The Liberal Agony

I realize it’s very bad to be amused by this sort of thing … but still.

Walking miserably up the High Street I felt profoundly depressed at the state of the world. I could cheer myself with the thought that I’d learned something. I learned that Islam has yet another nasty meme-trick to offer – when you are offended put your hands over your ears and run away. This would be funny if it weren’t so serious. These bright, but ignorant, young people must be among the more enlightened of their contemporaries since their parents have been able and willing to send them on this course to learn something new. If even they cannot face dissent, or think for themselves, what hope is there for the rest? And what can I do?

‘Panic!’ would be the obvious answer, but we’re already well into that stage.

Can’t we (please!) be reasonable about this?


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  • Max Says:

    Stupid [lady] deserves what she and her progeny have got coming. Sand [gentlemen] ain’t exactly my idea of civilized, but watching them cut the heads off [same-sex preference individuals] and liberals is gonna make for some mighty fine entertainment.

    [Ed: some minor editing required]


    nyan_sandwich Reply:

    I hate to be that guy again, but the more common this kind of repulsive drivel is, the less interested I am in NRx. This isn’t just a safe space for people who feel a compelling need to be edgy and call each other faggots; that’s 4chan. We’re actually trying to maintain standards of discourse here.


    Max Reply:

    The reason you hate to be that guy is because you have a progbrain. Enforcing standards of decency and civility smells low-status, because obviously the right thing to do in situations like this is simply flee. Standing your ground and making low-class vaisyas such as the one I’m pretending to be gtfo is BENEATH you.

    As for me, well, my decision to freely throw around hatewords like “faggot” and “nigger” is 100% by design and intended to clear out any closeted leftist entryists who might be hanging around. I am absolutely confident that this isn’t how you see yourself, but the lingering attachment to THIS sort of status-seeking needs to stop.

    If you want someone to shut the fuck up, tell them to shut the fuck up. If you can’t make them, then shut the fuck up yourself. If you can think of a way to make someone else make them (either the admin or fedgov), then go for it. But for gnon’s sake, drop the passive-aggressive pansy act. It’s highly unbecoming.


    Wen Shuang Reply:

    Yeah. I’m with Nyan on this one. We don’t need two 4chans.

    admin Reply:

    Thanks. Seems obvious to me too.

    Aeroguy Reply:

    If anything nyan_sandwich and admin are too unhygienic with infectious memes like how they responded SINISTA who is just a variation on this classic troll tactic (admin’s new to dealing with trolls but nyan_sandwich should have known better than to egg him on). You’re absolutely right that status mongering is just ape behavior, but we are a society of apes so being aware of our environment is hardly irrational. For example, an investment banker who deals with perspective investors is going to have a fancy car because it makes him appear successful even though fancy cars are most every other circumstance wastes of money because their sole purpose is signaling wealth.

    Our goal here is to be serious thinkers with rigor so that we can uncover dark hidden truths. Our level of rigor isn’t what it should be but it’s something we’re working on. To maintain what rigor we do have requires that we distinguish ourselves from others with similar views and less rigor. Saying nigger and faggot has nothing to do with the level of rigor of someone’s thinking, however it isn’t part of the language typically used for rigorous thinking bur rather it’s strongly associated with less serious thinkers. Our project being academic in nature requires us to attract the most serious thinkers while keeping people who don’t appreciate rigor out. This isn’t an echo chamber, this place works best by holding one another to the highest standards possible, including appearances.

    If you have something substantive to say then you’ll find you’ll get more slack. Our goal here isn’t to alienate leftists, on the contrary, converting the ones capable of rigorous thinking to our side is an objective. So when you undermine one of our objectives without offering anything substantive don’t expect any sympathy when we run you out because you’re just being a pest. In contrast you can provide us with substantive comments and you will be welcomed. Admin is extremely lax, too lax IMO, so it’s not hard.

    MaxwellHouse Reply:


    You’re so rad bro, really. You’re status is the highest, rock on dude!

    Mark Yuray Reply:

    FWIW, I think Aeroguy get’s it right here. Nigger and faggot are slurs, meant to inflame. We’re not allergic to them, they’re just almost completely unnecessary.

    SanguineEmpiricist Reply:

    *Again*. This is not any way towards the path to success. NRx is not succumbing to the excesses of our vice. Whether or not Dawkin’s realizes his own crypto-calivinism cannot take much away from his esteem. People like him make it in any world.

