The Global Faith

There’s not much room for controversy:

When the United States was many separate states with a common defense and a common foreign policy, back when people said “The United States are” rather than “The United States is” there was absolutely no separation of Church and State, for each state had its own state religion, and the seminary of the state religion of Massachusetts, charged with promoting and enforcing the state religion, was Harvard.

After two centuries of ascent to hegemony, this world religion has unmistakably peaked. The fact everyone is now noticing it, as a definite, peculiar system of belief, attests to that. Accelerating catabolic process now ensues. Fragmentation won’t be pretty, but it also won’t be stopped.

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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    Jefferson Davis laughs a long hearty laugh, tinged with sadness, and lights his Meerschaum to watch the rising of the sun.


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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    Yeah it’s accelerating all right.


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  • michael Says:

    MMs whole Cromwell thesis is really clever and fun and all and like all good conspiracy theories has a lot of truth in it, but the Catholics have done just fine interpreting scripture as communism without Harvards help because Christianity is in fact a universalist egalitarian communal radically leftist self abnegating irrational theology, a slave religion if you will. and i say that with all due affection but it it what it is Both Catholics and protestants had turns at conquering the world with it, and it could be argued the Jews through communism also took a swing at trying to conquer the world with Christianity.
    That said this might be the latest denouement but i wouldn’t count on it being the last because you see no true christian could have done wrong all thats needed is another reformation


    John Hannon Reply:

    “MMs whole Cromwell thesis is really clever and fun and like all good conspiracy theories has a lot of truth in it”

    Agreed. Yet in addition to its puritan roots, the Cathedral also echoes with something far more deeply interfused and ancient – so ancient in fact that it was even called perennial by the Ancient Greeks.
    Tim Freke explains (eventually) –

    BTW, prior to self-styling himself as a “stand-up philosopher,” Freke was a musician whose finest moment was producing the musical backing to this Mckenna DMT rap –

    Ahh – takes me back.


    John Hannon Reply:

    Just to expand a bit on what Freke gets round to talking about in the last 20 minutes or so, this is Wilber –

    “Almost every child wonders, at some time or another, ‘What would I be like if I had different parents?’ In other words, the child realizes, in a very innocent and inarticulate fashion, that consciousness itself – that inner Witness or I-ness – is not solely limited by the particular outer forms of mind and body that it animates. Every child seems to sense that he would still be ‘I’ even if he had different parents and a different body. The child knows he would look different and act different, but he would still be an ‘I’ (‘I have a mind and body and emotions, but I am not the mind and body and emotions’) The child asks this question – ‘would I still be me if I had different parents?’ – because he wants the parents to explain his transcendence, the fact that he would still seem to be and feel the same ‘inner I-ness’ even though he had different parents. The parents have probably long ago forgotten their own transpersonal self, and so cannot give an answer acceptable to the child. But for a moment, most parents are taken aback, and sense that there is something of immense importance here that somehow they just can’t remember …
    Anyone who fundamentally begins to intuit the transpersonal self might realize that there is but ONE Self taking on these different outward forms, for every person has the identical intuition of this same inner I-ness transcending the body. This single Self cleanly transcends the mind and body, and thus is essentially one and the same in all conscious beings. Just as a person can walk out of one room and into another, without fundamentally changing his inward feeling of I-ness, so also he would not be fundamentally different if he possessed a different body, with different memories, and different sensations. He is the witness of these objects, but he is not tied to them.

    Is it then so very difficult to realize that every conscious being has that same inner I-ness? And that, therefore the overall number of transcendent I’s is but one? We have already surmised that if you had a different body you would still basically feel the same I-ness – but that is already the same way every other person feels right now. Isn’t it just as easy to say there is but one single I-ness or Self taking on different views, different memories, different feelings and sensations?”

    And if you seek to demolish the Cathedral’s egalitarian universalism, this is precisely the sort of alluring abstraction you’re going to be up against at some point.


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  • Garr Says:

    That’s from Peppermint’s blog, where the neat gimmick is that Peppermint’s extremely decent, intelligent, and erudite straight-man sidekick, Jim, writes an interesting essay that Peppermint then uses as an occasion for filling up the comments page with his hilarious Nazi-impressions?


    Contaminated NEET Reply:

    >extremely decent, intelligent, and erudite

    Careful there comrade, it looks like you’ve got some Nazi contamination on yourself. You’d better go wash it off, then binge watch 1 season of Modern Family and two weeks of the Daily Show to purify yourself.


    Lucian Reply:

    Keep /pol/ in /pol/, pleb.


    Norwegian Royalty Reply:

    The aristocratic way of writing it is ‘plebe’ — in my opinion.

    It´s an earlier but less vulgar form.

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  • Apatheos Says:

    Felt needs aren’t drives for principled, rationally determined judgment. Awakening the faith as Buddha-nature substantiates a different conception. It’s role? An alternative to recognitive accounts of sensuous religious rationality, self-constitution, through the meeting of faith and enlightenment, performed, in a community, trust, as self- certainty deepening into being-for-self.


