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If, like this blog, you have been benighted enough to understand Internet trolls as abusive irritants, masters of disguise, satirists, or even amusing pets, you apparently need a good talking to. Farhad Manjoo writing in (surprise!) The New York Times has a lesson you need to hear. Trolling, it turns out, has a very simple explanation — it is exactly identical to a Political Incorrectness. To be a troll is in fact simply not being a progressive.

Citing Doctor Whitney Phillips, of Humboldt State University, and a troll expert (who has written a book on the subject), Manjoo illuminates the phenomenon unambiguously:

If there’s one thing the history of the Internet has taught us, it’s that trolls will be difficult to contain because they really reflect base human society in all its ugliness. Trolls find a way.

“It’s not a question of whether or not we’re winning the war on trolling, but whether we’re winning the war on misogyny, or racism, and ableism and all this other stuff,” Dr. Phillips said. “Trolling is just a symptom of those bigger problems.”

As with so very many other things, there’s no solution to trolling short of the absolute triumph of progressive across the whole of the earth. This is an argument crying out for an #AAA tag like no other I’ve ever seen. (I’d link the Twitter hashtag, but it’s deeply confusing.)

ADDED: It’s a jungle out there.

ADDED: I’ll throw in the T-shirt slogan here for free — Resistance is futile trolling

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  • Count Nothingface Says:

    The #AAA Twitter hashtag is “deeply confusing” as it should be.


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  • Fek Says:

    Bahaha! Rich stuff. Unfortunately, I’m a current student at Humboldt State and I can’t say I’m surprised. It’s an absolute hotbed for idiocy.

    Here’s Whitney on TED:


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  • Badda Being Says:

    “Philosophy is the art of trolling.” – Socrates


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  • scientism Says:

    The concept of trolling is everything progressives could ever hope for in terms of framing dissent in a negative way. They’ll use it as a platform to eliminate internet anonymity. The Cathedral flourishes in a centralised, mass media environment and the internet has weakened its grip. Seeing all these people get away with expressing their hate thoughts in public must really chafe. Claims that the internet can’t be controlled have been proved wrong in other countries, where real names, registration using a national ID, site black lists, banned search terms, etc, are common. I suspect they’ll try to gradually push similar reforms through on the back of trolling, hate speech, etc.

    A potential AAA tactic would be to start a campaign that explicitly calls for such measures and explicitly uses China as an example of what can be done to control the internet.


    spandrell Reply:

    Evangelical Christians against Hate Speech: Real name registration in the name of God!! We must do like China and control the internet! Think of the children! God commands us to forbid trolling.

    6 months later liberals rush to pass net neutrality and eternal freedom of speech in a constitutional amendment to spite those damn rednecks.


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  • Trolls Explained | Reaction Times Says:

    […] Source: Outside In […]

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  • Izak Says:

    The basic reality of Manjoo’s claims reveals a bit of a quandary: the intellectual right has never really come to terms with the simplistic, brash, vulgar, and no-nonsense ‘song of experience’ which the common man sings. This is also true for pretty much all of ‘low culture’ — pulp literature, comic books, pornography, professional wrestling, etc. — which reveals certain human drives and concerns that *ought* to be suppressed, refocused, adjusted for, or heavily mediated in any higher civilization, but also ought to be recognized as a basic part of the human constitution.

    When intellectual right-wing blogs bemoan the preponderance of trash in this society, they do so to the neglect of everything that such trash confirms about the intellectual rightist’s most fundamental assumptions about who we are as a species. The non-progressive internet trolls aren’t who they are because they’ve read blog articles from guys like Mencius Moldbug or Greg Johnson. They are who they are because they’ve A) had life experiences which have been B) buttressed by a steady diet of trash media (the natural enemy of all principled right-wingers) which has done its part to massage and crystallize their most basic observations. Example: all principled rightists ought to be against rape-porn, but that has been the ammunition which jaded 4channers have been using on the Jezebel comments sections lately.