    “Enforcing standards of decency and civility smells low-status, because obviously the right thing to do in situations like this is simply flee. Standing your ground and making low-class vaisyas such as the one I’m pretending to be gtfo is BENEATH you.” – Max

    Is this what you actually believe? Ah yes, you throwing around ‘nigger’ is a cold calculation to remove the closeted leftists that are around. Thank you esteemed colleague, now all that we have is you and your ghetto.


    SanguineEmpiricist Reply:

    the crypto-calvinists alike Dawkins* rather

    huitzilopochtli Reply:

    Remember when Moldbug used to drop n-bombs regularly? He never used them to refer to blacks, but still.


    Antisthenes Reply:

    200% [gentleman].


    Bryce Laliberte Reply:

    “Max” does make a fair point: it is in our interest to not give the least amount of pretense that we give a rat’s ass for appearing “high class” by refusing to call a savage a savage. That said, the problem with dark magic is rehabilitating corrupted memes is a costly endeavor. To my mind, there are actually instances for which “nigger” and “faggot” have perfect uses, the problem only being 1) those who tend to use these words don’t use them systematically and 2) those on the outside will, by associating us with those actually low class individuals, cause us to be flooded with those individuals who think they’ve found smart friends. I would feel no compunction in referring to a black individual who has committed some clearly barbaric act a “nigger”; that’s what the word came into use for. The problem is when the term is misinterpreted to apply to all black individuals regardless of individual traits, which is why the radioactive decay associated with the term makes it not worth handling and lends itself to cancer.

    The activity of rehabilitating language requires more than simply starting to use the words correctly; it requires postulating the theory of its use and augmenting it in reflection for the virtues and vices of its use. So, contra Max, there may be more disadvantage than utility to using those words, at least not without a substantial amount of development on how and when a barbarian may be rightly called a barbarian.


    VXXC Reply:

    While we’re rehabilitating language I would like some simpler words back.

    “Progress” for instance.

    Seriously it’s difficult to have an intelligent conversation at times without stopping. “Retarded” for instance doesn’t refer exclusively to unfortunate people. It could also refer to a process that’s retarding [warping] results. The wrong heat treatment of galvanized steel could be said to retarding the process.

    It might be said that Progress as a political phenomenon has retarded the language.

    I can’t find a non-PC naughty word definition of retarded online.


    fotrkd Reply:

    by refusing to call a savage a savage

    a black individual who has committed some clearly barbaric act a “nigger”; that’s what the word came into use for.

    Ay caramba… Sheesh kebab… the Cathedral don’t like you (Whitey) using nigger precisely because you might make the connection that you (Whitey) are one… Savage knew his shit there.


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  • Mark Yuray Says:

    I will note again that an aging woman with multicolored short hair, strange piercings, mixed-race grandchildren and a “vociferous” dedication to atheism would have been considered an oddity, horror, obscenity or degenerate in nearly every other age and place save the West of 2014.

    I will also note that fundamentalist Islamists have been considered a major threat in nearly every other age and place save the West of 2014.

    What times we live in.


    Funeral Mongoloid Reply:

    “I will note again that an aging woman with multicolored short hair, strange piercings, mixed-race grandchildren and a “vociferous” dedication to atheism would have been considered an oddity, horror, obscenity or degenerate in nearly every other age and place save the West of 2014.”

    In which case, thank you for the encore of this penetrating observation, which must have been so immensely beneficial to those who were on the receiving end of it the first time round.

    Admin! The screens!


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  • Chris B Says:

    Maybe it’s time for a “shirt and shoes” policy at Xenosystems –
    – no swearing
    – no slurs (racial or otherwise)

    And I thought one of the central points of NRx was to present a system to capture elites/ progs? This aspect seems to keep being deteriorated by WNs.


    admin Reply:

    Yes, thanks, I’d hoped that was already tacit. Every now and again a genuine witticism requires a transgression, and that’s OK, but we’re supposed to be demonstrating civilization, not promoting hooliganism.


    Chris B Reply:

    “I’d hoped that was already tacit” – some people have serious trouble with subtlety. Always the WN crowd.


    +5 Royal Stuart Wizard of Endarkenment Reply:

    @Chris B,

    “And I thought one of the central points of NRx was to present a system to capture elites/ progs? This aspect seems to keep being deteriorated by WNs.”

    Lulz. If what is stopping is you some jackasses on the internet from saying bad words, then you have a shit strategy for capturing elite mindspace.

