The horror …

“The thing is, now that I have been made aware of the phenomenon, I see it everywhere …”


“This cannot be allowed to stand. This is like finding out a serial-killing child molester is in charge of your local little league team. This is not a case of tolerance. This is a case of metaphorical pitch-forks and torches. … this, the ‘Neoreaction’, is a definite threat, and should be faced.”

(Some impressive push-back is already occurring in the comments thread over there.)

ADDED: Charlie Stross jumps in (sadly unable to resist the “but North Korea” is already a Neoreactioanry utopia” killer argument).

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  • Mike Says:

    1) “The thing is, now that I have been made aware of the phenomenon, I see it everywhere …”

    “You know, you look like your head fell in the cheese dip back in 1957” is what he’s saying to us. We’ve got one who can see. Naturally we’re the bad guys of course.

    2) I wonder how Moldbug would respond. I imagine he’d say something like “you’ll notice that you never make any progress against the state, ever wondered why?”

    3) Bryce responds well, particularly when he says that the thread “makes one wonder which actually comes first in the libertarian’s mind: libertarianism, or liberalism?”

    Libertarianism has been hollowed out by egalitarianism, which was always inevitable, I suppose, given that libertarianism appeals to people who see the problems in the liberal edifice, but can’t bear to toss out its core principles.


    Bryce Laliberte Reply:

    Libertarianism has not been hollowed out per se, rather it was never free from the prison of Enlightenment philosophy in the first place. This is why you so frequently see libertarians caving when their libertarianism would ostensibly require them to violate progressive taboo.

    If libertarians are right, and democracy is antithetical to libertarianism, then clearly democracy must be wrong. But you don’t see many libertarians approaching that. These anarcho-capitalists of the Austrian tradition should be able to see how the modern appearance of a society compatible with single mothers, universal education, and multiculturalism are impossible without an extensive corpus of explicit and implicit forms of redistribution.

    I promise you single mothers are not actually producing all that they consume, yet curiously men seem to be working just as much as before (though men seem to be catching on).

    I think we will convert many to neoreaction from the Austrian tradition. It is only a Hoppe, skip, and jump away from Misesian praxeology. And if we can’t, then I worry about the feasibility of the whole project.

    I wonder what everyone will say when we have a bunch of anarchists running around in the ‘sphere.


    Hurlock Reply:

    I think the problem of libertarianism is that it is implicitly (actually explicitly) egalitarian. When you introduce the concept (for example) of “Everyone has the right of private property” you are introducing the formula “Everyone has the right to X” and that opens up a massive can of worms. Not to mention that said rights are considered “natural”. They have existed before the state and etc. Which leads to further confusion and the appearance of other egalitarian ideas with a rising level of ridiculousness. They are all part of the natural evolution of the original egalitarian theory and obviously the more radical they are the more popular they become (there is a proper historical progression to this phenomenon). Bottom line is, when you introduce egalitarianism, it tends to grow and radicalize itself more and more. In this sense, libertarianism is doomed to lead to socialism, communism and etc. And even though it is the least egalitarian of all of the left-wing theories, it is still left-wing (and egalitarian). When considered historicaly, you could argue that right now it is more of a conservative and reactionary theory, but it is still egalitarian in its core.

    The thing is, you can’t fight egalitarianism with “less” egalitarianism. You can’t fight imaginary equality with imaginary (but not so much) equality. You have to fight egalitarianism with it’s opposite – reality.

    Nowadays every libertarian has to think about what he values more in libertarianism. The fact that it is egalitarian? Or the fact that it is less egalitarian than other liberal theories? If the latter, then he will end up on this side of the internet very soon. If the former…he is just an underdeveloped progressive.


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  • Orthodox Says:

    Positive versus negative rights.


    admin Reply:

    Agreed, but how the hell have even the dimmest An-Caps got themselves snarled up in positive rights?


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  • Nick B. Steves Says:

    Bryce’s comment about what if the end of AnCap ends up looking a whole lot like Medieval Europe is brilliant. And the original poster says, “I’ll turn red in a heartbeat.”

    Amazing. You’ve chosen your side, dude, and it’s a pretty good bet that it ain’t AnCap. You’re looking for “Outcomes”.

    What if the WHOLE WORLD was Ancap up til about 1600? And it could be again, except with rocket ships and better oral hygeine.


    Karl F. Boetel Reply:

    Yeah, I noticed that too. In other words, “anarcho-capitalists” are just communists. (Which makes them anarchists. How appropriate.)

    i r a anarcho-capitalist! right up until anarcho-capitalism contradicts communism! then I r a communist!


