The NRx Presidency

Dateline, December 2016. (A modest extrapolation.)

Informed Neoconservative Opinion: So, NRx, you’ve finally done it. This is all on you. The electoral victory you were aiming for from the start is now in the bag. The reactionary populist uprising has succeeded. Enjoy your shiny new Neocameral State. We’ll be watching from our Canadian refuges, and smiling grimly as your authoritarian racial Utopia runs into the buffers of autarkic economic crisis. Then the public backlash will begin from a citizenry bowed in deep shame, but rediscovering their American virtues. It will be back to color revolution, and our neglected warnings will be once again appreciated. This was your one shot. Celebrate it while you can.

NRx: ??? [*Are they on drugs?*]

My tentative theory, at this point, is that NRx is comparatively good at conversing in Cathedralese, which makes it attractive as an easy one-stop destination for anyone wanting to rapidly fabricate a narrative about how things went so utterly to hell (supported by citations in an intelligible dialect). It’s not an explanation being advanced here with enormous confidence.

Confidence starts with the observation that the (crazed) analysis of Trump as an NRx Frankenstein Monster is setting like Flashlock™ emergency concrete filler in the disoriented mental models of the Fourth Estate. Much near-future surrealism is guaranteed.

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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    People want simple answers. “Civilizations decline when reality becomes optional” is apparently not simple enough, or contradicts a sacred illusion or three.


    R. Reply:

    The irony here is that progs believe they are the clear eyed ones. ‘Reality has a liberal bias’, they write unironically, only with a little sad smugness.


    Brett Stevens Reply:

    It is also convenient for them to lump together NRx, Alt-Right, the New Right and white Nationalism not just because they share some points in common, but because their strategy is to create Emmanuel Goldstein and then publicly blame him for the failure of all liberal plans and strategies.


    TheDividualist Reply:

    Yeah, but to some extent we lump ourselves already, because there is this Deep Right narrative to celebrate heresy, non-PCness, breaking taboos and free speech and all that. This is useful now, but I can see at some point it will become counter-productive to finding and spreading truth. As there will be an edgelord unPC signalling escapade with all the usual characteristics of signalling escapades.

    Oliver Cromwell Reply:

    It’s also just difficult to distinguish these. Not to say they’re not different, or even not very different, because they are, but you really have to go back to the source and read 1,000,000 words of Moldbug to understand NRx and a lot of his re-interpreters and commenters fade seamlessly into the other three.

    Frankly if you understand the difference between NRx and White Nationalism then you simply can’t be a Progressive by default, since you have to understand something about the genetics of personality and intelligence, which knowledge dynamites progressivism. Even if we win and NRx becomes a state ideology and converts 98% of the general public, that 2% of recusant progressives still won’t understand what is ruling them.

    TheDividualist Reply:

    Because they are used to dealing with cuckservatives and conservatives who are liberals 20 years behind. Those guys typically believe in liberal principles, they just say they were already accomplished:

    1) the economy is now fair and everybody can pull themselves up by their bootstraps if only they make the right decisions

    2) racism, sexism has ended, everybody is colorblind now

    That is roughly the cuckservative narrative and liberals are perfectly right to point out this is bullshit, this wasn’t actually accomplished.

    This is why all these “fairness” questions need proper Deep Right answers not conservative answers:

    1) poverty is largely genetic and no good life choice bootstrapping, nor welfare will really pull up the 80 IQ types, the only thing that would help them in the shorter run is strict military style schooling and similar public works, and in the longer run, free vasectomy and no child welfare to discourage reproduction

    2) racism and sexism will never end, perhaps, if we are “lucky” we can have antiwhite racism and antimale sexism, the total sum of it will not change

    I mean I think this is precisely why we have a Deep Right now, because mainstream conservative arguments were not simply wrong but in a sense ***even wronger than liberal ones***: people who want mosquitos to shit gold are crazy, but how much more crazy are people who claim mosquitos already shit gold? Because that is largely the cuckservative platform. Take a liberal platform and consider it already accomplished and celebrate all that colorblind economic bootstrap-yourself fairness.


