The Islamic Vortex (Note-12)

Everything is proceeding as foreseen.

“They say all Sunnis are Daesh, but it isn’t true,” said former truck driver Jassem Nouri, 50. Nouri has spent the past two years living on a building site in the northeast of Salahuddin province; his home, in the Sunni village of Salman Beg, is just six miles away, but the Shiite militias that ejected the Islamic State from the area over two years ago have refused to allow any of the residents to return. Last year, his two sons, former university students, were detained by masked men in unmarked uniforms and accused of working with the Islamic State. Nouri insists that they are innocent, but he has not been able to secure their release. […] “The one thing that is breaking my heart is that my sons are in jail and I can’t prove their innocence,” he said. “If this government doesn’t change, there will never be security and stability in Iraq, just an endless blind revenge.”

No one has the slightest (realistic) idea what equilibrium would even look like. The Sunni-Shia war has no end short of utter exhaustion. For everyone else, staying mostly out of it — and keeping it out — has to be the basic principle of strategic wisdom.

ADDED: From The Economist — “Horrifyingly, although home to only 5% of the world’s population, in 2014 the Arab world accounted for 45% of the world’s terrorism, 68% of its battle-related deaths, 47% of its internally displaced and 58% of its refugees.”

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  • darkreformation101 Says:

    I think about this quite a bit.

    Awful from a humanity perspective.

    When it comes to strategy, however, well that depends.

    From a strategic perspective this is all rational. It is Lenin’s the worse it gets the better it will be principle. I believe these folks are out for world domination. It is pure Machevellian politics.

    Since this relevant I want to quote something I have been working on. It speaks to the concept of world domination.

    Pillar 8: The Cathedral

    “The Cathedral. The Polygon and the Modern Structure.

    Are all three the same, or is there a difference?

    Following Moldbug, we can say that the Cathedral proper consists of the educational institutions: the schools and universities; secondly, the mainstream media. Moldbug has very little to say, however, about A: the book publishing industry. B: Hollywood and C: popular culture. I think they can be considered part of the Cathedral, as they are in the “manufacturing consent” and values business. In short, the Cathedral can be thought of as the propaganda arm of the Modern Structure.

    The Polygon consists of the “civil service proper”; the judiciary; the Fed; the Banks; the political parties; the spin doctors, strategists, lobbyists and congressional staff; NGOs and Foundations such as Ford, Rockefella and Carnegie; the transnational corporations; the military, intelligence and security services and the defence industries and other, “big corporations”.

    The Modern Structure then is the Cathedral + the Polygon. However, what is largely missing from Moldbug’s analysis is the international element. So, the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the European Union, NATO and the Five Eyes Anglo intelligence community makes up the extended Modern Structure, perhaps we could call it the Global Structure:

    Clinton and Soros. And vote rigging.

    Essentially, it is the world built by the victors of World War 2. It is the Anglo-American (and Brahmin Jewish) world.

    It is the Protestant world.

    It is, above all, the progressive world.

    It is the Brahmin world.”

    Diabolical All. But perfectly rational from a Machiavellian perspective.


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  • Abelard Lindsey Says:

    Its all part and parcel of the Islamic “30 year” war that started in 2011. According to Spengler (you all know who he is), 30 year wars last 30 years because they are existential in nature and thus require that 2 generations of fighting age men slaughter each other in battle, thus requiring 30 years.

    This war has a long time to run before it is over, say around 2035-2040.


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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    Diversity never works, anywhere.

    The modern structure is mob rule (egalitarianism) which is actually individualism (everyone in the mob gets to do what they want without accountability).

    Any theory “deeper” than that has missed the point and become part of the problem.


    Wagner Reply:

    Diversity has one benefit at least:

    “I want to live among Muslims for a good long time, especially there where their faith is still strongest: so will my judgment and my eye for everything European be sharpened.” (Neetzsche, notebook)


    Archibald Ananandes Reply:

    >>Any theory “deeper” than that has missed the point and become part of the problem.<<

    astute observation.


    merkur Reply:

    There are two possibilities, Brett: either you don’t understand the meaning of the words you use, or you’re deliberately misusing them. One makes you an idiot, the other makes you a fraud. Don’t leave us in suspense!


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  • FromTheNewWorld Says:

    “For everyone else, staying mostly out of it — and keeping it out — has to be the basic principle of strategic wisdom.”

    I’d advocate fanning the flames instead. Turn the Near East into a Death Machine. ( Yes, the neocons had the right idea. But they were too half-assed in its implementation. ) It is not a basic principle, but it is a sensible one.


    Seth Largo Reply:

    Yes, let’s create endless refugee surges.


    FromTheNewWorld Reply:

    Most of the so-called “refugees” were not created by war, but by handouts.


    merkur Reply:

    Spoken like somebody who has spent literally no time trying to understand the drivers of the current refugee crisis!

    FromTheNewWorld Reply:

    There is no refugee crisis.

    merkur Reply:

    Clearly you value your ignorance too highly to be taken in by reality.

