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A Modest Proposal

Joseph Chamie has a bridge to global harmony to sell you:

… with US immigration increased to 10 million per year, the enhanced America with a population of 1.6 billion by century’s close would mean a more secure and flourishing world. As the world’s most populous nation by 2100, America would strengthen its capacity to continue promoting democracy, freedom and development, thereby ensuring peace, stability and prosperity for every region of the world.

What could possibly go wrong?

ADDED: How (oh how) could this happen? Sailer’s genius on full-burn: “It’s funny how the refugee system works. It’s almost as if foreigners who are really good at getting their neighbors to hate them seem to wind up as refugees in America more than foreigners who are good at getting along with their neighbors.”

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It’s On …

Erik Vorhees (to Buzzfeed):

“I trade [BTC] often, just not for USD. I don’t want it. Traditional currency is garbage…”

ADDED: Bitcoin super-gravity sucks in Foseti, AoS. … Jim.

ADDED: A surprisingly reasonable Bitcoin article at the BBC site (with Hayek given the last word).

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Dark Thoughts

Peter A. Taylor contributes this gem to the comments thread of Foseti’s recent democracy round-up:

Washington is not the dark heart of a pure nation. It is the dark heart of a rotting nation. That’s why the Dark Enlightenment is so dark.

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Stockman Syndrome

Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge relays it superbly.

ADDED: Peter Schiff on Stockman stomping.

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Death on the Nile

Once Egypt goes down, I’m not seeing how it ever gets up again. It can’t feed itself, or do anything else recognizably productive. Mostly it lives off aesthetic capital inherited from the pharoahs. What exactly is it supposed to build a future from?

ADDED: Judith Miller on sprung Egypt.

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