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Sentences (#93)

George Friedman:

Thus, nationalism turns into a class struggle.

Is anyone still disputing this proposition?

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Sentences (#51)

Nationalism is far more of an Alt-Right than an NRx priority, but this was still an absolute jaw-dropper:

Globalists are motivated by humanitarian impulses. For them, the rights and well-being of the world’s people supersede the rights and well-being of the American populace. Indeed, as writer Robert D. Kaplan has observed, the liberal embrace of universal principles as foreign-policy guidance “leads to a pacifist strain … when it comes to defending our hard-core national interest, and an aggressive strain when it comes to defending human rights.” (Ellipsis in original, XS emphasis.)

Sacrifice only for matter of zero (or negative) self-interest, then. Looking back, it’s going to be hard for people to understand how this was ever politically saleable.

ADDED: They still think they can sell it, though.

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Sentences (#34)

Christensen against tribal vulgarity:

nationalism becomes an enemy of civilization when it believes that Shakespeare is great because he was English, rather than that England is great because it produced Shakespeare.

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Chaos Patch (#55)

(open thread + links)

Schmitt, sovereignty, and distributed systems (with a reminder), also sovereignty and fealty. Algorithmic monarchism. Another (excellent) introduction to NRx (also this). Radical ethno-nationalism, pro and con. Diversity and complexity. Thede union. The burden of common culture, and locality. Original sin, and the theology of ruin. Entryists. Practical feudalism (and a glimpse into the coming book). Vulgar as hell, but genuinely witty. Secession stuff. Friday fragments. Meta-reaction (and related ‘This Week in Doom’).

A couple of LKY stragglers (and video), plus another three. Demographic disaster in China (also, if the PRC has a PR operation in Hong Kong, it might need to up its game). Battlefield Europe. The corpse in Russia’s basement (also).

Murray and Putnam on class, plus more about Murray. The insanity of the Left is becoming hard for even leftists to miss. Reality is triggering. Entertainment from Gawker. Nerd comedy.

Musk really wants to sell electric cars. Plus, chilling on warming. Justine Tunney on nations and corporations (video). Why isn’t Silicon Valley more like Detroit?

Black-Hispanic conflict in America (with extra anecdotes), and also relevant. Difficult conversations. College material. Israelis versus Jews (also worth remembering). Chinese in Africa. The unbearable whiteness of philosophy. Recolonization please. Race surrealists are a waste of time.

Lovecraft’s liberalism. Strauss and liberty (plus more on Strauss).

Group selection is a mirage. All psych is evo-psych. Baby-editing time approaches. Too smart for their own good. The SAT isn’t measuring affluence. Consensus catalepsy. Moral extremity.

Darkly comic.

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Circles of Concern

A brief, perfectly balanced post at Mangan’s pulls together HBD and political history into the suggestion that nationalism is just a phase we’ve been going through.

… the paradox of nationalism is that the same forces that led to its development are leading to its denou[e]ment. But what is to be done about that I don’t know.

Some quality comments there too. You’re all welcome back here after checking it out, with any relevant responses and arguments.

Nationalism is the one modern progressive ideology that gets off the hook far too easily in NRx circles. (And “what is to be done?” is Lenin’s question, adopted from this guy. It shouldn’t be proscribed, but it should definitely be subjected to disciplined suspicion.)

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Quote notes (#79)

Robert Kaplan explains ‘Why East Asia Alienates Intellectuals’:

… East Asia is a rebuke in major respects to the humanist project. It is prosperous and successful, with the latest postmodern infrastructure and technology; yet at a macro political level it is consumed less by universalist ideals than by old-fashioned ethnic nationalism. China, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, the Philippines and so on are deeply conscious of their own ethnic identities, which carry within them clashing claims of sovereignty in the South and East China Seas, as well as elsewhere. East Asia shows how exclusivist mindsets need not be confined to poor, post-communist populations or poverty-stricken peoples with tribal or sectarian differences. East Asia is a flagrant example that sustained capitalist development need not necessarily lead to universal values.

Modernization without ethnomasochism isn’t something the Cathedral wants to understand.

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