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  • D. Says:

    For Progressivism/Cathedralism to have peaked, other religions need to have been rising up to replace it. So far, the only religion that has been expanding broadly in the developed world is Islam, taking advantage of its alliance with the Cathedral to import itself by the millions and claim preferential treatment.

    It is a promising development that a few relatively small First World countries are standing up to the Cathedral, but it remains to be seen if this behavior will spread to the Cathedral’s larger bastions.


    Orthodox Reply:

    Collapse doesn’t require a competitor. The barbarians didn’t “rise up” to conquer Rome, they fed off its decaying carcass. When Rome was gone, there was no glorious age of the barbarian.

    Muslims and other Cathedral pets are likely to be first on the chopping block once it can no longer defend itself. In Islamic countries, Islam will rule much as it does (or does not) today. ISIS looks like a threat because the Arab tyrants are afraid of human rights violations. Once the Cathedral falls, the tyrants can Hama every jihadist stronghold. The Cathedral is net pro-Islam because it doesn’t allow the use of collective punishment.


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  • anonyme Says:

    “Japanese people today think of money, just money: Where is our national spirit today? The Jieitai must be the soul of Japan. … The nation has no spiritual foundation. That is why you don’t agree with me. You will just be American mercenaries. There you are in your tiny world. You do nothing for Japan. … I salute the Emperor. Long live the emperor!”

    Japanese writer Yukio Mishima addressing his private army during his failed coup attempt.

    He finished his planned speech after a few minutes, returned ot the commandant’s office and committed seppuku.


    Cryptogenic Reply:

    I once spoke to a woman who was a schoolgirl during Mishima’s his coup/suicide theater. It was an event on a par with the JFK assassination: TV’s were brought into classrooms, students and everyone else went home early. Her dad was a member of the JDL, whose collective opinion — indeed the opinion of many Japanese — was thst Mishima was insane and embarrassing but basically right.

    Nobody cares much about Mishima today and for years afterward didn’t speak about him in polite society. He went from being the most famous public intellectual to something akin to Charles Manson. (Cf. Schroeder’s experiences trying to film “Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters” in Japan. Nobody wanted him there bringing up such a sore subject.)

    When I told my friend that he was popular among some American bloggers, she said, “Why? He would have wanted to kill them.”

    Mishima: brilliant novelist and high-functioning schizophrenic/narcissist, highly disreputable in his home country.


    Contaminated NEET Reply:

    >implying it wouldn’t be an honor to perish beneath Yukio’s grorious Nipponese steel


    Cryptogenic Reply:

    Another insane blogger darling is Varg Vikernes. He is genuinely embarrassing and not good at concealing his bizarre childishness (“Do you like crrrronchy Corn Flakes?”). He was raised by his mother and has written angrily about the time she took away all his RPG books. As an adult. It’s like … THIS is your political hero? Is he interesting and intelligent? Yeah, in a way. But he’s really just a spoiled child raised by a single mom. and who can’t stop lashing out for attention. He must be nearly 50 by now and he still talks like a bright teenager.

    This is the sort of thing admin was highlighting when he was berated by autistic Breivik fanboys who may or may not be upset that their moms tossed their Forgotten Realms books. It actually IS necessary to signal — but not to the left — that you’re not on board with these “activists.”

    Mishima would pwn Varg, btw.

    Contaminated NEET Reply:

    Welcome to the fringes. You want normal, well-adjusted people? Go join the Republicans.

    Alex Reply:


    Arian Machinechrist Reply:

    Charles Manson is silly, always has been and always will be.

    Now Sir Yukio Mishima recognized that everybody dies

    (life extension really wasn´t available) so he chose

    his death, and did it with honour. ‘Honour’ is

    deeply related to ‘honesty’. Those who

    deride him always do us favour by

    showing through it their inner

    character. So that we

    can exclude them.

    From polis


    Alex Reply:

    Arian Machinechrist

    Why do you slander the internationally recognised philosopher Manson?

    New Gothic Evil Reply:

    Cryptogenic Reply:

    I don’t think anybody wants LARPers touched with the ’tism.


    Arian Machinechrist Reply:

    “Cryptogenic” (you don´t deserve that name), you really are a slandering man of resentment.

    The the case you draw up with your slander, is false. Of course it is, since it is more of a slander then a serious argumentation.

    Vikernes was a youth or a young adult when he killed that heterogeneous slanderer which he killed, after the latter had been threatening the former. According to Mr. Vikernes the latter had attacked first. Whatever be the case, it is known that he (Mr. Aarseth) had made threats to the former.

    As for Mr. Vikernes now, he is obviously not autistic, you pseudopsychoanalyst. You call Mr. Vikernes autistic, and Mr. Mishima schizophrenic/narcissist. This is an obvious case of a lesser man using whatever he can to bring down those who he secretly fears and is afraid of that others view him as inferior to. I recommend folks read the internationally recognized philosopher F.W. Nietzsche for a diagnosis of the behavior of resentment that “Cryptogenic” shews.

    And you cite polite society as a judgement on Mishima?

