The Management of Savagery

Is this strategic guide to Jihad by Abu Bakr Naji the equivalent of Mao Zedong’s On Guerrilla Warfare (link) for our time?

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  • The Electric Philosopher Says:

    From the Wiki article []:

    ‘Naji suggests that a long-lasting strategy of attrition will reveal fundamental weaknesses in the ability of superpowers to defeat committed jihadists.

    Management of Savagery argues that carrying out a campaign of constant violent attacks in Muslim states will eventually exhaust their ability and will to enforce their authority, and that as the writ of the state withers away, chaos—or “savagery”—will ensue. Jihadists can take advantage of this savagery to win popular support, or at least acquiescence, by implementing security, providing social services, and imposing Sharia. As these territories increase, they can become the nucleus of a new caliphate.’

    Though, in my humble opinion, what we’ve seen so much is not an inability to respond as it is an unwillingness to get caught up on yet another firestorm in the Middle East (which may amount to the same thing one level).


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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    In practice this was worse than ISIS. No one is safe even if they’re on your side.

    ISIS is a cleaner and more controlled, less chaotic and psychopathic version of the earlier AQI/D’aesh version 1.

    Probably because the B’aathists are now deep into the administration of it, and it was realized raping peoples children and cutting their heads off doesn’t win over hearts and minds – see the Sunni Awakening.

    This filth Bakr is believed dead.

    Also this is Mao on PCP/Bath Salts. Mao absolutely doesn’t advocate the management of savagery. He advocated walking through the people with the lightest footprint possible [regardless of inevitable heavy footed practice].

    Also Mao won with Conventional Armies and his guerrillas just managed to exist long enough to inherit surrendered Japanese munitions in 1945 along with the support of an unencumbered USSR.

    It’s still not widely known although Khrushchev spilled the beans in 1971 that at the point the French quit in 1954 the Viet Minh were on their last legs and ready to retreat into China. The loss of Dien Bien Phu was psychological not strategic. They were basically beaten and then suddenly the French quit.


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  • Mechanomica Says:

    For those disinclined to read the entire thing (although it’s very much worth the time spent), I’d recommend at least checking out the sections on the prophetic method.

    “The prophetic method in its essence is the universal method in establishing states… Moreover, one of the disgusting errors is that someone thinks that the prophetic way has a special order and principles that are independent of the order, principles, and laws of normal change among all humans. In this is a rebuttal to those who make the prophetic method a special method in establishing the state which none but the people of Islam know.

    “The universal path which rational people walk in building their states is in essence the prophetic path in establishing the Islamic state, because the state is an existing, universal thing and its name is given to a single thing that all people possess.”


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  • SVErshov Says:

    Mao’s concept has impressive modern implementation – maoist’s state within the state in India. it functioning very well and replaced completely government insitutions on large territory of 150 districts accros 4 states (west bengal, orissa, jarkhand, chattisgarh) with economy based on export of iron ore to China. Armed with wooden bowls and arrows, they blocked construction of Tata’s steel plant in west bengal and many sectors of Indian economy dependent on import of steel from China.

    american Fourth-generation warfare is very similar to maoism.


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  • John Hannon Says:

    So, apparently, they have such literal “miracle” weapons as “massive spiders which attacked the American troops in Iraq”…”mosquitos which bite and cause the skin to swell and collapse”… and, spookiest of all, “something like ghosts” which “the advanced weaponry of the Americans could not harm” fighting alongside them.
    Where’s Dr Who when you need him?


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