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Some suggestive figures and commentary. (More here.) Googling “trump + chaos” — 52,300,000 results (beginning 1, 2, 3, 4 …). Trump has 5,000,000 Twitter followers. The dike has broken. Now it cascades …

From the commies at Rolling Stone (three months ago):

During a Q&A with fans before a Cincinnati concert earlier this month, [pop music person] Billy Corgan was asked what he thought about the first Republican debate, at which point the rocker lauded the mogul’s ability to take the political spectrum and “fuck it up.” “I think what’s cool, and I’m not saying I agree politically, but I think what’s cool is Trump’s running chaos theory,” Corgan said (via Alternative Nation). […] “He’s forcing a lot of things out into the open, so they can’t control this, whatever that control is …”

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