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Disconnection II

Moved apartment today, from Jing’an to Laoximen (on the edge of the Old City). Nine-stories of additional elevation (up to 23), and a view over the Confucian Temple. Internet doesn’t come in until tomorrow, so a 24-hour Chaos Patch delay is unavoidable. Apologies for that. (Treat this one as an additional open thread, naturally.)

Should now be assisting with rifling through mountains of cardboard boxes …

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Shanghai Tower

It’s Aesthetics Week @ Social Matter. Here’s the XS twist:

Shanghai Tower

It’s the new Shanghai Tower, in Lujiazui. Latest glistening jewel in a fabulously beautiful city.

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Deadlines (Part-1)

If you believe in yourself, you’ll believe in anything. – Nicola Masciandaro

Based – very roughly – on a true story.

[Subsequent content carries a vulgarity and decadence warning, for sensitive readers.]

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For the visitors here who are perpetually tortured by the Damn! Where is the tip-jar button? question, less-evil twin has a time-travel book out. (It should be $3.99, but it says $5.99 at my link — which might be a Shanghai-effect.)

UF (2.1) plug here.

epub covernew-2

If you know anybody teetering on the brink of a psychotic episode, who just needs a slight nudge to plunge over the edge, it would make an ideal present.

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