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Twitter cuts (#29)

Catalogued among ‘discoveries from the Outside’:

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Chaos Patch (#77)

(Open thread + links)

Fifty years hence. An NRx tribe, and its buried roots. The start of a conversation? The terrible herd (also). Thoughts on abortion. Traditional Britain. The week in reaction (and don’t forget this).

Chinese geostrategy. The cryptic dragon, and its historical echoes. Global commerce visualized. Cheap oil and global disorder. A Venezuela update. Wolves in Bangkok? Schism in the Yakuza. Laibach in North Korea.

Limits of quantitative easing. Decentralized planning. Statistical discretion. The communist legacy. The story of our time.

NRO’s Kevin Williamson against the Trumperistas: “In The Duel, his account of the confrontation between Adolf Hitler and Winston Churchill, the great historian John Lukacs explores one of modern history’s terrible ironies: that even as the national socialists were defeated in Germany, national socialism became the world’s predominant political philosophy, albeit stripped of the cruelty and hatred that animated its German expression. ‘We are all national socialists now,’ he writes. Some models are a little more nationalist (Trump) and some are a little more socialist (Sanders), but both reject laissez-faire categorically. ‘Hitler was not the founder of National Socialism, not even in Germany,’ Lukacs writes, ‘but he recognized the potential marriage of nationalism with socialism, and also the practical — and not merely rhetorical — primacy of nationalism within that marriage. … He also knew that old-fashioned capitalism was gone; that belonged to the 19th century.’ Lukacs relates an episode in which Hitler was asked whether he would nationalize German industry. Hitler insisted there was no need: ‘I shall nationalize the people.'” (Despite the Godwin Ragnarok, it gets the history basically right.) Trump’s inheritance (also), and New Yorker coverage, with pushback.

Rise of the cultural libertarians (and a response). Non-suicidal libertarianism. Bitcoin-fork commentary (1, 2, 3). The Columbia fainting couch.

Christianity’s early history. Toxic compassion. On teleology. A jealous god. Realism in religion. Faith in the future.

Mystic cognition, and delirium without acid. Entropy for Bayesians. Quantum weirdness looking resilient. An exascale computer. Biology of morals. Apocalypse Neanderthal. Psychology’s reproduction problem (see).

It begins. More computer racism. Literary dynamite. Slavery gets a bad rap. Black-on-black. When book clubs attack. The NYT’s noticing problem. Obama didn’t help. A modest proposal. Henry Harpending, hate criminal. Genophobia.

A gay “sub-culture of death“.

Trouble at the Hugos (1, 2, 3, 4), but at least this came out of them. Victorian Hugos. The CIA and the literati.

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Wayback Privilege

Futurism is way too white male. The retrofutural Left-Molbuggian argument clinches it:

Time travel … is another thing that is a distinctly white male preoccupation — going back in time, for marginalized groups, means giving up more of their rights.

(Adopted from here, which is funny, despite the pitiful pandering.)

“Don’t anomalize my Zeitgeist bro!”

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Chaos Patch (#71)

(Open thread + links)

Thinking through Exit (remember this). NIO thinks it’s been a little too quiet around here recently (recalling). The resilience of politics (plus, and double-plus). Burnham the prophet. Errors of altruism, and tolerance (plus). Lessons of reality TV. Ideological security (also). Spreading deviancy. Propaganda. Georgist epistemology. New blog of the week (make that two). Regular staples, Friday frags and the weeklyround.

President Sanders? (At last!) Enter the Trump popcorn wagon (more, and more, and more). Progressive Gothic (comprehended). A name that will live in infamy. A brief history of left libertarianism. Greekshit (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, it’s endless). America‘s Greece. The China crash.

A climate of unreality (plus 1, 2, 3).

“It makes a big difference where your immigrants come from.” Taleb and tribalism. Chinese privilege. Reddit is the worst (unless maybe for these folks). Questioning WN. The Left’s Nordic dream. Does racism exist? Racist computers. Taylor on Raspail.

The prospect of a neo-eugenic arms race. What inbreeding doesn’t mean. Race on the brain.