    As for LARPing: you really are a skewy modernist cuck, aren´t you?

    What do you think training for e.g. roles in militaries is, is that not live action role playing?


    Cryptogenic Reply:

    I didn’t call Vikernes autistic, though you whiff heavily of it with your low understanding and stupid affected English.

    Mishima is my favorite novelist. That’s why I was engaged on independent research about his death and the times surrounding it, as well as his multifaceted character informed by missing a war, a morbid childhood, disgust and fascination with modernity, and so on. What do you know about the man? There are any number of ex-4chan internet denizens who maintain a simple, incurious picture of a man to file under “bad ass nationalists.” They probably haven’t even read a quarter of his translated work, much less the original Japanese, and never intend to. They certainly don’t know or care anything about his contradictory life and motivations.

    Kristian Vikernes (now Quisling, I believe) is just a stunted retard who couldn’t grow up because he didn’t have a dad. Let’s please not compare a giant of literature to a Norwegian who thinks elves are real. As much as a synthesis of Evola and Tolkien by a scrawny metalhead relaxing in tennis prison after burning down national treasures might fascinate you, it’s embarrassing to me. So is TYPING the word “shew.”

    Nietzsche’s technical phrase is ressentiment, not resentment. Next two stops for you: Genealogy of Morals and all Knopf first eds of a great artist. Then you can speak to me.


    Arian Machinechrist Reply:

    You´re absolutely disgusting.




    Cryptogenic Reply:

    “Internationally recognized philosopher”

    And here I thought Nietzsche was wholly unknown outside of a handful of scholars in Basel. Who knew!

    What does the military have to do with Burzum playing in the woods outside his parents house? Both are roles — and so? McDonald’s utilizes roles. I have no idea what your point is.

    Mishima, the most elaborate of LARPers with his paramilitary theater troupe the Shield Society (an admirable haven for young men who didn’t fit in with leftist agitators, and morbid and dreamy youths like the young Mishima), at least elevated it to spectacularly psychotic performance art, traumatizing at least one schoolgirl in Tokyo.


    Cryptogenic Reply:

    Whatever. The hartshorn is in the medicine cabinet, Bjork.


    Arian Machinechrist Reply:

    For someone who attempts to talk of adult behavior, you´re certainly not setting an example.


    New Gothic Elite Reply:

    Now that I´ve pleasurably exposd you, Cryptogenic.

    I will enjoy pointing out that you´re attacking neoteny. The chief human trait, aside from sapience.

    For more adulterated males, of heterogeneous origin, such as yourself, you typically envy this feature of the North-Atlantics, as shewn by your resentment — excuse me, ‘resentiment’.

    ▬ ‘Specially marked by cunning, despising their own inheritance in the hope of winning a greater, eager after both gain and dominion, given to imitation of all kinds, holding a certain mean between lavishness and greediness, that is, perhaps uniting, as they certainly did, these two seemingly opposite qualities. Their chief men were specially lavish through their desire of good report. They were, moreover, a race skillful in flattery, given to the study of eloquence, so that the very boys were orators, a race altogether unbridled unless held firmly down by the yoke of justice. They were enduring of toil, hunger, and cold whenever fortune laid it on them, given to hunting and hawking, delighting in the pleasure of horses, and of all the weapons and garb of war.’

    he 11th century Benedictine monk and historian, Goffredo Malaterra, characterised the Normans thus.

    What of it?


    Cryptogenic Reply:

    Do you require an example? Try this:


    Arian Machinechrist Reply:

    I´m not gonna open your meme, you pretend “Reactionary.”


    Cryptogenic Reply:

    I’d rather you not pleasurably expose anything near me. This isn’t “Forbidden Colors.”


    Norwegian Masonry Reply:

    Altho you´re not funny, you´re amusing.

    I´ll leave you be.


    Swedish Satanism Reply:

    Actually, I can see why you have pathos towards 4chan &., since they tend to shoot down weaboos such as yourself. An interesting case, you do your act to deride Nordics (British aristocracy btw. is quite Nordish), while projecting (or allowing for) the masculinity which you lack onto a Japanese genius which you at the same time attempt to lower by stating things like that he was rejected by pseudo-polite thoroughly-cucked late modern society.

    Incidentally, this is what White cucks do. They ‘allow for’ Islamic males to be virile and possessive, and African males as well, while attempting to shoot down any White gentry.

    ressentiment nietzschéen.

    Master-Slave dialectic.

    Amusing, as well.

    Cryptogenic Reply:

    The mark of HRx seem to be a Boolean mania and chronological derangement. Don’t talk to the zombies indeed.

    If you read my initial post about Mishima, you saw that the Japanese public was widely, if cautiously, sympathetic toward him. No Norwegian thinks or has ever thought of Kristian Vikernes/Quisling or ex-wigger Breivik as anything but modern maniacs to be gently coddled in the Normie-Norman tradition of light sentences in comfortable lounge prison where they can wile away the time playing XBox and making crafts.

    Naturally, when one thinks of cucked countries allowing Muslims to run roughshod over them and begging for more, Scandinavia never springs to mind.