    Please inform us all how you hope to do this without being a live-action role player who says stuff happens by magic (“WE JUST HAVE TO CREATE THE RIGHT MEMES BRO!”), and quoting buzzwords like 4GW. I want serious, concrete strategies and operations on how you hope to achieve this. Moldbug’s “do nothing,” and Land’s “exit,” aren’t grand strategic theories, nor are they tangible enough to do anything with at an operational, nor tactical level. Meanwhile, Cthulhu is busy slicing you guys up like Salamis, inch-by-inch till your whole wang is gone. Where are your sub-goals to capture elites? Where are your plans? Do these plans include prog pushback to stop you from capturing elites? Where are the comprehensive NrX analyses of elite culture, psychology, and decision making that makes them conducive to capture? How does your plans fit into the aforementioned analyses? Which elites are you targeting? Do you want to build a bulwark in a single country (a single Clausewitzian focal point, as it were)? Even without prog pushback, will other rival elites try stop you, and is that in your plan? What are progs and other elites plans, support, and command structures (not just in the vague, “LOL ITS THE CATHEDRAL BRO” sense)? Where is your command structure? What support, both communicative and logistical, do you have for your goals to capture elites? Can this support be sustained for months to years?

    Years ago the LessWrong community were called out on their bullshit by that dodgy astroturfing org “Give Well”. One actual side benefit of this was that lukeprog actually went about making monthly, to sometimes, weekly updates on how MIRI is achieving its goals, as well as what actions it is doing (while Yudkowsky can continue his poly sex cult on the side). Now, you don’t have to give public updates, as I think that’d be silly (even operating secretly won’t help you, see the recent role up of the Turkish deep state). But it is better than what you have now, which amounts to right wing tumblr blogging, “look at these leftist assholes, quick someone tweet this, but be nice about it, don’t use the word faggot otherwise progs will hate us. BTW here is my 30k word essay on speech acts and monarchy with a clever reference to Star Wars and My Little Pony.”

    Are there examples of people in NrX that aren’t, for lack of better term (with the added benefit of offending you) role playing, royalist fan fiction, faggots? I seriously cannot think of one, apart from Anissimov’s ridiculous innawoods plan.

    PS Nick’s retort to this is just going to be “you can’t do nuffin, nrx a good boy” because secretly he is a 5GW Deleuzian accelerationist who has captured the mindspace of a certain subset of online right wing ideologues and is playing you all like puppets. My advice? Don’t do what Nick “Nope” Land does.


    admin Reply:

    Haven’t you losers got enough online playgrounds already, without having to elbow into one of the few places where it’s possible to have an intelligent conversation?


    Max Reply:

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but if this doesn’t strike you as an intelligent conversation, it ain’t on account of me and mine. Have you read what Anonymous Conservative has to say about amygdala hijacking? If all it takes to send y’all into a swoon is a few magic words, well, that’s not exactly a sign of health or vigor.

    As an aside, if you imagine that any of what I’m saying is borne from hostility, you’re doing it wrong. I really LIKE admin and nyan_sandwich. I’m not trying to start a fight (except in the MIGROAGGRESSIONS!!! sense, I suppose); I’m trying to start a dialogue. If the conclusion of that dialogue is to be, “Avoid racial slurs; they are perceived as low-status by people we look up to (progressives),” then so be it. Like any good formalist, I just think we should make plain what’s going on here.

    Izak Reply:

    How are you seeing progressives as having a monopoly on “bad words”? Usually the upper-class Right has always been equally as genteel. Nick Land isn’t making an argument amenable to progs. He’s making a deliberately classist argument with the intention of flushing away the lower-class proles. I for one have no problems with this, because they’re god-awful at articulating themselves typically (cf Radix Journal comment board). The ones who aren’t usually respect the stance against unmitigated free speech.

    FYI I’ll gladly defend the ability for swearing, shitting, snorting trolls to terrorize prog message boards any day of the week. I just never talk to these people and don’t want to know them. Do you seriously think Enoch Powell would spend like 3 seconds with any of the skinheads who respect him? Answer the question.

    Aeroguy Reply:

    I wouldn’t be so quick to send this one off, he has some valid criticism. Not becoming a circlejerk echo chamber is just as important as maintaining decorum. Visitors from /pol/ ought to be mentored (while enforcing decorum) rather than thrown out if they demonstrate they could contribute something substantive.