Lenin on Malthusianism. Philip on Malthus. The trouble with Social Darwinism. Some Druidic conclusions from Darwin. Constructor Theory. Death.

Luther and the origins of Modernity. A leftist homage to the Puritans. Yes, the Pope is a communist (and everyone knows it). An improbable path to Christendom.

On transhumanism (with the Nietzsche cut out).


Collective scams. Bent science.

Congratulations, you won. No one will help you.”

Futurisms. Political theory from the future (via). OIW on Anathem.

Zora Neale Hurston on Zombies.

Tests and diversions: text-based personality analyzer, political geometry, Reform insolence. (Relevant.)

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Chaos Patch (#57)

(Open thread + links)

The anonymity debate (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). The illustrated ratchet. Changing sensibilities (plus). Entranced. To the bailing buckets. Secessions. Verse and reverse. Regular roundups.

The Hugo brouhaha (sampled, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6). “… the Sad Puppies, a group of right-wing authors and fans – some of them very right wing. Like Christian Dominionist or Dark Enlightenment right wing.” Explaining the culture wars. The insufferable Economist. California screaming. Squeals from the Cathedral (and more). The Game of Thrones and Marxism (also with more communism). John Gray on freedom. Getting out of your head (no, not like this). PZ Myers: an appreciation. Funny peculiar.

Apocalypse now. Projections for a world at peace (doubly related, also this, and more here).

Everyone thinks democracy is doomed. America leads the way.

“Cyber-Libertarian Fascism” (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6). This could work (at least a little). A silence in Silicon Valley.

Peopling (and related).

Dalrymple on Lubitz. “God bless Al Sharpton.”

The crisis of the Jewish Left.

“… in recent years, liberals have spontaneously convinced themselves that various groups that do poorly in school do so because someone cut their ancestors’ tails off.”

News from Salem. Another progressive plays their get out of jail free card. Northern halos (related).

Going backwards (see also 1, 2, 3).

How to win a war (and how to forget).

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Quote note (#157)

From Cixin Liu’s (utterly magnificent) The Three-Body Problem (p.317):

The most surprising aspect of the Earth-Trisolaris Movement was that so many people had abandoned all hope in human civilization, hated and were willing to betray their own species, and even cherished as their highest ideal the elimination of the entire human race, including themselves and their children. […] The ETO was called an organization of spiritual nobles, Most members came from the highly educated classes, and many were elites of the political and financial spheres. The ETO had once tried to develop membership among the common people, but these efforts had all failed. The ETO concluded that the common people did not seem to have the comprehensive and deep understanding of the highly educated about the dark side of humanity. More importantly, because their thoughts were not as deeply influenced by modern science and philosophy, they still felt an overwhelming, instinctual identification with their own species. To betray the human race as a whole was unimaginable for them. …

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Chaos Patch (#45)

(Open thread + links)

Some initial reacto-chatter — Sex and natural law (don’t miss the comment thread). Prepare for World War P. Inception politics. Battered West syndrome. The new alchemy. A new behaviorism. Exosemantics (are we going to get a Coles Notes for this?). A routine that’s still working well. Social Matter audio. “We shall never truly defeat socialism until we abolish private property” (apparently). Secular religion. Whose side is history on? Round-ups from FN and Steves, and continuous flow here.

The compression of ritual space (and a reading list from hell). Scale-free patterns.

Putin, international man of misery. A Pope beyond hope. Romney is perfect (for 1996). Awkward words in China (related). Unthinkable fears. Much of interest here (especially this).

Gibson’s ‘the Jackpot’ — or cross-lashed, polycausal catastrophe — makes a real contribution to contemporary apocalypticism (this article offers no more than a hazy clue).

More Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare reactionary succulence.

Much entertaining frivolity this week (unless it’s just me) — “quite possibly the most racist article you will ever read” (I doubt it, but still …). Racism. Racism and hate. More racism and hate. Not racist. (This is how it used to be done.)

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Edge of Tomorrow

(Also via Singapore Airlines.)