    Sweden has seen better days. I’d be romantically yearning for them too, if I was the romantically yearning type into collecting herbs. The first thing I’d do is leave such a PC sewer.

    “To see human beings in agony, to see them covered in blood and to hear their death groans, makes people humble. It makes their spirits delicate, bright, peaceful. It’s never at such times that we become cruel or bloodthirsty. No, it’s on a beautiful spring afternoon like this that people suddenly become cruel. It’s at a moment like this, don’t you think, while one’s vaguely watching the sun as it peeps through the leaves of the trees above a well-mown lawn? Every possible nightmare in the world, every possible nightmare in history, has come into being like this.”


    Swedish Satanism Reply:

    Amusing, it was you who I perceive zombie-like.

    Look kiddo, you´ve repeated a version of

    { >muh favorite author } like four times

    here. for someone who accuses

    others of childlikeness and

    morbid self-absorption

    or ASD, you certain

    ly somewhat fit

    the criteria.

    you´re the type that one purposely puts in typos and weird behavior to annoy,

    which is exactly what corrolates with the autistic type. hyper-pedantic

    poster-collecting fan boys. how many books have you collected

    in your Private Library, mein autiste? “Only mein Afro-Asiatics

    can be ‘Barbaric’ :(” “Those scary Nordics might re-invigorate

    Western civilization again, or maybe they´re cucking it

    from Swedish Freemasonry infused Military-Industrial

    networks. better collect another weeboo paraphern.

    item, and watch another documentary. and obsess more over some famous person´s biographical minute details.

    moar plz.


    Swedish Satanism Reply:

    How am I HRx if I agree with Land´s vision of Capitalism?

    Cryptogenic Reply:

    I can’t read your entire post because your syntax, like Michael’s, is bizarre and illegible and has never appeared anywhere in written English before. It’s not worth straining to understand.

    There is something about how many books are in my library…? I’m at a loss here. Is maintaining a large private library and close, detailed study somehow a vice? Guilty as charged.

    If you want to reply and joust, do so in normal English, not in concrete poetry with random curly brackets. I mean it: I won’t read it if it looks like it belong in Cahiers de l’Art Brut.


    Norwegian Freemasonry Reply:

    Funny, I was taking a bath this morning and thought of a guy who commented on «A Thousand Plateaus» with a similar argumentation as you are doing now towards me.

    Nota bene, that was this morning. Before you made this complaint.

    This is the glory of a flexible syntax, you can drive 3rd grade

    ‘thinkers’ away. Pretend philosophers.

    But no you´re not setting the terms



    Norwegian Trapstep Reply:

    ▬{ straining to understand }

    this is beautiful.

    to quote one artiste:

    “These kids forfeit, against war orphans.”

    Posted on July 14th, 2016 at 8:02 am Reply | Quote
  • anonyme Says:

    (平岡 公威 三島 由紀夫

    “a samurai is a total human being, whereas a man who is completely absorbed in his technical skill has degenerated into a ‘function’, one cog in a machine.”

    “The most appropriate type of daily life for me was a day-to-day world destruction; peace was the most difficult and abnormal state to live in.”

    “Perfect purity is possible if you turn your life into a line of poetry written with a splash of blood.”


    Cryptogenic Reply:

    He had a lot of guts and wasn’t afraid to show it.


    G. Eiriksson Reply:

    I don´t advise Sir Yukio Mishima´s or Sir Dominique Venner´s routes. But one wonders if they will not be recognized as Matyrs, after Civilization has been restored.

    Quite needless to say, to even mention them along with the Utøya killer shows that one is a mealymouthed pseudointellectual with a rotten Leftist-regressivist heart, as their typologies are so different.


    NATO 2.0 Reply:

    Okay, to say “To even mention them with” was a bit of an overstatement. But, ‘to equate them with’ is less so.

    However the Utøya killer is not a very remark-able character in any case. I.e. not very mentionable, except from a few parts of his manifesto (e.g. of how he used to be a multiculturalist and got beat up by immigrants, was it not the case?).


    Cryptogenic Reply:

    Kimitake Hiroaka was not knighted. He also wasn’t a mincing ethno-Bolshevik aspie from a placid r-type country like yours either. Read his books and watch his fabulous movie appearances before opening your HRx trap about artists you know nothing about.

    Fuck, why I am engaging this spazz?


    Norwegian Masonry Reply:

    I think your projecting too much to be taken seriously. With your lil “jokes” and “humiliation” attempts in between. Any honorable man sees what is what in this exchange. Yes, why are you engaging?


    Norwegian Masonry Reply:

    { a placid r-type country like yours }

    ▬{ The Normans (Norman: Nourmands; French: Normands; Latin: Normanni) were the people who in the 10th and 11th centuries gave their name to Normandy, a region in France. They were descended from Norse (“Norman” comes from “Norseman”[1]) raiders and pirates from Denmark, Iceland and Norway }

    { ethno-Bolshevik }

    the Holy Roman Empire & the British Empire, nor the S.P.Q.R.

    were ‘Bolshevist’, but they were ethnic, as in pater-lineal.