    Brett Stevens Reply:

    That’s a good point. I find it interesting that the media plays out 1900-1920s tropes as if nothing has changed. Ideology freezes time.

    The Right fails whenever it becomes dictated by popularity. Popularity has its own agenda, which is the human agenda, which leans Left. It then self-destructs.

    As populist #nrx reaches its peak and readies for self-destruction, we will get a chance to see yet again what happens when the herd takes over.

    This is why many of us are so ardently pro-monarchist: without strong power in the hands of excellent people, everything fails, from lemonade stands through civilizations.

    Oliver Cromwell Reply:

    “2) racism and sexism will never end, perhaps, if we are “lucky” we can have antiwhite racism and antimale sexism, the total sum of it will not change”

    Not really true, we can get rid of racism and to some extent sexism by genetic engineering. Of course Progressives can’t understand that because to do so you need to understand 1) and if you understand 1) you are no longer a Progressive.

    Progressives correctly pointed out for instance that societies like 1980s Sweden that are 100% Nordic white do not have a whole lot of inequality or poverty. They incorrectly ascribed this to economic policies but there is no reason why we can’t move toward that in the US via eugenic policies that make the population more like a 100% Nordic population.

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  • Cristina Says:

    What about this? “Everything that’s born must die”


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  • Ananda H. Says:

    I love these whiny MSM articles that clearly carry the sting of shitlord twitter encounters.


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  • smg Says:

    You’ve attracted the eye of Sauron. Oops.


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  • Rec0nciler Says:

    Democracy Trumps on Internet 2.0. It’s not a new or local phenomenon. Obama’s meteoric rise was an early indicator, followed by the Tea Party and Sarah Palin. However spontaneously, color revolutions have been happening in dar-al-Islam and Eastern Europe for years now. Brahmins failed to anticipate a containment breach.

    “We can’t be beaten” they thought, “we have no intelligent opposition.”
    “We’ve just been beaten! Where is our intelligent opposition?!”


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  • Erebus Says:

    I have noticed that people who don’t know any better often call the alt-right “nRX”. They think that they’re being deep, or clever, or something… But all it shows is that they can’t be bothered to read a few essays. Sad.

    The best outcome for nRX would be:
    A) Sanders gets beaten by a narrow margin.
    B) Trump gets beaten by a narrow margin.
    …nothing could do more to discredit democracy, and lots of folks would be fighting mad. A good outcome thus.


    Brett Stevens Reply:

    Hmm. I’m hoping for a Sanders victory, followed by Russo-Chinese invasion of Europe, followed by a world war that ends with at least one Western capital a radioactive mess.

    This is the motto of the human species:

    It takes a tragedy.

    People will do nothing about a moribund system until there are heaps of bodies on the ground or the meal-ticket ends (as did in the Sovs).


    morkyz Reply:

    fuck it, im civic nationalist now


    Erebus Reply:

    A Clinton victory would be worse for America than a Sanders victory. Sanders would not be able to enact his agenda, whereas Hillary would surely be more… “effective.” She’s definitely the accelerationist candidate, as admin has pointed out. Things are certain to decline further if she holds the reins of power.

    One thing worth pointing out is that there is truly a great deal of acrimony between Clinton and Sanders supporters. If Clinton takes the nomination by a hair, it’ll be interesting to see how the other camp reacts — as it may even involve violence, or may involve the threat of a third-party run. The Democratic Underground forum, which has become interesting to read for the first time in its long history, is already split — and Sanders supporters are sounding the alarm about “a hell of a lot of dirty tricks coming from the establishment dems.”

    Another thing: Trump supporters, like Sanders supporters, heavily skew white, young, and male. Clinton has cast herself as the blacks-‘n-minorities candidate — the darling of the modern, progressive Democratic establishment. A Clinton victory would tell those young white males one thing in no uncertain terms: The age of the white male is over — this democratic system is no longer yours, and in fact the establishment sees no more use for you.
    …We’d earn a lot of converts.