Edge of Tomorrow is science fiction Groundhog Day, agreed. (It would make no sense to contest this, some scenes achieve near-perfect isomorphy.) Derivative, then, certainly — but this is a point of consistency. Duplication is, after all, the latent theme. Edge of Tomorrow works better because it has formalized the time-repeat plot-system in videogame terms. Death replaces sleep, as action drama replaces comedy, but the recurrence of time is captured more incisively by the Edge of Tomorrow maxim: “We should just re-set.” Further to be noted: Edge of Tomorrow actually has a story about the basis of its time anomaly — and not an especially risible one — while Groundhog Day doesn’t even pretend to.

We should just reset is not only videogame practice, but also the recommendation of quantum suicide, another practical Electrocene philosophy. The best fictional exploration of QS (of which I am aware) is Greg Egan’s Quarantine.

Videogame ideology and quantum suicide are praxial indiscernibles. In other words, their behavioral implications are equivalent. In both cases, the relation to self is made selective, within a set of virtual clones. Whenever developments — within one of multiple assumed timelines — goes ‘bad’ it should be deleted (culled). In that way, only the most highly-adaptive complex behavioral responses are preserved, shaping fate in the direction of success (as defined by the selective agency).

Recent discussions about Christianity and Paganism raise the question: what does it take for a system of belief to attain religious intensity among Westerners today? (Yes, this could be re-phrased in very different ways.) To cut right to the chase: Could statistical ontology become a religion (or the philosophy of a religion)? Quantum suicide terrorism anybody? This is a possibility I find hard to eliminate.

Edge of Tomorrow, therefore? A more significant movie than might be initially realized. (It’s monsters are also quite tasty.)

ADDED: Thoughts on Post-Rationalist religion.

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Quote note (#138)

Gibson now using the ‘N-‘ word:

“I’ve been making fun of the singularity since I first encountered the idea,” he says. “What you get in The Peripheral is a really fucked-up singularity. It’s like a half-assed singularity coupled with that kind of neoreactionary, dark enlightenment shit. …”

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Libertarians are WEIRD

Mark Lutter advances the following thought experiment:

Earth is dying, unable to further sustain human life. Mankind has thrown their last resources into creating a space ship that can reach a habitable planet. However, the space ship can only carry 10,000 people and little is known about the planet beyond gravity and oxygen levels. With the literal fate of humanity lying before us, who do we send and why?

After that, it gets WEIRD (+ ++). In a nutshell, Lutter’s ‘we’, while — apparently in absolute innocence — employed to represent the voice of humanity as a whole, is self-evidently processing the problem in a way that would make no sense beyond its own peculiar thede. ‘We’ could probably all come to the reasonable conclusion that only the Swiss get to survive. (Right?)

In passing, he notes that ‘we’ all agree multiculturalism is a dysfunctional mess: “For all the praise of multiculturalism, no one would seriously bet a diverse group of cultures would give the greatest chance for success. …” (The whole paragraph is a jaw-dropper.)

The main point, however: “Picking a cultural group to colonize a new planet and save humanity forces the mind to focus on positive and negative attributes of the cultural group.” This perfectly exemplifies the weirded out intelligence of libertarians, expressed as a detached universalism wholly incognisant of its own deracination. The obvious rejoinder: No one thinks like that (except you guys). It might be over-compensation to suggest that two-thirds of the world’s population would respond to the total extermination of the Swiss with vague amusement, but it’s at least as plausible as Lutter’s assumption that the good people of Helvetia would be neutrally evaluated, selected, and then cheered on as the sole remnant of ‘humanity’, to such an extent that not being Swiss would be cheerfully accepted as an ethnic death sentence.

This isn’t meant to be any kind of denuciation — it’s very possible Lutter is playing his (weird) audience hard, and doing something subversively dark around the back. As barb-hooked bait for libertarian nuttiness, his post is really something. I can’t wait to see what his comment thread looks like.

ADDED: “I do not believe anything I wrote was terribly controversial …” (At least one of us has to be psychotically dissociated — not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

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