    Norwegian Satanism Reply:

    ▬{ watch his fabulous movie appearances before opening your HRx trap }

    You really are a fucking gem. My new pet for the NRx.


    Cryptogenic Reply:

    How many screen names are you going to post under white knighting for Burzum?


    Swedish Satanism Reply:


    (* like you)


    Muh Semi-Pop Literary figures Reply:

    { Kimitake Hiroaka was not knighted. }

    that i called him Sir does not perfectly equate me having suggested he was ‘Knighted’ (by some decayed Institution).

    how much of a ‘reading too much & inaccurately into words’ ersatz solipsist case can one (Cryptocuck) get?

    Cryptogenic Reply:

    Do ya like ’em cuh-rispy?


    Nicean Now-pocalypse Reply:

    I, in fact, do.

    Listen, you´re a scumbag. Your biggest enjoyment in life, aside from collecting relatively useless (in a technocratic age) items, is to slander those who have more fame or honesty than you. I´d bet you anonymously slander Nick Land on other sites.

    Often the case is, that the more a person hides behind the less there is within that is really worth anything.

    I hope 4chan &c. is right about Dies Irae because that is typically the time when socii deposes slimeballs like you.

    Meanwhile, generous genial persons like Mr. Land get reposed.

    That means that they get granted aristocratic rights

    for their good work & service for the realm.


    Norwegian nec-Romancy Reply:

    actually, i think you, Crypto”gen”, might be the perma-anonymous degenerate Irish pretender and shameful (that means ‘person or deed full of shame’) slanderer that sent me the following email:

    Incidentally this person had previously stated, like days or a couple of weeks before, “there´s gonna be a collapse :(”

    Best upload that as well.

    Cryptogenic Reply:

    I know I touched your amygdala, but it’s time to breathe into a paper bag until normal r-type Scandinavian placidity returns home.

    You are “vomiting on the carpet,” as admin put it. If you want to be savaged and instructed elsewhere that is fine, but your butthurt hissy fit is lowering the real estate value here.

    I have no objection to make to accusations of bibliophilia, monographilia and close reading. That’s all true.


    Norwegian nec-Romancy Reply:

    You get increasingly lewd.



    Cryptogenic Reply:

    If you can prove that I have slandered Nick Land anywhere, and if you can find an instance where he has ever had anything less than contempt for retards like Breivik, I’d love to know about it.


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  • anonyme Says:

    @ Alex

    “I have ate out of your garbage cans to stay out of jail. I have wore your second-hand clothes…I have done my best to get along in your world and now you want to kill me, and I look at you, and then I say to myself, You want to kill me? Ha! I’m already dead, have been all my life. I’ve spent twenty-three years in tombs that you built.”

    ― Charles Manson


    Alex Reply:


    Posted on July 14th, 2016 at 9:49 pm Reply | Quote
  • Arian Machinechrist Says:

    This is more impressive than I thought.

    I re-configure my figuration of

    Mr. Manson, excusare me.

    Dear Sir, Alex. We´ve

    been rectified. ✞

    this reminds

    us of

    Robert J. Matthew´s relatively impressive speech,

    sometimes called «10,000 Hearts

    Beat as One».

    (Robert J. Oppenheimer

    makes good



    Altho the 14/88 type of Anti-Semitism is

    unfortunate. Along with the Agrarianism. Let it be stated,

    that Hitler´s was a Bonapartism, Nihilism, Agrarianism, plus (Fascist) Modernismo

    & Futurismo. But who knows what happens when Western society crumbles under the

    hypocrisy? Will Hitler be viewed as the ultimate baddie in post-cataclysmic West?

    Israel, I promise you—will still stand. But will it be forced to nuke the place,

    because of Arabs gettin´ greedy for land (Six-Day War) grab again?

    «The Atomic Kurukshetra: Overhuman Lightnings against

    Atomic Explosions»

    Appear! O Catastrophe God, It won´t be

    water, but Fire this time.

    And God held the

    Rainbow as

    a sign.



    Alex Reply:

    Five kings ruled o’er the Amorite,
    Mighty as fear and old as night;
    Swathed with unguent and gold and jewel,
    Waxed they merry and fat and cruel.
    Zedek of Salem, a terror and glory,
    Whose face was hid while his robes were gory;
    And Hoham of Hebron, whose loathly face is
    Heavy and dark o’er the ruin of races;
    And Piram of Jarmuth, drunk with strange wine,
    Who dreamed he had fashioned all stars that shine;
    And Debir of Eglon wild, without pity,
    Who raged like a plague in the midst of his city;
    And Japhia of Lachish, a fire that flameth,
    Who did in the daylight what no man nameth.