    Visitor from /pol/,
    Understand NRx as a subculture of the wider dark enlightenment which we are both a part of. The majority of your criticism has to do with cat herding which can be leveled equally to any right wing group that given up on direct political reform. Issues with cat herding will persist until a formalized structure is created (and is a serious problem that you are not alone in bringing up). Until then any plans are limited to the individual who draws them up. Establishing decorum and a measure of respectability are prerequisites for the existence of such a formalized structure (It will likely be a wealthy sponsor that forms the nexus of such a structure allowing NRx to develop into a think tank). Be careful not to twist our intent for having decorum, read my earlier post in this thread.

    I see NRx as divorced from action but rather as establishing a philosophical foundation. To use the enlightenment as an analogy, it is Locke not Jefferson. You are absolutely right to be scathing in our lack of rigor while being very attentive about the appearances of word choice. The problem isn’t our policing of word choice but of not policing our content with the same vigor. In our defense though, the structure of blogging puts the dirty laundry of criticism and revision on full display. Formal books are few because they aren’t ready to be written, these blogs are rough drafts. The monarchists are a subgroup that I’m no more a part of than the theocratists, in fact I look at Moldbugian NeoCameralism in much the same way I see Lamarckian Evolution.

    I’m curious about your opposition to acceleration, I hope you don’t mean to say you think you can directly effect positive change at the voting booth, or else you are a waste of time. Also populism in all its forms is a pox. You give the common man a culture, not the government. The point of acceleration at the individual level is to make the frog jump out of the water rather than slowly cook, at the higher level it’s understanding that if you give the progs enough rope they’ll hang themselves with it. We’re under the noose of democracy either way, really it’s some extra rope so the state breaks it’s neck rather than slowly suffocates.

    Read through the comment sections here, it’s a paradise. I spend most of my time here constructively criticizing people, and they actually listen (Chris B in particular is good at listening), it’s wonderful. I can’t stand the twitter obsession and the egoism that seems to fuel it either but this is a nice place, lets keep it that way.

    Antisthenes Reply:

    Man, I don’t know what you think you’re doing, but you’ll never be NRx-popular like Bryce or nyan sandwich if you keep using that vulgar language.

    Frankly, you talk like a [same-sex preference individual], and your [excrement]’s all [differently-abled].

    *Lovecraft reference*, chuckle-snort.


    Hurlock Reply:

    who the fuck are you?
    another random poseur troll?
    go back to /pol/ please

    @admin – I think it’s time to stop playing around with these douchebags and just start dropping the banhammer left and right.


    Izak Reply:

    Just outta curiosity, why did you write that response as a haiku?

    Ghostlike Reply:

    Your trolling is pointed, so I will give you my own perspective. Eventually, 5-15 years down the road neoreaction is going to merge with transhumanism. The writing is on the wall to anyone with half a brain that this is going to happen as technology is the only thing that stands a fighting chance at arresting the decline of society even further into the toilet.

    Now I might hear you asking, isn’t transhumanism already doing fine on its own? No, it really is not. It is similarly rotten to the core as is the mainstream ideology it is attached to. Whenever the subject come to mind uploading on the Internet, it is always talked in the context of attaining immortality which is a wishy-washy feel good attitude that won’t get anyone anywhere. In reality, mind uploading should be considered only in the context of highly lethal self improvement (see Simulacrum) and nothing else.

    Now mind uploading is kind of farfeched but it serves as an example. Even before that we are going to have to deal with the fact that we are going to have the ability to modify values using actual mind control (here is the state of it currently.) This makes the process of thinking about values and reaching conclusions beforehand on what they should be much more vital than they would appear at first glance and that is going to change the social flow markedly. In the future, about ten years down the road, people are going to be offering you mental modifications and choosing the wrong ones could royally mess you up unless you think things through beforehand as to what sort of person you want to become. Blindness to nature in that environment will become lethal.

    To finish this, a few weeks ago, I asked my cousin who surprised me by coming out as gay whether he would change to being heterosexual if he could by using brain editing. He answered no without hesitation.

    I think that sort of thing will affect how people chose to modify themselves.


    Henry Dampier Reply:

    “Your trolling is pointed, so I will give you my own perspective. Eventually, 5-15 years down the road neoreaction is going to merge with transhumanism. The writing is on the wall to anyone with half a brain that this is going to happen as technology is the only thing that stands a fighting chance at arresting the decline of society even further into the toilet.”

    …So, are you a multi-billionaire venture capitalist? How do you know? It must be hard to make such precise predictions with only half of a brain, advised by only your gay cousin and some sci-fi novels. What’s your background in artificial intelligence?

