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Quote notes (#25)

Ace calmly brings a sense of proportion to a racialized IP controversy:

… let’s all take a deep breath: While Robin Thicke may have ripped off a single Marvin Gaye song, it’s not as if he dug up Marvin Gaye’s corpse, raped it, videotaped himself raping Marvin Gaye’s corpse, and then sold that rape-tape to the world and became a millionaire.


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A Department of Homeland Security employee prepares for the future (via):

The Black Race has made many mistakes throughout the course of history – the greatest mistakes involving our interactions with white folks. We have allowed them to integrate into our societies and destroy almost every powerful Afrikan empire in history. Even today, we foolishly trust this sadistic race of devils who only seek to exterminate us from this planet. In our passionate love for the white race (our historical archenemy) we are desperately naïve and suicidal.  We love the very race that murders our babies, destroys our culture, and commits countless acts of genocide against our people worldwide.

The mistakes and poor decisions regarding integrating with whites are numerous and obvious to the informed, intellectually courageous Afrikan who respects and acknowledges truth.  Integration with whites has literally enslaved and/or killed Afrikan people in every corner of this planet where we exist. As a result of this reality and mounting white racial military momentum, a Black vs. white Race War is inevitable. The 21st century will either mark the return of Black resistance to white domination or global white-on-Black genocide leading to our complete extinction. Warfare is eminent [sic], and in order for Black people to survive the 21st century, we are going to have to kill a lot of whites – more than our christian hearts can possibly count.

(There might be a slight kerfuffle about this site, so I’d catch it while you can. If anything, it goes even further off the deep end as it proceeds, but it’s sane enough for government work.)

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When old white racists attack.

Look, a squirrel aliens!


ADDED: Pouring oil on the water (or something): “Christendom has moved on since 1546 when the college [Trinity] was founded. If Islam has not moved on during the same period, perhaps Muslims might consider asking why, and whether something could be done about it.”

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The X Factor

What’s stopping Detroit from becoming a new Hong Kong? asks James Pethokoukis. After all “Out of options, it might just make the China choice.”

From the appallingly realism-afflicted comments thread that follows:

Patrick Harris: The problem with this theory is that Hong Kong is populated by Hong Kongers, and Detroit is populated by Detroitera.
chinacat26: and your meaning is?
[Note: ‘Detroitera’ appears to be the more sensitive and politically correct term for human detroitus.]

: Salvation is just a free-market revolution away! (Have American conservatives always been this fricking psychotic?) Once again, the comments thread contributes the strait-jacket.
ADDED: The force of Schadenfreude is strong in this one.  “The agonizing death of Detroit is cause for celebration. It’s the first of the liberal-run big cities and states to fall, and we should welcome its collapse with glee.” Delicate reality-editing aside, it illustrates the truly delicious aspect of the Detroit story — aim even vaguely in its direction and shoot, you inevitably hit a left sacred cow.
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Zombies can’t dance

Smart government‘ doesn’t even need a sarc. tag.

That’s why we’ll see no future Marinettis (in the West, at least).

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