    These five kings said one to another,
    ‘King unto king o’er the world is brother,
    Seeing that now, for a sign and a wonder,
    A red eclipse and a tongue of thunder,
    A shape and a finger of desolation,
    Is come against us a kingless nation.
    Gibeon hath failed us: it were not good
    That a man remember where Gibeon stood.’
    Then Gibeon sent to our captain, crying,
    ‘Son of Nun, let a shaft be flying,
    For unclean birds are gathering greedily;
    Slack not thy hand, but come thou speedily.
    Yea, we are lost save thou maintain’st us,
    For the kings of the mountains are gathered against us.’

    Then to our people spake the Deliverer,
    ‘Gibeon is high, yet a host may shiver her;
    Gibeon hath sent to me crying for pity,
    For the lords of the cities encompass the city
    With chariot and banner and bowman and lancer,
    And I swear by the living God I will answer.
    Gird you, O Israel, quiver and javelin,
    Shield and sword for the road we travel in;
    Verily, as I have promised, pay I
    Life unto Gibeon, death unto Ai.’

    Sudden and still as a bolt shot right
    Up on the city we went by night.
    Never a bird of the air could say,
    ‘This was the children of Israel’s way.’

    Only the hosts sprang up from sleeping,
    Saw from the heights a dark stream sweeping;
    Sprang up straight as a great shout stung them,
    And heard the Deliverer’s war-cry among them,
    Heard under cupola, turret, and steeple
    The awful cry of the kingless people.

    Started the weak of them, shouted the strong of them,
    Crashed we a thunderbolt into the throng of them,
    Blindly with heads bent, and shields forced before us,
    We heard the dense roar of the strife closing o’er us.
    And drunk with the crash of the song that it sung them,
    We drove the great spear-blade in God’s name among them.

    Redder and redder the sword-flash fell.
    Our eyes and our nostrils were hotter than hell;
    Till full all the crest of the spear-surge shocking us,
    Hoham of Hebron cried out mocking us,
    ‘Nay, what need of the war-sword’s plying,
    Out of the desert the dust comes flying.
    A little red dust, if the wind be blowing –
    Who shall reck of its coming or going?’
    Back the Deliverer spake as a clarion,
    ‘Mock at thy slaves, thou eater of carrion!
    Laughest thou at us, in thy kingly clowning,
    We, that laughed upon Ramases frowning.
    We that stood up proud, unpardoned,
    When his face was dark and his heart was hardened?
    Pharaoh we knew and his steeds, not faster
    Than the word of the Lord in thine ear, O master.

    Sheer through the turban his wantons wove him,
    Clean to the skull the Deliverer clove him;
    And the two hosts reeled at the sign appalling,
    As the great king fell like a great house falling.

    Loudly we shouted, and living and dying.
    Bore them all backward with strength and strong crying;
    And Caleb struck Zedek hard at the throat,
    And Japhia of Lachish Zebulon smote.
    The war-swords and axes were clashing and groaning,
    The fallen were fighting and foaming and moaning;
    The war-spears were breaking, the war-horns were braying,
    Ere the hands of the slayers were sated with slaying.
    And deep in the grasses grown gory and sodden,
    The treaders of all men were trampled and trodden;
    And over them, routed and reeled like cattle,
    High over the turn of the tide of the battle,
    High over noises that deafen and cover us,
    Rang the Deliverer’s voice out over us.

    ‘Stand thou still, thou sun upon Gibeon,
    Stand thou, moon, in the valley of Ajalon!
    Shout thou, people, a cry like thunder,
    For the kings of the earth are broken asunder.
    Now we have said as the thunder says it,
    Something is stronger than strength and slays it.
    Now we have written for all time later,
    Five kings are great, yet a law is greater.
    Stare, O sun! in thine own great glory,
    This is the turn of the whole world’s story.
    Stand thou still, thou sun upon Gibeon,
    Stand thou, moon, in the valley of Ajalon!

    ‘Smite! amid spear-blades blazing and breaking.
    More than we know of is rising and making.
    Stab with the javelin, crash with the car!
    Cry! for we know not the thing that we are.
    Stand, O sun! that in horrible patience
    Smiled on the smoke and the slaughter of nations.
    Thou shalt grow sad for a little crying,
    Thou shalt be darkened for one man’s dying –
    Stand thou still, thou sun upon Gibeon,
    Stand thou, moon, in the valley of Ajalon!’

    After the battle was broken and spent
    Up to the hill the Deliverer went,
    Flung up his arms to the storm-clouds flying,
    And cried unto Israel, mightily crying,
    ‘Come up, O warriors! come up, O brothers!
    Tribesmen and herdsmen, maidens and mothers;
    The bondman’s son and the bondman’s daughter,
    The hewer of wood and the drawer of water,
    He that carries and he that brings,
    And set your foot on the neck of kings.’

    This is the story of Gibeon fight –
    Where we smote the lords of the Amorite;
    Where the banners of princes with slaughter were sodden.
    And the beards of seers in the rank grass trodden;
    Where the trees were wrecked by the wreck of cars,
    And the reek of the red field blotted the stars;
    Where the dead heads dropped from the swords that sever,
    Because His mercy endureth for ever.


