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There’s so much wrong with this it’s hard to know where to start:

Baltimore is burning as I write, the streets are filled with rioters and police. They don’t seem to be “clashing” much, however. Photographs show looters looting, and cops standing around. The black lady mayor of Baltimore, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake … made a statement that, in the interests of the demonstrators’ “free speech” rights, she had told the Baltimore PD to “give those who wished to destroy space to do that.”


Nothing says ‘free speech’ like torching a city to the ground. (Shouting “fire” in a crowded cinema might be irresponsible, but burning the cinema to the ground is political art.)

In Defense of Looting (seriously), from August last year.

David Simon politely asks everyone to “please stop”. Good luck with that.

Western civilization is so over.


ADDED: (Passed along without comment)

ADDED: “Baltimore’s violent protestors are right …” … “As a nation, we fail to comprehend Black political strategy in much the same way we fail to recognize the value of Black life. …”

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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    Riots benefit those in power. Suddenly people are much nicer to police and less likely to criticize them. And then they let the women and children vote and they always vote for appeasement. In both cases, more jobs, more money and more bureaucracy to keep the parasites in government employed.


    Zachariah Lavigne Reply:

    I agree with you Brett. Freedom of speech, burn the buildings down; freedom of press, broadcast it across the globe. Essentially the entire thing is like free advertising for Baltimore’s police department, and revenue generating rubbish for the slapdash puke we call American press. When it’s all said and done the people of Baltimore will be much more reliant upon the police to squash the bad guys, whoever they may be, and the narrative of cowboys and Indians will be perpetuated. The looting is really on the viewing audience; the press is praying up public opinion and galvanizing the masses over something that is essentially a non-issue.


    peter connor Reply:

    I’m really not sure why the People of Baltimore won’t simply move somewhere else….


    Chris B Reply:

    This is all very De jouvenel Brett. Central Power and people chimping out = Central power gaining more power. Just don’t fall into the trap of ascribing the mechanism to conscious design, they are merely riding a built in sociological mechanism of power and masses. Even if those in power now got burned along with the buildings, the power that arises after will gain in strength as a result of it. Different people, same game.


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  • Trash Space | Neoreactive Says:

    […] Trash Space […]

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  • Xavi' Says:

    Economically, this could only be feasible in a global construct, where finite, tangible materials could be applied and or consumed/replaced with a near infinite, essentially fictional monetary system. Yet we hear our enemies constantly grieve about resources, wastage and other forms of “signalling”. Morally and Philosophically we could much deeper into this terror, but there really is no need.


    Zachariah Lavigne Reply:

    Xavi you make a very interesting point. You see pictures of people stumbling out of the CVS engulfed in flames with toilet paper tucked under their arms; from a global construct perspective, the entire “riot” is nothing but a smoldering mound of generic brand TP, if even that. Clearly the loss here is not a monetary one; these are pop-up cardboard cutouts of burning buildings. I can only imagine that the demonstration was allowed to smolder for this long because it is generating some kind of revenue. The riot can only be a boon when there is nothing to lose.


    E. Antony Gray (@RiverC) Reply:

    Whether this is true or not (or a weird illusion of Keynesian-minded biz-owners) this attitude definitely exists.


    Scharlach Reply:

    I don’t know if Camden Yards is an exception, but in most Downtowns-That-Really-Need-To-Gentrify, businesses get a good deal of support from the city and/or county government, life-long tax breaks being the most obvious form, but also support for facade renovation and such. One can take a smug moral attitude about the destruction of one’s property when there is no connection between said property and one’s annual return.

    Thales Reply:

    @Scharlach, should we just go ahead and call this the “Broken Windows Policy”?

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  • ce Says:

    Then there is this:

    tl;dr local leftist baltimore newspaper journalists try to blame one of their own as an offender (a red head fat female journalist stealing a handbag from a rioter, you can’t make this up), to cover up the for the fact that basketball-americans were looting and trashing things.

    And the associated reddit:

    And 4chan thread (that has archived links in the comments that show proof that is was for real):


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  • Mai La Dreapta Says:

    Baltimore is the face of things to come. I hope you like race riots, because that’s what you’re going to get.


    Kgaard Reply:

    The real question is whether “that’s what you’re going to get” in HISPANIC America. Black America is already off limits so at some level it doesn’t matter that much what happens there. But Hispanics are much more integrated into the overall economy and living patterns now. I am still somewhat hopeful they will not descend to this level of insanity. Their blood is half Asian/half white (Latinos having walked over from Asia 12,000 years ago), so genetically, at least in theory, the rioting gene is not necessarily there. Though, that said, Indonesians can sure riot when the mood strikes. But overall they are fairly good at social structure.