    James A. Donald Reply:

    Well, if an anarcho capitalist thinks that thirteenth century Europe was not too far from anarcho capitalism, probably not a communist.


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  • VXXC Says:

    Want Horror? The Atlantic has found it..

    Bitchiness is a woman’s mating strategy as vs. Sluts.


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  • VXXC Says:

    Comments are hysterical. Among many gems;

    “The voting he’s talking about, and the democracy that we’re usually talking about, is electoral democracy. Which yes, critique away, and I’ll happily join in.

    But participatory democracy? Exemplified by plurality and free association, as developed by such people as Brad Spangler and Roderick Long? That is a democracy I can believe in.”

    You can believe in something that has NO POWER. But you can’t get behind something that does…

    Now if libertarinism is applied autism [it is] what are An-Caps?
    The most important part is THE BUZZ.


    Karl F. Boetel Reply:

    Autistic communists.


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  • VXXC Says:

    The main issue for those of The Oath will be the Constitution, the main part being Our Liberties , the only part still operative.

    What are Liberties, and who had them? Before they were diluted willy/nilly by demogogues.

    Liberties for more than a thousand years were the exclusive “property” of the Nobility…because the Nobility were the product and service of Violence .

    The Product and Service of Violence was expanded in Europe and America by;

    * The Longbow Archer [England]

    *The Pikeman [The Continent]

    *The Musketeer

    *The Rifleman [America].

    Liberty was expanded to the Commons by The Common Solider, because he had the Longbow, The Pike, The Musket, The Rifle.

    Liberty is Violence .

    Usually in defense of Property, and who’s living on it. And over the definition of who is property and who has Liberty. The Great Charter, Laws and who is protected all flow from the wellspring of This We’ll Defend . I’m not a slave and neither are my women, family, and my property is mine and not yours. The English Church didn’t enforce Magna Carta by Excommunication because it was Godly, they did it because the Church had property.

    One of the problems and potential solutions in America is Violence is a mere Service instead of a Product as well. .


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  • spandrell Says:

    I found interesting his emphasis on weird porn as a liberating force. Progressives quite obviously have this obsession with sexual deviancy, which they deemed as quite a sacred force. Modern progs want to abolish identity based on ethnicity/race, which is the default of the animal kingdom, for identity based on sexual deviancy. I can’t have a whites only club but I can have a sadomasochistic club where people with a fetish for putting candles into the rectum and lighting them get together.

    I never got that.


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  • admin Says:

    I’ve spent far too much time among these idiots over the last couple of days — it results in an unlocalizable feeling of nausea, like a vague but nasty hangover. Clearly this whole rotten edifice is going down, and then some Machiavellian demagogue will tap into the vast reservoir of social stupidity to cook up a social arrangement of unspeakable ghastliness, most probably propelled by a rhetoric of “anti-fascism”. It seems an almost inescapable structure of destiny that the “Fascists!” shouters will end up as pliable raw material for a new fascist brutalism, ushering in a half-millennium dark age. Since defensible seasteads or asteroid settlements are unlikely to be available in time, massive territorial disintegration is the only hope. (I guess there’ll also be a large number of people fleeing east.)


    VXXC Reply:

    No. Not in America.

    You’re watching the onset of terminal syphilis. Micro-Aggressions, gay marriage already so yesterday, going full insane clown lynch mob on a rodeo clown – whom they demanded be turned over and were laughed at, identity not revealed – you’re looking at the end of something. They’re losing power and they can feel it slipping away.

    The buyers remorse on Obamacare is priceless. It’s going to be extremely limited in terms of the damage they wanted. Self-preservation is a powerful motive. Not to mention it instantly went to farce.

    Oh and they’re bankrupt and floating on an imaginary cushion of digital fiat money.

    It won’t be pretty. But it shouldn’t be. They will not go with grace, they did not live with grace.


    Robert Reply:

    America is the first tottering Great Power in history with 250 million firearms in private hands. I may be proven wrong by events, but I think this will shape the Troubles to Come in quite a different direction than 476, 1789, 1917 etc.


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  • Count Nothingface Says:


    Fascism has become such an emotive buzzword that people don’t recognize real fascism when they see it.


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  • Puzzle Pirate (@PuzzlePirate) Says:

    If these hysterical liberals are the future of liberalism and their desire / plan is to liquidate us then it looks more and more like if the West wants to survive then the Right will have to take the VXXC option.