    Of course the progressive establishment is fine with this. As Mr. Sailer put it: “If Bernie loses because he got his ass kicked by black voters doesn’t that automatically make him not the moral winner but the immoral loser? By definition, blacks represent morality. Hence, because blacks hate him, Bernie deserves to lose. Q.E.D.”

    I don’t think that we need a World War. Why wish destruction upon Europe? We just need the system to keep discrediting itself — to descend further into parody — to keep kowtowing to imbecilic minorities and irrelevant foreigners. A populist victory won’t achieve anything, whereas a Hillary victory would surely accelerate the collapse. (On a long enough timescale, this is inevitable. Trump can perhaps delay it for 10 or 20 years, but demography is destiny, and in a few decades the USA’s population centers are going to look like a disgusting pastiche of Mexico City.)

    When things get bad enough internally the productive elements of society will either fight back or find an opportunity for exit.


    Brett Stevens Reply:

    I’m hoping for a Sanders victory not just for the reasons above, but because he will surely plunge in the knife and cause a mass exodus — at least morally, emotionally and intellectually — from the idea of the United States and its (ugh) liberal democracy.

    mike Reply:

    “When things get bad enough internally the productive elements of society will either fight back or find an opportunity for exit.”

    You sure about that? Look at South Africa as many of the whites are still in denial.

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  • RxFerret Says:

    “Right-wing populist uprising is triggering me! Let me blame the right-wing anti-populists instead of admitting that it is the logical conclusion of my own positions!”


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  • Anon Says:

    Over 3,000 words of virtue signaling and unadulterated shitposting

    Noticed some interesting word choice here:

    >there is nothing aspirational or positive about Trump
    >aspirational or positive


    Gentile Ben Reply:

    “[B]uried in a cornfield of rage.”


    michael Reply:

    children of the corn


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  • Izak Says:

    Richard Spencer is also baffled by this connection.

    I can appreciate people discussing the “alt-right” as a very wide tent, but the points of focus are just bizarre. 4chan and Moldbug? That’s it? Why not start talking about the Black Hebrew Israelites, as well? I’d say they’re also alt-right. They’re certainly alternative, at any rate.

    Anyhow, the admin is asking, “But why?”

    Here’s the reason: journalists just copy other journalists like mindless little lemmings. Earlier on, Vox made a connection between Moldbug and the populist elements of the alt-right. The reason: earlier hit pieces had been done on Moldbug, and the Vox author wanted an excuse to link to those. He was slightly more circumspect (like it or not, the liberal media really is generally more competent and intelligent than the conservative media). The commentary guy copied Vox and made the same hasty connection, but he actually tried to find correspondences and connections, implying causality, making him look completely confused.

    I’m sure a bunch of NRx people are going, “No!! Don’t lump me in with them!!! Boooo!” and stomping their feet and folding their arms and pouting and everything, but I honestly hope it intensifies. More fun that way.


    Mark Yuray Reply:

    “Here’s the reason: journalists just copy other journalists like mindless little lemmings. ”


    I’ve seen dozens of these hack-jobs by now. This is how it goes:

    1. Begin with Trump. Preferably in the title. Nobody will read it otherwise.
    2. Name the alt-right. Use the words “neo-Nazi” and “white supremacist.”
    3. Name Moldbug. Note that he is a programmer.
    4. Name Nick Land. Note that he was at Warwick.
    5. Signal, signal and signal again.

    All those cocktail parties don’t leave a lot of time for original research.


    Brett Stevens Reply:

    I think it’s even more fundamental than that: if you’re writing a story, there either has to be a human interest with an ironic twist, or it has to be about a great fear. If you choose the great fear, you need a known great fear, which in our time is all crafted in the archetype of Adolf Hitler. Trump as a strong leader is the easiest one to pigeonhole as Hitler II and so, he’s gold to journalists.


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  • Ryan Says:

    Wow Nick, I can’t even imagine what would happen to my ego if I got to read articles like this about me. I would say don’t let it go to your head, but my gosh, I think you deserve to take a healthy amount of pride here.


    smg Reply:

    Both Nick and Yarvin are going to become targets. Nick is fortunate in location; I pity Yarvin because he’s located at ground zero.