    Ghostlike Reply:

    “…So, are you a multi-billionaire venture capitalist? How do you know? It must be hard to make such precise predictions with only half of a brain, advised by only your gay cousin and some sci-fi novels. What’s your background in artificial intelligence?”

    My wording was too harsh and I apologize.

    What I have said needs further elaboration. Our esteemed host here like the analogy of capitalism as a sentient entity. This can be extended to say that whole society is sentient or at least semi-sentient. If so the NRx and DE are definitely society’s pain senses.

    The cyclical nature of nations and history is not exactly that is a secret to anyone here and it seems obvious to me that really nobody in the great empires of the past really wanted them to decay and collapse in a pile of its own their own puke. I find it hard to believe that this was because there weren’t historical versions of today’s NRx in those times pointing out the flaws of society. The pain was not enough to prevent the Roman Empire for dying.

    The cause for the collapse are purely disgenic trends. The solution on the surface seems simple, make smart people breed more and make dumb people breed less, in other words, reverse the IQ shredder effect of modernity.

    Dark Enlightenment is more than capable of of analyzing and dissecting the problem, but it is hopeless at arresting it in its current incarnation. That is because politics will not be effective at stemming the tide.

    NRx has a huge problem which is exemplified by people like Max and that problem is not that he is using swear words or being rude in his discourse. The problem is that his response to the issues plaguing us is entirely, perfectly natural. It is primal and animalistic.

    It is also patently wrong, so smarter people on this blog take it upon themselves to rise above it and lead the discourse in an intelligent manner. There is a trap in this because that reaction, or more appropriately put, adaptation is also exactly wrong.

    The true, correct response is for the people reading NRx blogs is to suddenly be struck with the impulse to go out and have children and raise them well. This is the correct behavioral adaptation and I cannot even begin to imagine it happening in reality. I am willing to venture a guess that people reading and commenting on right wing blogs such as these have exactly the same fertility rate as the rest of the population.

    So what we can observe in the right wing sphere is simply picking at the wound (as +5 Royal Stuart Wizard of Endarkenment alludes to) hoping it will heal if enough care is given to it, if the pain impulse is made strong enough to provoke the right response and in the left wing sphere we can observe people acting as if they have pain asymbolia.

    I am not any different from you in that regard. Reading news on sites like these grips me with unease and the desire to do something, but it not filling me with the desire to go out and get married and have kids. Who would want to bring them into this sick, twisted society?

    Did anybody ever reading Moldbug’s essays have the correct behavioral response of increasing their own fertility? Rhetorical.

    That is the problem that neoreaction has and why it is destined to perish along with the society that spawned it.

    The technological solution to this however can be imagined. Its name is Desire Modification.

    I’ve done a sick amount of thinking on the subject and I’ve even written a story (the Torment arc) dedicated to it. I’ve fucked up very, very badly even though the story did not turn out that bad on the surface. My conclusion is a saddening one, that even in my imagination I do not have the ability to see through the eyes of those with the ability to change their own desires.

    Desire Modification is true free will.

    The full extent of that ability is likely only to be enjoyed by mind uploaded humans or AIs, but there might be more rudimentary forms of it in the future employable by ordinary humans. Say what you will about transcranial stimulation, but it is a rudimentary form of Desire Modification and they will be better kinds once the big brain projects finish. Desire Modification is the true answer to Stuart Wizard’s bemoaning of the movement’s lack of strategy and actionable tactics.

    Let’s go back to my gay cousin. Of course being gay is (objectively) wrong. Of course that changing the innate preference is the right choice for the individual to make.

    What I am saying is that you, me and all the people here are like my gay cousin, completely incapable of making the choice because that ability is not written into our genes.

    There needs to be a change in the flow of events.

    I follow tech sites for my daily dose of optimism. Every once in a while the news comes out about DARPA and the military experimenting with brain implants. Then the peanut gallery pipes up with allusions about military making emotionless killing machines out of humans and developing mind control. This is completely, utterly wrong.

    In the reality we live in, mind control really is free will because even if such technologies can be used to make slaves out of people, just think of what you could do if you could enslave yourself to yourself.

    All of those who consider themselves darkly enlightened should accept this red pill. It is the next step.

    Wen Shuang Reply:

    “Exit” or “do nothing” sound quite reasonable. Have fun with your revolution, troll.


    nydwracu Reply:

    One of the advantages progressivism has is that it can position itself as the only intelligent option. It’s had fifty years with no serious intellectual opposition known to anyone outside a philosophy department — and fifty years to bury what opposition used to exist.