    “Today’s key businesses are becoming ever more productive because of their access to or manipulation of information. One result has been a proliferation of small companies that have created great wealth, a phenomenon in accordance with the long-term trend of power devolving downward to smaller entities-whether they are business or military. The epitome of this tendency is that just two guys essentially created Google.”

    “Socially, we have seen a major shift in how communities are formed. People are changing allegiance from nations to causes, a trend dramatically accelerated by Internet connectivity. In fact, many people are much more engaged in their online causes than in their real-world communities. Of particular concern are members of groups who are willing to go to extremes to advance their causes-from the woman who lived in a redwood for two years to suicide bombers. Such actors place their causes above any rational analysis of the impact of their actions-and they can be found through the Internet.

    In sum, political, economic, and social trends point to the emergence of super-empowered individuals or small groups bound together by love for a cause rather than a nation.”


    Thales Reply:

    Apros pos of yesterday’s post:

    …the cost of a base pair will drop to between 1 and 10 cents within the decade. Thus, a researcher could order all the necessary base pairs to create a smallpox virus for between $2,000 and $20,000.7 The equipment he needs to assemble the virus will cost an additional $10,000.

    Using a few volunteers and commercial airlines, a terrorist group can create a near-simultaneous worldwide outbreak of smallpox. Dark Winter, an exercise conducted in 2001, simulated a smallpox attack on three U.S. cities. In a period of 13 days, smallpox spread to 25 states and 15 countries in several epidemiological waves, after which one-third of the hundreds of thousands of Americans who contracted the disease died. It was estimated that a fourth generation of the disease would leave 3 million infected and 1 million dead.

    It is essential to remember that not only will smallpox cause an exceptional number of deaths, but it will also shut down world trade until the epidemic is controlled or burns itself out. Given that the 2002 West Coast longshoreman’s strike cost the U.S. economy $1 billion per day, the cost of a complete shutdown of all transportation will be catastrophic.


    Orlandu84 Reply:

    James Dale Davidson commented along the same line in “The Sovereign Individual.” His thesis was that the Internet would create a world wide market that would usher in a new paradigm in three stages: information, economic, and political. We are currently living in the economic stage where business must downsize to take advantage of the Internet and computing’s ability to spread knowledge and broaden markets. The movement to smaller states is already happening in the Middle East and Northern Africa as previously stable states split into smaller partitions. I believe that Davidson is essentially correct with one caveat: his analysis leaves little room for cultural, i.e. religious forces.

    That Anarcho-Capitalists still abide by Progressive religious ideals (e.g. equality) demonstrates how important these religious beliefs are to their holders. The death of this collection of civil religions (as John Michael Greer calls them) will not be pretty. I imagine a lot of destructive forces being unleashed as people realize that they have wasted most of their lives on projects that cannot be fulfilled in principle let alone in reality.


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  • fotrkd Says:

    Neoreaction’s Top 10 defence/attack strategies (an NR aid for self-awareness):

    1. You’re scared of reality
    2. ‘Raciss’ is such a vacuous term
    3. I call Godwin/I spot a Commie!
    4. We have ‘truth’ on our side (Or, the Tony Blair version: ‘History will judge us right’)
    5. Ad hominem attacks are so tawdry
    6. Fascist? You’re the fascist! (Or: ‘I know you are, but what am I?’)
    7. We aren’t here to offer solutions…
    8. Give me facts!
    9. This is a matter of live debate within the movement…
    10. You’re a brainwashed (Cathedral) monkey – I can’t talk to you anymore.


    Karl F. Boetel Reply:

    Yes — just add a parenthetical remark to each one: “… (read my blog, i explain it there in a lengthy, demanding article)”


    fotrkd Reply:

    But there’s got to be a bridge. There’s no point bashing progs for being progressive then telling them to read an obscure (for them) blog post. All you get in return is attacks on NRs for being neoreactionary (and not reading enough ‘history’). Moldbug knew this. That’s why, despite the verbosity, his introductory posts are accessible and sympathetic to the demands being placed on his readers. The red/blue pill imagery is familiar and decisive: he’s not asking you to evaluate his ideas from your socially ingrained understanding of the world because he knows from that perspective what he’s saying appears bat-shit crazy – it can’t be anything other. So he’s got to take the reader with him through an appeal – take the pill, keep everything open, trust the crazy person that this might eventually not just make some sense, but also be rewarding. You’re not going to get that agreement by being prickly.


