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Chaos Patch (#59)

(Open thread + links)

Discrimination watch. Rehabilitated inquisition. More on de Jouvenel, plus. Eucivic engineering. Criminal law collapses. The corporate slave class. Scharlach on Dyal on D&G. Fragged Friday. Weekly roundups.

SoBL on Yemen (linking this), Russia, and Venezuela. Euro-American comparisons (1, 2). Smart-nation Singapore. World Bank make-work.

“In a fiat currency system, perception is, by definition, everything.” From Georgism to propertarian cities. The use of ‘silliness’.

Genetics of IQ (related?). Wishful thoughtlessness.

When Malcolm X met the Nazis. Down the Jewish rabbit-hole (video). Outsider trolling. Bonald on racism.

On Bork on liberalism. Can free association be recovered? Hood and Neovictorian on Hillary. Safe spaces.

A hole in the universe. Entropy and aliens. Space-elevator update.

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