    Seth Largo Reply:

    I agree that most of the refugees are looking for hand-outs, but Western-backed war mongering creates a pretext for their gambit and provides a lot of rhetorical power for the left: “We started it, so we have to take them in.” It doesn’t matter if “them” come from outside the war zone, the war still serves an originating function for pro-refugee rhetoric. Take the West out of the war, you take a lot of rhetorical power from the left.

    D. Reply:

    The proper response to waves of fake “refugees” is to implement policies that are effective at keeping the fake refugees on the other side of the border of one’s country.


    merkur Reply:

    It’s an astonishing gift that you’ve been blessed with, to be able to tell who is a “fake” refugee solely by reading media reports. If only we had more people with your insight!

    Erik Reply:

    You don’t need to be able to tell which ones are fake to keep the fake ones out.

    D. Reply:

    “If only we had more people with your insight!”

    We already do.

    merkur Reply:

    “You don’t need to be able to tell which ones are fake to keep the fake ones out.”

    Ah yes, the bestest solution: assume all of them are “fake”, without having a clear idea of what “fake” means?

    (Or without having a clear idea of what a “refugee” is, but we’ll leave that one well alone!)

    merkur Reply:

    Watch out guys, this is a false flag to make all us mainstream white supremacists look bad.


    FromTheNewWorld Reply:

    Fuck off.


    merkur Reply:

    See? He’s trying to make us all look bad by pretending to be a monosyllabic abusive idiot!

    Stay strong, guys. All right-thinking people know that really we’re brave truth seekers.

    Contaminated NEET Reply:

    I hate to admit it, but this one is kind of funny. Have you been lurking here for long?


    merkur Reply:

    I have always been here.

    FromTheNewWorld Reply:

    Clearly, ‘always’ is not long enough.

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  • Uriel Alexis Says:

    I don’t think Russia is staying outside of it any much longer.
    Which, from a Atlantean (and Pacific?) view is pretty good.


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  • FromTheNewWorld Says:

    I’d also sic China and India against each other. The nice thing about big metropolitan centres, is they make for easy culling. You need a lot of nukes to kill 10 million people dispersed over 100,000 square kilometres (which gives you double the global population density average). Cram them into a city, and BAM! Just a couple will do.

    Cities have always been death sinks. People don’t seem to ever learn.


    FromTheNewWorld Reply:

    List of countries sorted by fragility to nuclear attacks.


    collen ryan Reply:

    First you have to get the Jews to see China and India as threats then they will figure out how to make them destroy each other.


    FromTheNewWorld Reply:

    Who says you need da jooz to start a war? Have you learned nothing? War is endemic to being. If you want more hints: use water as a shiv. Call it Operation Shiva. (Most gods are born in the Himalayas.)


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  • Hostem Populi Says:

    @ If you want to study monkeys, go to the monkey house, don’t bring them home to camp out in your living room.


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  • Kwisatz Haderach Says:

    I guess they can both lose!

    Related, from three years ago:

    I think that sense on this issue is seeping back in with the Trumpian ouster of neoconism.


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  • Wagner Says:


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  • darkreformation101 Says:

    Last night I had a nightmare. I rarely do, and I won’t go into the details. When I awoke, my mind was sharp and clear.

    I was thinking about what Peter Taylor wrote in Meta-Moldbug, and Moldbug himself. I was thinking about deeper implications and esoteric meanings.

    You see, under the formula of democracy we are all responsible. We are as guilty as Goring at Nuremberg.

    If the regime collapses, or something else occurs, we all get collectively dammed for it.

    Now, none of this really makes sense, except in one sense. If you agree with democracy, then you are implicated.

    Neo-reaction then could be seen as a way of acknowledging guilt, then expiating it.

    Futhermore, neoreaction takes the moral high ground by damming all and sundry. Neoreaction can have its cake and eat it. Preach non- interference in the affairs of other nations, but…..if you go to war then, as Napoleon said: “if you’re going to take Vienna, take Vienna.”

    If the Modern Structure collapses, then it becomes imperative that there is something worthy to replace it. This is Moldbug “eject button” his “surrender to the West” paradigm.

    Ideally, a Neoreaction power structure would buy out the middle level power structure, co-opt a sufficient number of wealthy elites and institute a “truth and reconciliation program.”

    In short, it is Caesar’s practice of clemency, but only after they submit and make recompense.

    As for Islam, before I even read Moldbug, I saw that the problem is one of authority. Chronic Caliphatelessness.

    A king and caliph could make a deal, two men with supreme authority (and power) to enforce such a deal.

    Strangely, the way the left and the Islamists are currently aligned, Neoreaction could turn that alliance by supporting the return and restoration of a caliphate.

    The deal would be rather simple, non-interference, plus a rather large repatriation of non-subscribing, non-productive muslims in the New Structure. Perhaps, as part of the deal, we could hand over Antony Blair and other war criminals for justice. Perhaps, even send of radical feminists as part of the package.


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