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Twitter cuts (#109)

Don’t say you weren’t warned.

(Proximal source.)

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Chaos Patch (#66)

(Open thread + links)

Spandrell is on a roll (1, 2). The case of Kansas. White zombies. Questions for a young programmer. Mitochondrial memes (1, 2). Strategy. Weapons and social order. Left parochialism. Friday fragments. The weekly round-ups.

Directly on the heels of #Moldbuggate (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, “You might be unsurprised to find out that free speech is not valued on the left or among ‘SJW’ groups.”), comes #WrongSkin (it’s Milo’s moment, 1, 2, also see this model exercise in tone control). “Yes, I do consider myself to be black and that’s because … you know, that’s how I identify …” Institutional blackface. The constructivist pretzel. Assorted extras (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).

The rationality of the Reddit crackdown. Another one bits the dust. An unmet demand for dangerous ideas?

The Deep State.

Wealth vaporization (pointing here). Economics of immigration (relevant from Hoppe). The next stage in coercive diversification (in action). Narratives of capital. Permissionless innovation. “The natural tendency of democratic societies is gradually to accumulate barriers to international trade.”

Climate sense. Briggs at Heartland, Day 1, 2, 3.

Racism porn. The distribution of empathy. An overview of African economic history. Intersectional.

SoBL reviews Blood Meridian. Interesting times. A Magna Carta appreciation.

The R’lyeh anomaly.

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Twitter cuts (#18)

(I’m almost convinced …)

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Everybody seems to be mad for this stuff, understandably. The craving to be told what you are will never die, until you do. (That’s why it’s called me-me-memetics.)


As for the wretched cases who can’t quite claw their way into the INTJ master-race, there are numerous consolation positions available among the NPCs.

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Moron bites (#2)

Time for another of these. The rule, remember, is that the instance picked upon has to exemplify a laughably mindless meme. Like this:

Politically incorrect research, however solidly established, is especially singled out for this treatment. Some approved (i.e. Leftist) authority somewhere has provided the excuse to dismiss awkward findings, so that the painful stimulus can be suppressed, and — just to be safe — even the pretext for suppressing it is best forgotten, leaving only the permission to be undisturbed in public circulation. All crime-think has been ‘well refuted’ (sociologically a priori) as far as these people are concerned. “It’s been well refuted” means exactly “wouldn’t it be nice if this didn’t exist?” (or “nice people have told us we don’t need to worry about that”).

Refuted where?

Amused yet?

ADDED: A banquet of ‘well refuted’ science at Slate.

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Quote note (#129)

The circular argument to end all circular arguments from John Gray:

Social evolution is just a modern myth. No scientific theory exists about how the process is supposed to work. There’s been much empty chatter about memes — units of information or meaning that supposedly compete with one another in society. But there’s no mechanism for the selection of human concepts similar to that which Darwin believed operated among species and which later scientists showed at work among genes. Bad ideas like racism seem to hang around forever, while the silly idea of social evolution has shown an awesome power to mutate and survive.

(Gnon laughs.)

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Quote note (#120)

As an advance upon a serious engagement with this remarkable paper:

Once the fertility transition to controlled fertility occurs in a population, its fertility generally continues to decline until it is below replacement. The benefits of the new pattern are increased material wealth per person, a reduction in disease, starvation, and genocide, and upward social mobility. The main drawback is the onset of a dysgenic phase that may end civilization as we know it.

(Admit it, you’re hooked …)

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Ebola Ultimate

As panic theory, this text is high art. Crunched for maximum alarm-intensity:

There are a lot of very lethal viruses in the world, and Ebola is not the most lethal or most easy transmittable, but the main thing which makes me worry about it is the steadiness of its exponential infection curve. … The main stunning feature of it is that the curve is moving straight forward (small downward bump in May-June may be explained by the efforts of existing medical services in Africa to curb the epidemic before services had been overwhelmed). This exponential growth must be stopped, or humanity will face a global catastrophe, and it may start a downward spiral towards extinction; moreover, some estimates suggest that pandemic doubling time is actually two weeks (because of underreporting of actual cases), so in five months, seven billion will be infected: total infection, by July 2015. … Such catastrophes may not mean total human extinction, as only around 70% of people infected currently die from Ebola (and even less because we don’t know, or share, asymptomatic cases), but still, this means the end of the world as we know it. This virus is the first step towards the road of full extinction … If the virus will mutate quickly, there will be many different strains of it, so it will ultimately create a multi-pandemic. … Some of the strains may became airborne, or have higher transmission rates, but the main risk from multi-pandemic is that it overcomes defenses provided by the natural variability of the human genome and immunity. (By the way, the human genome variability is very low because of the recent bottle neck in the history of our population. …) … We are almost clones from the view point of genetic variability typical for natural populations. […] The Human race is very unique – it has very large population but very small genetic diversity. It means that it is more susceptible to pandemics. […] Also, a large homogenous population is ideal for breeding different strains of infection. … If the genetic diversity of a pathogen is bigger than human diversity, than it could cause a near total extinction, and also, large and homogenous populations help breed such a diversity of pathogens feeding on the population. … [embedded link] … “The Ebola virus can survive for several days outside the body” [link] … “It is infectious as breathable 0.8 to 1.2-μm laboratory-generated droplets” … “Also many of the greatest plagues mankind has ever known were not airborne: e.g. smallpox.” …

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Ebola Links

Don’t be alarmed: “Ebola now has its first diagnosis in the U.S., and while concerning, it’s not entirely surprising. Given how interconnected our world is, the CDC has long said that it’s possible Ebola could make it here, though it’s unlikely it would spread widely. Here’s what you need to know …” (Well, maybe just a little alarmed. (Or …))

Ezra Klein is on my unbelievably annoying people list, but he was only a kid when he got there, and this (interview) is really good work. Some additional recent articles, in escalating order of panic, plus some geopolitical complication.


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@RadishMag has found the troll-meme of the decade:

The Zeitgeist demands that Cathedral Central be called #ObamagradDC #DistrictOfChavez (HT @williamsbk).

ADDED: Gregory Hood is in the zone. (This is where it began. See Karl’s comment below.)

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