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Twitter cuts (#46)

This might understandably seem like a gratuitous wind-up, given recent discussions — therefore but it’s irresistible:

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Twitter cuts (#38)

Insanely great:

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Chaos Patch (#78)

(Open thread + links)

Hard history. The new man (and also). Odd comparisons. The medium is the message. Pan-nationalism (and ideological genetics). The Norman hypothesis. Restoring virtue ethics. Why I am not a propertarianist (related). Against horrorism. Democracy in question. Meanings of immorality. Is updating imaginable? The weekly round.

The Fed-media disconnect. More cultural libertarians and stuff. Totalitolerance. Culture war escalation. Politeness works.

“Austrian-like perspectives on China are looking pretty good these days.” Plus, a China-slide primer. ZH on the yuan (1, 2). Stockman on local government debt. Some Chinese counter-spin. Investing in failure.

Nervous about the Norks. Italy’s 15-year flatline. Twitchy Pakistan. Silent in Bangkok. Grimness in Gaza.

Germany rolls over. European comedy hour. Image analysis. International fencing champions. Opportunities. Better still. The Australian way. What people are reading.

Trump fear and loathing watch (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7).

Implications of contingency. “If you like your religion, you can keep your religion.”

Computers can’t solve communism. Closer to fusion gain? Exploding batteries. Dehumanized (and retro-chronic) Singularity. Complicated dark matter.
Dead ends. Genes from junk (see also), and synthetic bug bits. Smarter people (or not). Cellular skepticism. HBD blogging season.

Scales of conflict. Solitude or death. Trustless biology. Demand crunch. Talking tools.

What‘s your poison?

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Doom Horizon

Malcolm Pollack has been on the dark wave recently. This is where it leads:

Why is the American nation so inert in the face of onrushing calamity? The signs, after all, are there for all to see; in particular, what should attract everyone’s attention is the collapse of great urban centers such as Detroit and Baltimore. That major port cities in a nation of imperial power should fail so utterly in a mere half-century is almost without peacetime historical precedent — while for such cities to collapse at all is, without any exception of which I am aware, a sign of impending general disintegration.

As I said in the previous post, I believe the answer is that it is increasingly clear, to more and more of us, that nothing can be done. It will be for future historians to say just when we crossed the “event horizon”: some may pick out the Wilson administration, while others may look at the Depression years, or the Sixties; others yet may move the Schwarzschild radius all the way out to 2012. (Some already look farther back, all the way to the beginning of the Enlightenment.) But it is plainer and plainer that it’s been crossed, and that all future timelines take us, at accelerating velocity, through the singularity. It may take years, or even a generation, to get there — but already the tidal forces have begun their irresistible work.

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Ex Machina

Half way through, and there’s already more than enough for an enthusiastic recommendation. (The utterly despicable Her already left twitching in the dust.)


Will report back upon completion.

(This trailer is a cultural treasure for the quotes alone.)

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Chaos Patch (#53)

(Open thread + links)

Universalism can really mess you up (closely related). Celebrating intersectionality. The case for moralizing gods. On the separation of property from violence. Hurlock has had enough? SoBL searches for his spot. Alrenous trawls himself. Yuray on Nrx. Against usury. Google’s Left Singularity. Comfort kills. Peak peace? The chain of being. Metarounds.

“As a political system, modern bureaucratic democracy exists to suppress volatility, which is to say to suppress the flow of accurate information about real conditions in society, which must come through dynamism and variation.”

When depressions last cured themselves. The distributism debate. The golden rule.

A full 20% of Americans don’t even think there’s going to be an apocalypse.

Propertarian convergence continues. Will the Anglosphere eat Europe?

Churchill’s dark side. Racistest of them all. White-on-black violence. Why conservatives are scared. Millennials aren’t cooperating with the narrative. The Hitler brand.

Designer babies (and see this). PIE kinship. Pinker exposed. No awkward questions please.

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Mix this with the Archdruid Report, and you begin to get why the world is so confusing. One of the crucial defenses of the term ‘Neoreaction’ — and thus an argument for clinging to it despite all frustrations — is its intrinsic orientation to grasping both of these perspectives at the same time. (Do that without time-spirals, and you’ve come up with something I’ve yet to consider.)

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Chaos Patch (#32)

(Open thread, and links.)

Ebola! Stories from Nigeria (good) and Europe (not so good). Contagion math (and from Taleb). “The End of the World: it’s sooner than you think.” Ebola as a morbid cultural indicator. Oddness and lunacy.

Fertility transitions and dysgenics. (Related.)

Some (old) background to Singularity and time preference. There’s a lot more to discuss about technology, reaction, and time horizons at some point (given time).


Taking trolls seriously.

Dampier on van Creveld on sexual privilege. Mangan on masculinity and politics. Goddesses and man at Harvard. Phalanx: “… we envision a group of men meeting regularly to do things like the following: Go to church …”

Continue Reading

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Anarcho-Monarchism asks: Is the word ‘capitalism’ worth defending? It concludes in the affirmative.

From the perspective of Outside in, however, this post misses the most crucial level of the question. Capitalism — like any ideologically contested term — is cross-cut by multiple meanings. Of these, its generic sense, which “simply means that private individuals own the means of production” is far from the most objectionable.

Yet, far more significant is the singular sense of capitalism, as a proper name, for a ‘thing’ or real individual. To grasp this, it probably helps to consider the word as a contraction of ‘terrestrial capitalism’ — not describing a generic type of social organization, but designating an event.

A biological analogy captures the distinction quite precisely. Consider ‘life’ — understandable, certainly, as a generic cosmic possibility, defined perhaps by local entropy dissipation, or other highly-abstract features. Contrast this sense with ‘terrestrial life’ — or, even better, the biosphere (we might say ‘Gaia’ if the hopelessly sentimentalized associations of this term were avoidable). Terrestrial life began at a definite moment, followed a path-dependent trajectory, and built upon a dense inheritance, as exemplified most prominently by the RNA-DNA chemistry of information replication, the genetic code, genetic legacies, and elaboration of body-plans within a comparatively limited number of basic lineages. Terrestrial life is not a generic concept, but a thing, or event, meriting a proper name.

Before it is an ideological option, capitalism is a being, with an individual history (and fate). It is not necessary to like it — but it is an it.

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Bespoke Singularities

When techno-commercial and left singularities seem too damn vanilla, it’s time to branch out. John Cussans (master of the shuffling undead) passed on this selection.

It’s frightening how many of them look almost uncontroversially realistic. The Outside in favorite (predictably enough) was the ‘Bilderbergularity’:

Billionaire overlords throw in the towel trying to run the planet, escape en masse to low earth orbit. People around the world breath a sigh of relief … before falling onto each other like zombie hordes.

[A Governmentularity / Fungularity mash-up would work well for me.]

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