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  • de Globeall Faith – genosystems Says:

    […] Posted on July 14th, 2016 at 2:19 am […]

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  • anonyme Says:

    @ Alex


    “live or die – that is the lovely give-and-take of war.” The Iliad, Book 17, line 262


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  • Nicean Necromancy Says:

    michael´s posts are actually often worthy of being understood.

    something deeper than your pretentious fanboy pretense.


    Cryptogenic Reply:

    Capitalization, punctuation and paragraphs, it will shock you to learn, contribute greatly to being understood. That’s why the finest minds in the western canon employ all three together.

    Huh-wyte knight strikes again.


    British barbaric purity Reply:

    ▬{ it will shock you to learn }

    Dude, that´s so pathetic.

    Is this Sergio Knipe?

    Aside from the

    Irish Nazi,

    he´d fit


    Anyway, you accuse me both of being ‘placid’ and ’emotive.’

    This has gotten boring, because you get worse and worse,

    i.e. more desperate and desperate in argumentation.

    Repeating stuff like “Use capital letters, like all

    the ‘Intellectuals’ at my 3rd grade University.”

    You know a pseudointellectual by his lack

    of ingenuity. Lack of personal style.

    By how he collects stuff. All sorts

    of tricks to make up for a lack

    of originality. I know of two

    true intellectuals in NRx.

    Mencius Moldbug

    and the host

    of this site.

    But I´ve sporadically looked at the other web-logs so far.

    So, what do you think of Deleuze, kidstick?


    Cryptogenic Reply:

    Sorry, the trajectory into bizarre paranoia and high amygdala on your part is a major red flag. If others want to engage you and your trove of world renowned philosophers and dazzling personal flourishes, they may. I feel like I’ve been picking on someone not quite right in the head, Lentz-style. A tormented BwO is not a pretty thing to look at.


    Norwegian Nicean Necroneuromancy Reply:

    More repetitious bore.

    No opinion on Deleuze tho?


    Cryptogenic Reply:

    For someone who only knows D and N, you’re not signaling that distance/dramatization are at the fore of concepts for you. I don’t think you’ve ever read either philosophers and I don’t think you can.

    Irish Nazis Walk Among You Reply:

    Why world-renowned Deleuze?


    Chrispy Corpsus Reply:

    Yeah, why?


    carcass of a carcinogenic cuck Reply:



    This is what the projects made me Reply:

    I enjoy hammering trolls with my hammer.

    & ersatz males (troll-blood).

    Phonie niggas.

    Get 🕈

    Posted on July 17th, 2016 at 4:59 pm Reply | Quote
  • pseudo-regal slanderers – informationaxion Says:

    […] is mostly seen on Twitter. while the latter is often seen in the comments to Xenosystems. such as here, […]

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  • Norwegian Nicean Necroneuromancy Says:

    Your disingenuous responses to honest questions just get worse and worse. What´s next, hanging yourself on top of your pile of books in your living room?


    Cryptogenic Reply:

    If I had to be near you in physical space without your shock collar, enduring your non-sequiturs and bizarre demands, hanging would be too slow.

    Look, I’ve got to attend a super secret bund meeting in Belfast and I don’t have any more time to satsify your great interest in me. The topic will be “World Renowned Triggerings.” The minutes will be available in AMAZING concrete ‘graphs. Top kek, m8.


    Necromancy Reply:



    Posted on July 18th, 2016 at 9:39 am Reply | Quote
  • Necromancy Says:

    Your all-too-human, all-too-common—& verily dishonorable—type is what´s wrong with Modernity though.

    I wouldn´t wanna have you on any team.

    Worth less than podslime.

    So, go on with the


    Because if I ever find out who you are, what you´ll get is worse.



    Neuromancy Reply:

    * When I find out who you are behind the pseudonym.


    Apocalyptic Archeogenesis Reply:

    ‘apocalypsis’ { late 14c., “revelation, disclosure,” from Church Latin apocalypsis “revelation,” from Greek apokalyptein “uncover, disclose, reveal.” }

    O Kratia, thou cruelest of theses

    Let they angles cut

    now sharply


    O 9 O A

    O Meg

    O A


    Cryptogenic Reply:

    You’re threatening me with what exactly?

    Go on.


    Apocalyptic Archeogenesis Reply:

    With your own hanging, at least.

    “A nerd was found dead.

    Hanged, in his shitty little apartment.”


    Cryptogenic Reply:

    “Because if I ever find out who you are, what you´ll get is worse.”

    And what will I get that is worse? Don’t punk out now. Tell us what you’re going to do.

    btw, ten minutes to Judge Wapner.

    Seriousness Byte #1: Major, but qualified, apologies to admin on my behalf of both of us, and radio silence on this channel hereafter. At least here.


    Apocalyptic Archeogenesis Reply:

    Troll apologetics.


    Nugotheny Reply:

    & Documented for posterity & shame, on variety of formats. It does not take ‘a’ genius to see scoundrel forms. But it does requite genius.

    Strike at the Muspel-slims, next time, well ye ≈1 Loki?

    for an antiglossolia.



    Cryptogenic Reply:

    Because you’re not that threatening with your shirt off.