    Aeroguy Reply:

    “all principled rightists ought to be against rape-porn”
    All of us in our many permutations?
    I thought slavery was allowed in our thought space as a potential right wing permutation with all it implies as possible. Universal notions of dignity seem awful close to human rights, worth discussing but far from being settled, especially since dignity is orthogonal to order and civilization.


    bbq beast Reply:

    >pulp literature, comic books, pornography, professional wrestling
    Except for porn I don’t see anything wrong here. Mind going into detail?


    Izak Reply:

    I just mean that it should be thought of as low, because it indulges in human vice rather than tries to get people to look toward higher things.

    I suppose my own personal definition of right-wing is that it recognizes human nature and then tries to get people to go beyond themselves.

    The advent of modernity had to do with theorizing on how political institutions ought to be based on an understanding of how things already are. A descriptive analysis of the world would be followed by a prescription based on the assumption: “we need to make a system based on how things already are naturally.” Locke never said “I’ve invented this thing called human rights,” he was basing it on what he thought he was seeing in nature.

    All of ‘low culture’ reveals the way people fundamentally are by exposing their appetites. Their appetites are completely incompatible with progressivism, which actually calls for extreme self-restraint if we are to correctly understand human nature. But progs don’t see it that way: they see it as being natural. Anti-racism is natural, pacifism is natural, it’s culture that makes racism and violence happen, don’tchaknow.


    bbq beast Reply:

    Ah yes, I think I understand.

    These human instincts/drives you talk about are to be cultivated (not given free reign), while the left wants to unshackle every basic human drive because it is natural, hence “good and normal”.

    Izak Reply:

    That’s right. But it seems like they do so at their own peril, because the more they do it, the more they reveal the contradictions of everything for which they stand.

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  • MLR Says:


    Yes, TheLastPsych had a great post about this – a real opus magnum on his part, which is saying something – that identifies the link between the desire to kill anonymity, and how women and consumer culture will drive it.


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  • MLR Says:


    Yes, TheLastPsych had a great post about this – a real opus magnum on his part, which is saying something – that identifies the link between the desire to kill anonymity, and how women and consumer culture will drive it.


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  • VXXC Says:

    There is a great disturbance in the Force. Progress has a new enemy, the Unintentional Reality Troll, within the very bowels of academe and Time Magazine.

    “St. Louis was ahead of other cities in the political progress African Americans made here in the 1960s”

    “Metrolink, St. Louis’s light rail system, completed its second line in 2006. It provided African Americans of East St. Louis, one of the poorest cities in the country, and of north St. Louis county much easier access to the St. Louis Galleria Mall and the central cultural corridor of the city, including the hip Delmar Loop district. Concurrently, the Galleria has since seen an astronomical increase in shoplifting, and there has also been an increase in general crime and hooliganism in the Delmar Loop. This has led many to think that the Metrolink, as it has crossed racial boundaries, has enabled African American teenaged crime.”

    “The current riot in Ferguson is largely a war between police and the young African Americans who think cops exist mostly to prevent African American from harming whites.”

    This is the most succinct definition of American Police work in the last 50 years

    Then he justifies the Massacre of the Mayor of Kirkwood and 4 others with polishing intellect feels crap. At least Al Qaeda admits it hates you.


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  • Chris B Says:

    Trolling is in essence a political act linked with refusal to engage in the dialectic. It’s a realization that public discourse is futile, dangerous, and utterly retarded and that all that is now left is to dump as much sewage as possible into the “muh feels” psyco lIberal society run on media bullsh*t 24/7.
    If we manage to align trolls with NRx explicitly, we would have fire on our hands.


    VXXC Reply:

    Yes exactly Mr. Chris B.


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  • An Athlete Dying Young Says:

    In the t-shirt slogan category:

    Gnon Trolling

    or: What is NRx in two words Alex?