    Phil Reply:

    Saying that Amerindians are Asian is sort of like saying that Arabs are White. There’s some relation but there are also differences.


    an inanimate aluminum tube Reply:

    Check out the crime stats in Central / South America.

    It’s not universally horrible but there are some countries that are quite competitive with Africa.


    Kgaard Reply:

    Peru seems like a pretty good place. Ditto Costa Rica. Colombia much better than in the past. Chile very good but probably going downhill thanks to lefty presidents.

    I’m starting to toy with the idea that you are better off in less developed countries because their societies will be less likely to be undermined by the IQ shredder effect. They are ALREADY built in a very low-intensity, durable way. A place like Costa Rica could absorb a lot of knocks because it’s built so low to the ground, so to speak.

    an inanimate aluminum tube Reply:

    Don’t know enough to comment on specific examples, but def. agree with your general point.

    Also, unless I’m reading something wrong*, the black American homicide victimization rate of 17.51 per 100,000** is worse than much of black africa.

    And of course that’s primarily black on black.

    * I keep thinking I have to be reading something wrong…
    ** 2011 violence policy center

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  • ce Says:

    From Salon (the non-parody Salon account): “Burning police cars and destroying private property is a legitimate political strategy”


    Zimriel Reply:

    @ce Anything is legitimate when it is not prosecuted. So, yes, under this regime, when the Clerisy decide to allow a riot, the riot is allowed.


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  • scientism Says:

    Apparently this is part of a long running ‘strategy’ of ignoring crime:


    Erebus Reply:

    Seems as though she’s the Anti-Giuliani. “Broken windows? No problem. Let’s just fudge the stats a bit and change the way incidents are logged and reported, so that it looks like crime is actually on the decline.”

    …This sort of thing is another argument against democracy. I’ve lost count of ’em by now.


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  • SanguineEmpiricist Says:

    Demographics distribution of america,


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  • Izak Says:

    The riots are obviously lousy, and the rioters and looters are ignorant and selfish fools. But the mayor wasn’t advocating riots. Granted, her quote was poorly worded (how can you “destroy space”? What does this even mean?), but she was obviously allowing for peaceful protest; that was her intent. Then, when the riots broke out, the cops tried to stop it. The situation is surreal enough without any unnecessary confusion added onto it.


    Jesse Reply:

    She didn’t say “destroy space” as a single phrase, it would be clearer with the punctuation “give those who wished to destroy, space to do that”. Other than that I agree with you, it’s pretty clear from the context of the “delicate balancing act” comment (and her comments condemning rioters elsewhere) that she was talking about the balance between a police clampdown and a more hands-off approach, and that by choosing the latter approach in order to give peaceful protesters more space to protest, she had inadvertently given the rioters more space to destroy as well.


    Izak Reply:

    Oh, my bad, hahaha.

    Both syntactic interpretations strike me as equally bizarre, to be honest. Since when has “destroy” been an intransitive verb? Did she mean to say “dissent” but then not bother to correct herself?

    I’m betting on that.


    Jesse Reply:

    It’s true that “destroy” is technically a transitive verb which should have an object, but I think here she was just using “to destroy” as a synonym for “to cause destruction”.

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  • The Word Says:

    “Cross-posted with permission from the blog “Radical Faggot”

    I wish I was making that up.


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  • The Word Says:

    @The Word

    I meant to reply to CE.


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  • NarrativeCollapse Says:

    Basically the “let’s provide a “SPACE” to allow people to blow off steam” is a philosophical failure as much as a POLITICAL FAILURE.

    It is impossible to re-enact the NARRATIVE ARC of “THE PURGE” on a SPATIAL LEVEL. You can’t put a literal LAND CAP on VIOLENCE. No.

    If you want to allow “THE PURGE” to be re-enacted you need to put a TIME-CAP on it. SUNDOWN to SUN-UP.

    Violence, if it is to be contained, must have a clear DURATIONAL POINT.

    Now, I’m not saying Baltimore is not the omega point of POLITICAL FAILURE, but truly, if the URBAN SOLUTION to MASS ACTS OF VIOLENCE is to allow a “PURGE” scenario, then they’re going about it the wrong way…


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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    Democracy? The West? What makes you think you’d defend a monarchy, a dictatorship, Bitcoin God, or Eastern Civilization?

    Trouble? Exit.

    Space? You need a powerful rich civilization to get there, and it’s hard work. Space will need defending as well.

    When you defend nothing you’ll fall to anyone.


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  • ce Says:

    Another great twitter cut from the left:

    “Better chaotic good than lawful evil.”


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  • SVErshov Says:

    @Kgaard even some small countries in Africa just magnifique.


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  • SVErshov Says:

    nobody is innocent in this sh.t


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