Trigger Happy


This is your brain on outrage. (You can pursue the links in for a while.)

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  • Trigger Happy | Neoreactive Says:

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  • Eternal Apparatchik Says:

    I would look at this differently: free will does not exist as is commonly imagined. The epistemological meanderings are beside the point, because the agency mechanism does not derive its output from the available information alone. I do however agree that such situations are properly classified as vices, not errors, because that properly identifies the inter-individual level at which the coupling failure occurs. Consequently, the factuality of the matter that triggers the disconnect is largely irrelevant, and the system might just be working as “intended”.


    Lucian of Samosata Reply:

    What agency mechanism?


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  • Postnietzschean Says:

    The one person who’s supposed to have taken the bait (Joyce Carol Oates) on closer inspection appears to be smart enough to be playing along.

    Thinking about it, doesn’t that make AoS’s article an example of what it’s trying to poke fun at? Po-faced overreaction to an obvious joke?


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  • Trigger Happy | Reaction Times Says:

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