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Lunatic Activism


So it seems quite definite that the maniac who murdered this lady was some kind of riled-up Neo-Nazi (with mental health problems, if that isn’t a pleonasm). The SPLC is being called upon to pitch in with information, wholly understandably and predictably.

The news article notes:

In the wake of the attack, commentators questioned whether the tone of the ongoing Brexit referendum on Britain’s future in the European Union referendum campaign had been too divisive, pointing in particular to the focus on immigration. […] Alex Massie, writing in the Spectator magazine, blamed the “Leave” campaign for raising tensions. […] “When you encourage rage you cannot then feign surprise when people become enraged,” Mr Massie wrote. […] “When you present politics as a matter of life and death, as a question of national survival, don’t be surprised if someone takes you at your word.”

There’s absolutely no point insisting that this is bullshit, because to the extent that it is it’s nevertheless inevitable, and it will certainly be effective. This is what incontinent activism produces. It’s free, super-charged propaganda for the other side.

If the Right succeeds at making anything out of the collapse of the reigning order, it will be because it has pacified its own fringe of lunatic activism. It’s far from clear that it’s capable of doing that. What is clear though, is that the Alt-Right tendency — taken generally — is not anywhere close to seriously trying. The idiots pretending to be your friends will hurt you far more than the idiots on the other side. Mere survival requires principled dissociation from anyone promoting crime and terror as political tactics. Violent criminality is not even slightly OK. (It’s questionable whether politics is even slightly OK.)

If “no enemies on the right” moderates condemnation of rabid animals, it’s a formula for political suicide.

Note: The first person to denounce this post as ‘virtue signaling’ loses. (It’s non-hydrophobia signaling.)

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Sentences (#55)

Collapse traps people:

You have to know when to leave.

Most don’t, and won’t, of course.

(Treat this as a promissory note on an installment of provocative skepticism viz the ‘eventually its necessary to stand and fight, or even take things back’ proposition that haunts NRx like a chain-rattling ghost, now more than ever, in the shadow of the impending Trumpenreich. Zombie-fighting-types can assume that the tacit XS stance (“flee you fools”) is at least as infuriating as they would expect it to be.)

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