    Cryptael Reply:

    Yarvin is still alive and not close to destitute. As is Dickinson. We probably fear our enemies overmuch, and thereby give them more power than they have rightfully taken.


    vxxc2014 Reply:


    These aren’t people to cower in fear before.

    Ryan Reply:

    Didn’t Buggy already write the treatise on how to force the Cathedral to forget you ever existed? Just refuse to apologize and they’ll sweep you under the rug I think was the plan.


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  • Mariani Says:

    I do my best to point at the distinctions between the alt-right and NRx whenever possible. It really tickles my autism when people go as far as Commentary did and conflate it with populism of all things.

    Like, how do they know of the term ‘neocameral’ without knowing that it’s the opposite of populism?


    Izak Reply:

    The article seems to be aware of how absurd the connection its making is, so the author sort of lazily acknowledges that Land and Yarvin are very hoity-toity and not into the masses, and then he sorta says, “But it’s sheer *misanthropy* that brings all of this together! That’s right! Misanthropy is what makes all of this come together into one cohesive whole! That’s what it is! Misanthropy, yeah!”

    I thought the Jews were supposed to be, like, smart or something.


    admin Reply:

    To be fair, that might be me over-egging the sarcasm pudding. Given that ‘Neocameralism’ is the best one-word synonym for NRx, though, it doesn’t seem to extravagantly misrepresent the confusion.


    Mariani Reply:

    Oh I get it, that’s not an actual quote


    Brett Stevens Reply:

    ….because instinctively they know that populism can infect anything….


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  • Alrenous Says:

    1. Is terrified.

    2. Notices NRx is terrifying.

    Conservation of mystery – two things are scary and political. Ergo, they must be related, as otherwise they would have to think harder.

    3. Must digest this into something respectable for their readers. (Readers are reliably dumber than the writer – hard to believe in this case, but true.)

    Their readers cannot possibly understand what’s actually going on.

    4. Word salad. But bias-flattering word salad.

    It doesn’t help that Twitter NRx is all like ‘hooray Trump!’ every so often. Next they’ll be blaming you for Putsch-tin.


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  • frank Says:

    [James Kirchick] : I need to write this article featuring Trump and racist twitter trolls. I also have been reading about this obscure online group of bloggers called NRx. I’ve spent the last 48 hours reading Moldbug and although I still don’t understand what he’s talking about, I need to submit something in about an hour. So I’ll just fill this article with the incoherent content resulting from my incompetent attempt to grasp what the hell this Moldbug guy is talking about. Here, wikipedia says that Nick Land is the other founder guy of NRx; so I’ll just gratuitously use top quotations from google with plausibly deniable interpretations… Oh, I was supposed to talk about Trump and racists as well. NRx is racist and Trump is a CEO. Did you know that Moldbug wants his state to be governed by CEOs? Trump confirmed NRx candidate, which is alt-rightist. [*Submit*]


    Mark Yuray Reply:

    Yep. This. This is how it goes.


    Ryan Reply:

    Now now Frank, to be treated with the same inept laziness as anything else is the Cathedral’s highest form of praise. An article like this is a sign the Cathedral intends to co-opt and assimilate NRx, not murder it.


    Posted on May 19th, 2016 at 8:44 pm Reply | Quote
  • Seth Largo Says:

    This beats the Tech Crunch article for sheer missing the point.


    Posted on May 19th, 2016 at 9:27 pm Reply | Quote
  • Hawk Spitui Says:

    Given that NRx is anti-democratic (at least it was the last time I poked my nose in to have a look), a democratic NRx victory would seem to be a contradiction in terms.

    At any rate, it appears Mr. Kirchick is fighting mad, and seriously ready to slap you to death with his hankie. Tread carefully.


    Posted on May 19th, 2016 at 9:38 pm Reply | Quote
  • Aristocles Invictvs Says:

    The misanthropy part is somewhat true, but irrelevant nevertheless. We certainly don’t want humanity to suffer, but see that it will nevertheless.


