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Twitter cuts (#108)

The notion that social order can survive in this kind of lunatic asylum is patently unrealistic.

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Quote note (#316)

Jew stuff (from ‘Spengler’):

Israeli leaders of all major parties warn of two existential threats to Israel: a U.N. resolution forcing Israel back to the 1967 armistice line, and a nuclear-armed Iran. With Donald Trump’s election both threats have receded into the distance, and the State of Israel is more secure than it has been in its history. Yet American Jews, at least the majority of politically active Jews of high public profile, are miserable. America’s best-known Jewish conservatives—the “neocons” — have burnt their bridges to the incoming administration. It is one of the strangest, and silliest, episodes in Jewish political history. …

Lots of treasure subsequently.

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Twitter cuts (#91)

There’s a lot going on here.

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Twitter cuts (#90)

Twitter’s ‘improvements’ have made it hard to reproduce tweet-storms, but this one is really worth your time:

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Twitter cuts (#70)

This is — of course — completely appalling:

(After lying on the sofa with a wet towel over your face, composure slowly returns.)

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Guilt Projection

This machine breeds fascists.”

Given Jesse Benn’s repulsive indulgence in self-criticism on other people’s behalf, the riposte almost writes itself. It’s hard to see anything in the push-back that seems uncalled for.

Just to be clear: Speaking as a self-appointed representative for people you feel free to disassociate from at will is as annoying as hell. It’s hard for me to believe Benn is too stupid to see that, which leaves the malignant devious evil option.

If the West sees another mass outbreak of antisemitism, a plaintive “Why?” is going to look laughable. Benn’s ilk are why.

(You might want the other half of the proxy-masochism cognitive dissonance machinery. This (entirely non-obnoxious piece) is also well-worth a read.)

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Chaos Patch (#59)

(Open thread + links)

Discrimination watch. Rehabilitated inquisition. More on de Jouvenel, plus. Eucivic engineering. Criminal law collapses. The corporate slave class. Scharlach on Dyal on D&G. Fragged Friday. Weekly roundups.

SoBL on Yemen (linking this), Russia, and Venezuela. Euro-American comparisons (1, 2). Smart-nation Singapore. World Bank make-work.

“In a fiat currency system, perception is, by definition, everything.” From Georgism to propertarian cities. The use of ‘silliness’.

Genetics of IQ (related?). Wishful thoughtlessness.

When Malcolm X met the Nazis. Down the Jewish rabbit-hole (video). Outsider trolling. Bonald on racism.

On Bork on liberalism. Can free association be recovered? Hood and Neovictorian on Hillary. Safe spaces.

A hole in the universe. Entropy and aliens. Space-elevator update.

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