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SF Communism

There’s a gold-mine here.

There’s simply no way on earth that Silicon Valley is in the right place. Something has to give.

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The Darkness at the End of the Tunnel

While not quite living up to its (superb) title, this critical leftist exploration of the NRx-AI nexus makes some suggestive connections.

… in the decades since, as the consumer-oriented liberalism of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs gave way to the technological authoritarianism of Elon Musk and Peter Thiel, this strange foundation paved the way for even stranger tendencies. The strangest of these is known as “neoreaction,” or, in a distorted echo of Eliezer Yudkowsky’s vision, the “Dark Enlightenment.” It emerged from the same chaotic process that yielded the anarchic political collective Anonymous, a product of the hivemind generated by the cybernetic assemblages of social media. More than a school of thought, it resembles a meme. The genealogy of this new intellectual current is refracted in the mirror of the most dangerous meme ever created: Roko’s Basilisk.

Stand-out line:

The further right Silicon Valley shifts, the more dangerous their machines will become.

Running the connection through Roko’s Basilisk is sufficiently non-obvious that Sandifer’s book (which does the same) clearly merited a mention.

(Park MacDougald does it better, though, 1, 2.)

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Twitter cuts (#117)

This blog had some concerns about sacrificing Silicon Valley to the post-Calexit People’s Revolutionary Republic of California, but that might be exactly the educational experience it needs.

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Moron bites (#16)

An instant classic from Wired:

Silicon Valley, the 50 square miles of land in the US that has created more wealth than any other place in human history but has still achieved very little in becoming a more inclusive, truly diverse place.

It might be functional, but it’s failed hopelessly at making itself dysfunctional. Thiel just doesn’t get that.

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Quote note (#179)

Peter Thiel on Silicon Valley’s “cultural disconnect”:

There is a big disconnect, because you have this sense of stagnation and slow growth in many other places, and you have this incredible boom in Silicon Valley. […] Also, I do not think we live in a scientific and technological age, as a society. I think most people do not like science and technology. They’re scared of it. All you have to do is watch science-fiction movies — they all show technology that doesn’t work, or they’re dystopian. I watched “Gravity” last year, and it’s like you’re so glad to be back on a muddy island. You never want to go into outer space. […] There’s something about our society that’s incredibly conservative, in the sense of not wanting things to change. So I think there’s a cultural disconnect with Silicon Valley that’s pretty big.

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Soft Enterprise

Discussing the rapidly-escalating East Coast establishment onslaught against the the Silicon Valley tech-comm culture, Henry Dampier proceeds in business-like fashion to the initiating NRx insight:

Hope all that time smoking dope and building the perfect Harry Potter-themed polyamorous community made you tough enough to handle an insane monster eager to rip out your guts and bite your head off.

When SV finally, deeply learns that it can’t buy off the Cathedral super-predator with cool gizmos and ‘make the world a better place’ corporate bullshit, it’s going to start reading a lot more Mencius Moldbug.

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