    Posted on May 19th, 2016 at 9:58 pm Reply | Quote
  • vxxc2014 Says:

    “For, “in order to make an impact on the political process, you need quantity. You need moronic, chanting hordes.”

    I told you.

    Congratulations Dr. Land. You’ve [We’ve?] arrived.



    Posted on May 19th, 2016 at 11:28 pm Reply | Quote
  • Grotesque Body Says:

    Apart from literally everything else about this that screams unfamiliarity with the alt-right, what tipped me off was the mis-spelling of Shlomo Shekelberg.


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  • Apothecary Says:

    Is it really so hard to see why people are conflating NRx with the Alt-right? We’ve got Ryan Landry and Nick B. Steves showing up as recurring guests on TheRightStuff radio. Social Matter’s homepage links to Radix, which also features contributions from Social Matter writers. Clearly there are a lot of people who are involved in both communities. I’m one of the heretics who considers NRx a part of the big tent Alt-right. Can’t NRx be it’s own thing and also vaguely Alt-right at the same time? Or should NRx just spend more time disavowing? Surely with enough disavowals the MSM will get it right.


    Grotesque Body Reply:

    As I’ve said before, NRx is the Alt-right’s chess club.


    Mike Reply:

    I was thinking much the same thing. NRx is definitely alternative (it’s explicitly anti-democratic, for starters) and it’s definitely right-wing, so the scope for confounding the two is obvious.


    Ryan Reply:

    Catholic missionaries in South America had the raw brain power necessary to understand the unique family structures of many of the tribes they encountered. But since their religion could see nothing but an abomination, the subtle differences just didn’t register.


    michael Reply:

    With infinite disavowals they will never “get it right”They got it right. Yarvin conflates correctly all of the enlightenment heirs and they understand they [ NRO neocons whatever] are as much in the DENRX sights as Soros. We might think about the fine grain; from their perspective its pretty clear thats less important than there immanent demise. I also think some around here are kidding themselves that theres an DENRX aprt from HBD and HBD with white supremacy, Yeah Im sure as in the higher argument you will sputter about the fine grain but it the broad stroke. It may not be the motivation but [until the AI robot revolution] its the practical manifestation.


    Posted on May 20th, 2016 at 4:47 am Reply | Quote
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  • michael Says:


    Yeah well if you didnt get from the beginning even unto the 6th degree of separation DENRXETAL would be boiled down to racist murderers is pretty stupid. Nrx says but i want all humans dead the left heres i dont hate blacks just niggers.


    Posted on May 21st, 2016 at 3:27 pm Reply | Quote
  • vxxc2014 Says:

    mike what is the ETAL on DENRXTAL ?


    michael Reply:

    Oh it seems theres too many iterations for me to keep track of or discern there diffs but should be included and might be offended by denrx. But theres the manosphere and the alt christian right, the eu right, the saiiers, derbs, buchanans, theres a bunch of scientists and scholars sailing dangerously close khan hsu etc, theres jay and hbdchick alfin etc who claim to be liberal lol, I think we could name other groups I find girl writes what and a few like her to be as heretical as any reactionary.
    Personally i think some here protest too much the alt reich I dont really see much diff until you get all the way to storm front, even then who gives a fuck they arent a threat and no enemies to the right and honestly they dont really lie about NAMs and are only half a fag on the jews who I like but cant defend…But hey id rather live in Vienna in 1900 than Gattaca in 2100. My point is when the left finally takes notice as they are beginning to they are not going to care that Jayman is a black liberal Hsu a chinese physicist or Straughn is a single mom candian prog,or MM a jew,they all threaten the project they all will be labeled racist sexist hater etc. Thinking otherwise is to think you could rationally convince the cathedral acolytes they will apologize for their gang rapist and those who murder their children. The elites who run them cant be convinced because they are on the verge of one world dominion and thats hard to beat.


    Posted on May 21st, 2016 at 5:31 pm Reply | Quote
  • Alan J. Perrick Says:

    It’s very shrill, isn’t it? The amalgam of feminine and alien allowed in the official politics being forced upon white Americans is very shrill.



    Posted on June 1st, 2016 at 5:31 am Reply | Quote
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