    Apocalyptic Archeogenesis Reply:

    This is a decade old photo, I was practically a teenager. You already said you had stopped commenting (on me), how low are you gonna stoop? Slime-ball.

    We did win that Paintball match, btw. After following my strategy.

    Go take some ´roids & hit the gym with the “buddies”

    (do they collect muh Mishima too)?

    What sector of my life

    have you not


    to pry


    Before modernity, noble men would make people like you into slaves.

    This is known. Go on with the hanging, it will be better than this.


    Cryptogenic Reply:

    You’re like the white Gavin Long.


    Cryptogenic Reply:

    “Because if I ever find out who you are, what you´ll get is worse.”

    “how low you gonna stoop?”

    If you (threaten to) dish it out you’d better be able to take it, n’cest-ce pas?

    Czech elsewhere for ongoing doxxing and take care which tree you bark up in future.


    Apocalyptic Archeogenesis Reply:

    Dude, it´s not doxing if I have already posted all my info online?

    But no, I won´t check elsewhere. I don´t care

    for people like you. You don´t

    really have a



    Thus they were made into slaves, for they were not born as anthropos.


    Cryptogenic Reply:

    “it’s not doxing if I have already posted all my info online?”

    Are you sure you’ve posted ALL of it? Think hard. I’m pretty sure not.


    Don’t threaten people you don’t know, especially if you’re careless and forgetful.


    Apocalyptic Archeogenesis Reply:

    All of it? Yeah. What do you think it is that you could attempt to shame me with?


    Apocalyptic Archeogenesis Reply:

    Unlike you I´m not seeking communal approval or standing,

    to quote the Grand ´ol (Wu-tang) Clan:

    „Rebel to the grain

    there’s no way

    to barricade


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  • Outliers (#14) Says:

    […] (intrudes). Rightside up. Religion provokes atheism. World burning. (tax me). Neese. 0bama eternal. Summarization. Turd-key. Allahu ackbar! Errorism. War! Turkey. Allahu […]

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  • Apocalyptic Archeogenesis Says:

    I wonder if he´s hanged himself yet.
    > muh threats > muh troll army


    Posted on July 19th, 2016 at 4:52 pm Reply | Quote
  • so it was seen… – NEU ROMAN X Says:

    […] be cause crabs pull each other down […]

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  • Lucian Says:

    Almost wonder if Apocalyptic Archeogenesis’s shitposting is the telos of Outside In.


    alien archeognosis Reply:

    You do us great dishonor!

    Last time, we recall, we were done such a celestial honor was when a weed dealer called us Gaui Megacorp. The former is our Icelandic nickname.

    We don´t know if it was a serious insult attempt or a parafreudian slip.

    Mockery is our favorite humour, we think. Be cause it cannot be done without some creativity & some truth (which we enjoy).

    Signed, fort the coming corpus christi,
    which will be cr cr chrispy,

    yours truly,



    alien archeognosisex Reply:

    by the way, that´s Counter-Shitposting for you.

    you´re hardly our favorite poster either.

    we do have a few favorite comm-

    entators here, and they

    make better com-

    ents than



    Posted on July 19th, 2016 at 11:12 pm Reply | Quote
  • Arian Machinechrist Says:

    I specialize in typologizing supposed “Right-wing” types.

    That thought started a number of years ago.

    It´s a train of relegation, to lower

    levels. When the Imp

    Hits, the …

    There´s a special type that i despise: and that is the geek who´s got the chad´s social mobility climbing attempts, through pushing others dishonorably down. “Look at the way he speaks,” “Look at the way he [whatever]”, all sorts of disgust, which will meet disgust.

    All cases of ressentimént nietzschéen. This type will become a slave-worker in

    the hive. Rendered harmless, with restricted Internet access,

    working 8 hour days, 5 days a week, for th´ Man.

    Dealt with. Done with. Doomed.

    Drained. Drugged.


    Dried, by I, Dia-bolus Rex.


    Posted on July 23rd, 2016 at 3:50 pm Reply | Quote
  • Melanie l'Heuremaudit Says:

    One of Europe’s oldest and biggest street markets, in the northern French city of Lille, has been cancelled over security fears, mayor Martine Aubry said Friday.

    The annual market, which dates back to the twelfth century, is a huge tourism draw and attracted 2.5 million visitors to the city in 2015. Aubry said that the decision to cancel the event – known as the ‘La Braderie de Lille’ – was prompted by “risks we cannot address”.

    The Socialist mayor of Lille said, “It’s heart wrenching to make this decision.”

    “But to have sharpshooters on roofs at the market, riot police on each street corner and helicopters and drones flying overhead would not be in the spirit of the market,” explained Aubrey, who sought to run for president of France in 2012.

    (Source: France 24)

    Aubry was formerly the leader of the French Socialist party and was current president Hollande’s main rival for the Socialist nomination. She wrote a book called “To change civilisation”……Well, this is what a change of civilisation looks like, you stupid bitch.


    Posted on August 14th, 2016 at 2:37 am Reply | Quote

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