    Locke had to come before Jefferson, and the function Locke performed is the easiest one to perform. All it takes is a Locke.


    Nyan Sandwich Reply:


    If you are also “implying implications”, send me an email at I want to chat about some stuff.


    Konkvistador Reply:

    Fuck that. I don’t want the kind of people who always swear but I don’t want an explicit rule against it either.


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  • Orthodox Says:

    Walking miserably up the High Street I felt profoundly depressed at the state of the world. I could cheer myself with the thought that I’d learned something. I learned that Feminsim has yet another nasty meme-trick to offer – when you are offended start crying and complain to authority. This would be funny if it weren’t so serious. These bright, but ignorant, young people must be among the more enlightened of their contemporaries since their parents have been able and willing to send them on this course to learn something new. If even they cannot face dissent, or think for themselves, what hope is there for the rest? And what can I do?


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  • Antisthenes Says:

    Beyond hilarious.


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  • TroperA Says:

    What can she do? Well, she could always go to a country where secular atheism is embraced, indeed, strongly encouraged by the forces of government. North Korea is nice this time of year…


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  • Konkvistador Says:

    I’ve ran across her several times in study and she has produced some interesting stuff. Still, this lady has always been my mental image of a pwned person, even before I fully understood what a pwned person even is.


    Antisthenes Reply:

    What does a pwned person look like?


    Konkvistador Reply:

    But this isn’t just her looks, though they certainly are evidence because all stereotypes are correct (not that one can’t also counter-signal).

    It is her entire wring career


    Antisthenes Reply:

    Fair enough. I was just wondering if pwnd had a more specific connotation while I wasn’t looking.

    It’s actually a little bit sad that she seems so earnest, like an unreconstructed feminist literature PhD or something.

    I’d find it much funnier if this happened to someone like Dan Savage, much more representative of Progism as a whole.


    Posted on August 20th, 2014 at 12:33 pm Reply | Quote
  • Konkvistador Says:

    Her lack of insight into her own experiences are staggering, it shines from the text that she is fundamentally shaken by their lack of belief in her own religion as much as they are in hers.


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  • Konkvistador Says:

    The irony of “how horrible they just walk away without engaging me!” from a hardcore Progressive is delicious and nourishing for my soul.


    Wen Shuang Reply:

    LOL, I agree. [breathless] “Don’t they want *voice*???”


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  • Funeral Mongoloid Says:

    You high IQ techno-apocalypticist socially-conservative types (spot the reductio ad absurdum) have worked out that Akaky Akakievich and SINISTA were the same troll, right?



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  • Izak Says:

    This essay is hilarious because it reminds me 100% exactly of talking to frustrated graduate student teacher assistants whose students don’t care about their crappy morals.


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  • Lesser Bull Says:

    An advocate for one set of wicked memeplexes is angry and sad that the advocates for other wicked memeplexes won’t listen to her propagandize her wicked memeplex and sophize theirs. Why is she angry and sad? Because her memeplex says they ought to let her propagandize them.

    Good gravy. At times like these, I almost understand our host’s anti-humanism.


    Alrenous Reply:

    Perfect summary.


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  • MLR Says:

    I was reading +5 Royal Stuart’s comment about what NRx’s “plans” are. I’m just a simple ESL teacher, but I have a “college prep” course where I teach English to pretty advanced students who are either interested in studying in English at a college/uni, or have and just want a challenge for their ESL. We have a few textbooks, and use TED here and there but … if you’ll excuse my French (*zing!*) I Red Pill the hell outta that shit.

    For instance, last week the writing hour was focused on “Practicing Exams.” Well, forget the goo-ey, mushy SAT stuff: one day I gave them a choice of exam prompts between an Evola quote on Marxism and Capitalism, and the ultimate Robert Filmer quote on democracy. Both quotes are followed by prompts that invite either agreement or disagreement, but insert a little detail so as to avoid 3rd grade civic pablum (‘cuz, really: yuck, who wants that all over their paper …?) I’ve received some absolutely fascinating replies (among the dregs) that have supplied quite the window into how the “conventional” mind from a broad (in fact, globe-spanning) sampling responds to some classic NRx Red Pills.

    There are further examples of using TheLastPsych to tear apart conventional wisdom in the reading class, and week-long discussions on democracy in the listening class.