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  • Handle Says:

    More on Silicon Valley. (From her new book. The premise is ridiculous and the comments are hilarious. Try and see if you can play buzzword bingo, “Systemic, Hidden, Privilege, social consciousness, etc.

    “Supporters speak glowingly of a singularly meritocratic environment where innovative entrepreneurs disrupt fusty old industries and facilitate sweeping social change. But if the tech scene is really a meritocracy, why are so many of its key players, from Mark Zuckerberg to Steve Jobs, white men?”

    I love this arguendum ad albopatriarchy. If it’s mostly white men, it must be racist, sexist, and non-meritocratic.

    “Sharon Vosmek, CEO of the nonprofit Astia that helps fund women entrepreneurs, identified “systematic and hidden biases” in technology funding: VCs hold clear stereotypes of successful CEOs (they call it pattern recognition, but in other industries they call it profiling or stereotyping.) John Doerr publicly stated that his most successful investments — and the no-brainer pattern for future investments — were in founders who were white, male, under 30, nerds, with no social life who dropped out of Harvard or Stanford.”

    My favorite quote: “My favorite description of an entrepreneur is a person who cannot handle the status quo and who wants to rearrange the world basically in their own vision.” In this sense, entrepreneurs are like writers who cannot help but write: they cannot help but “change the world.””


    VXXC Reply:


    ” wants to rearrange the world basically in their own vision.” In this sense, entrepreneurs are like writers who cannot help but write: they cannot help but “change the world.”


    Hey, at least DEC is reality based [gag]
    The female capacity to reason resembles the pyschopaths ability to feel empathy for victims. It’s probably the same weight in brain matter grams. They’re both faking it. The degree of success depends on conscientious discipline and taming, channeling of impulses. Women in tech are fakers . They rearrange the problem and wait for the end of the day to pass the problem, then a man fixes it. The feminist is the non-conscientious faker whose destructive impulses reveal the truth.

    Why is the miracle of life not enough? With all that men will do to protect you for it.


    VXXC Reply:

    “did not provide a cultural revolution, but only furthered inequality and reinforced traditional social stratification, demarcated by race, class, and gender.”

    Dear Ms Marcek, do you know what cultural revolution means? Oh and madam the Jury is far from out on whether it did or not.

    “did not provide a Holocaust, but only furthered inequality and reinforced traditional social stratification, demarcated by race, class, and gender.”

    you could have a lot of fun with this stuff.


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  • Contemplationist Says:

    I know a dozen or so ‘ancaps’ and none of them would shy away from whatever result anarcho-capitalism brings. The labels ‘market anarchist’ and ‘anarcho-capitalist’ might nominally mean the same thing, but have very connotations. The former is used by left-libertarians who follow Kropotkin, while the latter is used by Mises institute fans who prefer Rothbard. In short, left vs right rears up its head here as well.
    In short, political disagreement space is fractal.


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  • Alrenous Says:

    Breaking the rules is strictly more interesting than following the rules – e.g. fornication versus marriage. Reason forward from there. High church proggies are bored and they let it taint their politics.

    Of course nowadays fornication is boring too, so….


    Alrenous Reply:

    Hack Edit: above is @Spandrell.


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  • Alrenous Says:

    Obligatory Moldbug quote: “In fact, it’s basically impossible to combine a system in which agreements stay agreed with one in which equality stays equal.”

    The core of anarcho-capitalism is property rights. Agreements staying equal. Where’s the stable equilibrium? Most likely, it’s not below the barony or thereabouts. There’s only a couple differences between an anarcho-capitalist mayor-turned-baron and historical barons. The ancap baron will have bought the land, not robbed it, and anarcho-barons can’t have hereditary serfs. From the point of view of day-to-day life, the difference may well be invisible.

    I have no respect for reddit ancaps because they cannot and will never wrap their heads around this implication.

    That said, the fact that ancap morality guarantees exit is likely to have subtle knock-on effects.

    Put another way, ancap already exists in the form of the Amish. They obey the one objective rule: their members agree to the local rules at majority or thereabouts.


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  • Mark Citadel Says:

    Oh the horror!

    Hahaha. You’re already finished, you fools. Your whole vile little world of diversity and tolerance and democracy and secularism and equal distribution of wealth, is on its last legs. Its overthrow will not be through some joke party at the ballot box.

    Please, try to sound the alarm bells! Nobody is listening. You might have stopped up before, but its too late now.


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