and Hesperia. […] Seriously, sixty years ago, “urban renewal” was all the rage, although cynics joked that cities, in effect, were attempting to engage in “Negro removal.” […] Nowadays, everybody who is anybody wants to move back into the city, so white progressives have become obsessed with exposing all those vicious racists in the suburbs and exurbs, and using disparate impact thinking to force them to take more blacks from the city. […] It’s only a coincidence that this would open up more prime urban real estate for gentrification, right?

There can be little doubt that it’s a low tolerance for hypocrisy, beyond anything, that pushes people into the crime-think zone. A cheerful acceptance that evangelical political correctness is entirely compatible with profitable ethnic-clearing exercises — perhaps even a crucial tool in this regard — would make it wholly unnecessary to ever make those awkward, socially-taboo remarks. It’s not as if anyone is going to be called out about it (except by the Sailers of this world, who’ve been carefully locked-up in the muffled cell). There’s not even any need to be a hick Republican about the whole business. Clearly, the left wing of the Democratic Party is the place from which to really clean up. Simply recognize that words are a perfectly empty social ritual, designed by the Holy Zeitgeist for the public expression of convenient tribal emotions, and all the confusion goes away. Dollars follow, and life is beautiful.

We can laugh (darkly), as Sailer does, but that’s most probably a maladaptive relic. There’s certainly plenty of laughter to go around on the other side.

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London II

Surreptitiously recorded commentary on The Thing:

It‘s started to spread from … to …”

“You see some remnants of the housing estate people around, and they really seem as if they’re from another century…”

“Of course, the Conservative government is not going to do anything to stop what is happening …”

“There are still islands of social housing …”

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Gentrification is the topic everyone is discussing, with the systematic pricing-out of problem populations (to provincial demographic dump-zones) as the scandal no one in polite society can admit to any ambivalence about. It’s unspeakable, of course, especially since it is making the place so much nicer. An undertow of London secessionist rumor — straight out of The Peripheral — adds to the dark buzz. Also crucial is the “best horse in the glue-factory” dividend from the implosion of continental Europe. Overall, then, a vortical collapse dynamic of far more intriguing ambiguity than expected by the civilizational exiles here at Outside in.

… And overlooking the process (at Marble Arch): the ‘She-Guardian’ — make of her what you will.

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Chaos Patch (#51)

(Open thread + links)

City-state innovation and its obstacles. Zioreaction? (Also relevant.) VDare does Spandrell. Venezuela lights the way. Can’t NRx be a little nicer? (See also.) Doing the impossible. ‘Kill the Kulaks’ (audio version). Sexual divisions. “… the so-called Neoreaction” (was well introduced). Fleeing distraction. Round ups.

Left auto-cannibalism watch. A far superior kind of cannibalism. How liberal and conservatives differ. Dark policing. Biafra and the left (from 1969). Long and short of the Greek mess. War readiness. Culture clash. The Dragon rises.

Alan Greenspan: Horrorist. The theater of fiat.

Who lost the Internet? The blockchain is Bitcoin. Subtleties of the Firewall.

The problem with ethnic genetic interests (don’t miss the comments). Malthusianisms. The Seneca cliff. The S (or socioeconomic) factor in China (some background). Historical speculations on Ashkenazi kinship. More on wheat-versus-rice farming (gateway drug to HBD crime-think?). Tribe building. African genetic diversity. Cliodynamics.

Puritan roots of republicanism. Old style Confederate Austrianism. Strossian futurology. Medieval modernists.

A (wide-ranging) West Hunter reading list (from December). Kek.

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Urban Defense

There’s an easy solution to the ‘tragedy of the commons’ — abolish the commons. It works in cities too.

Warning: such policies can produce an upsetting vibrancy deficit, by deterring vagrants and panhandlers from participating in street life within your urban enclave.

Liberal comment on the Neocameral City: “It was impressive in its own way, I guess, but I was deeply distressed about the absence of bums.”

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