    Perhaps there are folks in the community who’d be interested in seeing what a setting like this could accomplish in terms of its intelligence-gathering potential. “Real” “college” it ain’t, but it’s a nifty little lab, if I do say so myself…


    Alrenous Reply:

    It seems like an ESL course is one of the places you can actually learn a broad section of hobbit beliefs. I bet the contrast between it and the social consensus is pretty interesting.


    MLR Reply:

    In reply to this, and to the messages from below, here are two, with my comments in [editorial square brackets]. Both in response to the Evola quote “modern capitalism is just as subversive as Marxism. The materialistic view of life on which both systems are based is identical; both of their ideals are qualitatively identical, including the premises connected to a world the center of which is constituted of technology, science, production, “productivity,” and “consumption.” And as long as we only talk about economic classes, profit, salaries, and production, and as long as we believe that real human progress is determined by a particular system of distribution of wealth and goods, and that, generally speaking, human progress is measured by the degree of wealth or indigence — then we are not even close to what is essential”

    From A (Saudi, female, 20s, business owner and student) :

    Modern world and modern life is changing very fast, and day by day money take place of the most important thing in the minds of lots of people. Everything is based on money, people also used to say [common ESL mistake, she almost certainly means ‘are used to saying’ or ‘usually’] that the time is money, which means that you can spend your time earning more money. For many people the main aim is just to earn as much as they can, everyone dreams to be extremely rich, especially if we talk about power: the more money you have, the more powerful and influential you are.

    People are ready to accomplish bad dealings in order to make more money, and they alsmot forget about non-material values which used to be more sacred [keep in mind, the part of the quote they see does not include the Evolan ideas of organic, spiritual values] and important for many centuries. We should appreciate things which we can not buy at all. I’m talking about family, friends, relatives and their love and attitude to us, which doesn’t depend on money. They love us for no particular reason. We should be in harmony with ourselves and everything that surround us. Money do not make people happy, money usually spoil people and make them do awful things which they normally wouldn’t do if they were poor.

    I completely agree with Evola’s quote, modern capitalist world make us forget about what is really essential. We should decide now what is good for us. We must think about it untill [she means ‘before’ I suspect] it’s too late.

    From F (Turkish, 30s, programmer):

    We produce to consume and we consume to produce more, isn’t that ironic? It is like running in circles to catch our tails. But the sad part is to know that we will have established absolutely nothing when we will catch our tails. This is a game which is introduced by modern capitalism as well as by Marxism.

    No doubt, the game is a metaphor for our modern lifestyle. Commercials like “We consume, so we exist,” and “Increase your life quality by using the product X” are triggers in our subconsious, which we perceive as fear of not existing, and [instead] living an ‘equality’ life [he asked me what the opposite of ‘quality’ is, and I told him ‘equality’ – ha! great use, I had no idea he’d go this way except he should have changed it to an adjective. It is not even the product we are interested in; it is the lifestyle we are trying to reach [All very reminiscent of TLP, except I don’t know where he’d have read it this way, because he isn’t in my reading class …].

    [He ran out of time here]

    My take on all this:

    These are in no way presented as an analysis of any kind of NRx thought. Rather, taken out of the normally highly-charged politically combative environment of internet comment threads, it’s a study in how the mind wrestles with these concepts in the space of about 45 minutes in their second language. They are not pre-selecting my course based on interest in politics at all – quite the opposite, they look like deer-in-headlights when faced with the option of taking on Evola or Filmer. One of my problems that I want to re-design around is that I get about 5-6 Evola responses for every 1 Filmer (there was a young man from Cuba … will never forget his EPIC response … 18 and I would have thought he was brought up on Red Pills from kindergarten! … sadly I don’t have a copy)

    It’s my hope that this kind of insight might help NRx construct more effect ways to guide essential insights of the DE around common mental roadblocks people have. Some of the duds, while duds, can be categorized into “She saw an Evola quote, and took it to be an invitation to defend what she calls ‘socialism,’ as if that were a different, non-Marxist thing…” or “Money can’t by happiness” treacle. They, too, while heavier on the sippy-cup civics, are instructive as to how an “Hobbit” mind responds to a Red Pill. What causes such mis-fires? How can they be planned for and addressed?

    Ahem … I have to go wash the dishes now ^_^; Duty calls!


