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Disconnection VI

Posted from Tokyo, first time in Japan, which is awesome so far. An open society without being stupid about it would be the NRx fast-summary (sound, but limited). It was vastly easier to get into Japan than the United States.

Staying in the AirB&B equivalent of a coffin-hotel, but the situation is good (in Ueno).

Civilization level meets high expectations, and friendliness level exceeds them.
Much more English signage than expected, and the inherited Chinese characters have preserved their meanings, if not their phonological values, so the urban landscape is surprisingly intelligible.
Micro-artisan businesses of extreme excellence, typically run by elderly people, are everywhere.
Automation dialed up to eleven.
Yet to see a single over-weight person (which out-performs the stereotype).

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Quote note (#151)

Fernandez on civilization versus entropy:

You are watching entropy at work, witnessing the destruction of information and seeing disorder take over the world.

To understand this more clearly, open the case of your computer and consider the arrangement of the jumper wires (assuming you still have jumper wires). There are only a few ways the jumper wires can be correctly connected but millions of ways they can be wrongly attached. Order (in the sense of a functioning arrangement) is that small percentage of outcomes that work. Entropy is all the ways it won’t work. Order is statistically hard to achieve. Disorder is relatively easy to create.

It took an ancient craftsman years to produce those statues preserved in the Mosul Museum, but it took a thug only a few minutes to pound it into rubble and dust.

Since order and knowledge are expensive, what we call civilization essentially advances by remembering which wires go where. The innovation of political correctness however, holds that since all jumper connections are equally valid, anything goes and one can even rearrange older wiring to suit aesthetic impulses. By declaring all cultures equal we open the doors to entropy. We may not notice the effect at first, because — to continue the computer example — there is still enough residual functionality in your machine to carry on.

By and by we disable the CD drive, the USB ports, then some of the keys in the keyboard. Then one day we pull out a really important jumper and the hard disk stops. But by then we cannot acknowledge the damage we’ve done since according to our progressive thinking we ought to have improved things. And this thought will still be in our minds as the blade of the machete slices off the hand we put out to ward the blow.

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The real core of the Chinese tradition?

Chinese Friend: Nobody in this country believes in anything anymore.
Foreign Devil: So what do you think they should believe in?
Chinese Friend: Unless people are punished more severely, they won’t behave themselves.

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Chaos Patch (#48)

(Open thread + links)

Absolutely right. Spandrell on babies. The price of wealth. NRx — and ethnonationalism, as heresy, excessively Nietzschean, needs to learn from Opus Dei, is too negative (for instance!), but it’s still interesting. A Frankensteined future. Compromise is surrender. Apology for collapse. A miscellany of Moldbug quotes. Fragged Friday. Meta (1, 2, 3, 4).

Clash of civilizations. The sneaky Chinese plan to avoid world war. Mining bitcoin in China (video). Don’t give up on America (it’s not Venezuela or Greece).

Two paths to civilization. Really, g is “substantially heritable”. What inclusive fitness means. Gene-culture coevolutionary theory. Collectivity and contagion. Some gentle transhumanist satire.

Cockroach personalities.

Emergent AI. (It needs to be saved.)

White flight in Cyberspace. Derb on white ID. Delights of diversity in France. Africa is the future.

Introducing Revolvr. Darkleaks.

A defense of hyperinflation phobia.

The coming crack down (bring it on).

Dugin and Heidegger.

Silicon Vally should listen to losers (and serve them). Queering agriculture: ” … the people running the humanities today are no longer the guardians of our culture, but its nemesis.”

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NRx with Chinese Characteristics

While recognizing (at least some) of the manifold complexities involved, Outside in holds to a fundamentally cladistic determination of Neoreaction. NRx is irreducibly Occidental, emerging from a highly-specific twig of Anglophone Ultra-Protestantism. It is only to be expected that most of its adherents are situated within English-speaking countries, exposed intimately to radically accelerating civilizational decomposition. The response is natural:

As a guest of the Middle Kingdom, the problem looks very different. The very last thing that is wanted here, from a reactionary perspective, is a reboot. On the contrary, the overwhelming priority is conservative, which is to say — more precisely — the imperative that whatever modernization takes place absolutely does not take the Western path. Near-total stasis would be preferable to even the most deeply intelligent reform, if the latter included the slightest hint of submission to the democratic ratchet (spelling inevitable, comprehensive social destruction). Among the reasons to support the thoroughgoing extirpation of all liberal-democratic inclination from Chinese society is the consequential real liberation this would make possible, by confirming a path of Confucian Modernization free of demotic corrosion.

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