    MLR Reply:

    Dishes are done, time for another anecdote:

    This regards Y, from France. She started in my writing and reading classes. We had just finished TLP’s “You are the 98%” (with comprehension questions I developed that really help ME drill down into the meaning of the text, too!), when she told me in the writing class that she wanted to write a paper on a particular indigenous grassroots movement. “Great,” I said, “Let’s make sure we keep our eye on the legitimacy of sources after what we just read about how the media captures movements like OWS.” We dug, and I couldn’t have planned it this way: she was horrified (I sympathized as best I could!) to learn that the original, Native founders of the movement has been sidelined and badgered out, and that the main Internet link/platform for the movement was managed by a big, leftist PR firm. Fork. Stick. Done.

    Shortly after, she shifted her schedule to be in the listening class, and left the writing. Listening involves presentations on Friday. After weeks of grappling with one reactionary idea after another (she was ALWAYS upbeat and cheery, by the way, a real delight to banter back and forth with!), her final presentation was about “exciting, emerging, independent media for a new generation!” I watched her load up a video introducing these fine folks:

    “Wait! Do you see it!?” I chirped as the second frame of the video came on. She looked horrified and turned to the screen, “What’s the matter!? …. Oh … Oh no …” After 2 solid months of mainlining TLP and Red Pills, you’d better believe she saw it, alright: fancy coffee machine making fancy hipster coffee. “They’re selling the brand … not the product …” she sadly admitted. I gently told her she could continue, and she proceeded to present them with thoughtful circumspection, while adapting bravely to identify all the insidious imagery they used to sell the brand (the token minorities, the flabby non-threatening men, etc) and how democracy has an interest in managing the opinions of the public, and how insidious it is. It had been an interesting 2 months.

    She left the class a couple weeks ago, after around 2 months as a very active participant, thanking me, still insisting she was a “socialist” and that she “believed in democracy,” but clearly a less comfortably automatic believer.


    Alrenous Reply:

    Is this gold? It might be platinum. My intemperate gratitude.

    and day by day money take place of the most important thing in the minds of lots of people.

    Recognizing classic malignant means-ends reversal. Sadly, the limited human mind forgets the end when the means are complex enough to consume all attention. This is why I believe everyone needs a family philosopher the way they need a family doctor. I believe we used to automatically get such things – pastors, local authorities, that sort of thing. Obviously it’s no longer automatic, an therefore needs to be done on purpose. Not difficult once the problem is recognized.

    Overall, a fine demonstration that the average human can learn to think, but hobbits are taught to be gullible instead. Devastation of the human soul in the name of ‘progress.’

    I wouldn’t worry too much about a hobbit self-identifying as socialist and demotist. They’re surface antigens, displayed so the immune system doesn’t recognize them as foreign. It’s the substance that matters, and she obviously has virtuous substance.

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  • Kwisatz Haderach Says:


    I’m interested to read the chestnuts


    Antisthenes Reply:



    Lesser Bull Reply:

    Me too. I suspect everybody is.


    MLR Reply:

    Ask and ye shall: see above. 😀


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  • Alrenous Says:

    Repeating myself from twitter.
    Neon hillist three-step prescription for unpleasant interaction:

    1. Ask them to stop. (Explicitly – don’t bury it in implications.) Justifications optional.
    2. If they don’t, tolerate them if it’s worthwhile.
    3. If it’s not worthwhile, Exit.
    4. Don’t be a bitch about it.

    I will briefly violate 4 for examples. I Exited Wizard of Endarkenment’s comment fairly early. Max fails in a novel style, which sounds less approving than I feel.

    Admin, just don’t forget to think about whether your strategy is worthwhile. Don’t get trapped into putting up with it out of habit.

    A little more Neon Hillism: there’s no known objective measure that’s superior to personal taste on this issue. You might as well go with personal taste.

    This amused me:
    “You talk like a sexual minority, and your feces is all differently-abled.” Extrapolating, “This is the most differently-abled feces I’ve ever seen.” One day euphemism-treadmill types will get that it’s the referent that’s an insult, not random connotations.


    Antisthenes Reply:

    [Comment deleted for needless profanity – admin.]


    Alrenous Reply:

    I don’t disagree with your point, Antisthenes. I even think the Idiocracy quote doesn’t need to be edited. But the actual edit was funny.

    Note I’m being anti-4chan by looking at the positive rather than trying to tear everyone down.


    nydwracu Reply:

    I don’t know what Neon Hillism is, but that’s a brilliant name. (Imagining the mountains all becoming hyper-Switzerlands…)


    Alrenous Reply:

    Thanks. Hyper-Switzerlands would fit right into Neon Hillism.


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  • Brainwashing has no need for critical thinking | Philosophies of a Disenchanted Scholar Says:

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