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  • Antisthenes Says:

    Enoch Powell Did Nothing Wrong


    Wyrd Reply:

    Emerson, Lake, and (Enoch) Powell was the best progressive-..(checks decade)…I mean conservative-rock band in the world.


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  • Postnietzschean Says:

    Off-topic but interesting – the City of London as neocameral entity:

    (Note for non-Brits: the City of London refers only to the central business district of London itself).

    “The [City of London] corporation is an ancient, semi-alien entity lodged inside the British nation state; a “prehistoric monster which had mysteriously survived into the modern world”, as a 19th-century would-be City reformer put it. … Unlike any other local authority, however, individual people are not the only voters: businesses can vote, too. Blair’s reforms proposed to expand the business vote to about 32,000 and to give a say, based on the size of their workforce in the Square Mile, to international banks and other big players. Voting would reflect the wishes not of the City’s 300,000 workers, but of corporate managements. So Goldman Sachs and the People’s Bank of China would get to vote in what is arguably Britain’s most important local election.”

    “By the 1980s, the City was at the centre of a great, secretive financial web cast across the globe, each of whose sections – the individual havens – trapped passing money and business from nearby jurisdictions and fed them up to the City: just as a spider catches insects. So, a complex cross-border merger involving a US multinational might, say, route a lot of the transaction through Caribbean havens, whose British firms will then send much of the heavy lifting work, and profits, up to the City.

    The Crown dependencies of Jersey, Guern­sey and the Isle of Man, which focus heavily on European business, form the web’s inner ring. In the second quarter of 2009, Jersey alone provided £135bn in bank deposits upstreamed to the City. Jersey Finance, the tax haven’s promotional body, puts the relationship plainly: “Jersey is an extension of the City of London.”

    The next ring of the web contains the British overseas territories, such as the Cayman Islands and Bermuda. Like the Crown dependencies, they have governors appointed by the Queen and are controlled by Britain in myriad ways, but with enough distance to allow Britain to say “There is nothing we can do” when it suits.

    The web’s outer ring contains an assortment of havens, such as Mauritius in the Indian Ocean, Hong Kong and the Bahamas, which Britain does not control but which still feed billions in business to the City from around the world.”


    Postnietzschean Reply:

    On closer inspection, the “secretive financial web” is just Leftist fear-mongering, though it provides a handy list of Exit options.


    VXXC Reply:

    Our is Delaware of course.

    Which apparently has..The Delaware Chancery Court.

    Al Gore’s suit against Al-Jazeera has been sent there, they stiffed him $530 million. Hysterical. It also means that the Delaware Chancery Court will issue the final vote on the 2000 election. Gore himself it appears has no more juice. Arabs being Arabs they’re stiffing him, they perceive he can’t hurt them if they don’t pay up. Having already humiliated him by making it public.

    This by the way is the Arab Character at it’s worst, they have no reason to humiliate and cheat Gore other than they can. That’s who they are.

    But what is really interesting is the existence of Delaware Chancery Courts .

    Wonder if just found the Deep State’s Iron Bank?


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  • VXXC Says:

    Thank you Matt Drudge. All you saw was ALGORE and ALJAZEERA. but others can see…

    “Welcome to the Delaware Court of Chancery

    The Delaware Court of Chancery is widely recognized as the nation’s preeminent forum for the determination of disputes involving the internal affairs of the thousands upon thousands of Delaware corporations and other business entities through which a vast amount of the world’s commercial affairs is conducted. Its unique competence in and exposure to issues of business law are unmatched.

    Currently the Court, through a private vendor, has made docket information and pleadings available over the internet for civil actions filed in the Court of Chancery (See File and ServeXpress—Please note: There is a charge for using File and ServeXpress. The site is not maintained by the Delaware Court of Chancery and is the responsibility of File and ServeXpress.)”

    Well, I think that File and ServeXpress might be worth ROI. Hmm.

    City of London indeed, thanks for that as well. Hmmm. HMMM.


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  • Antisthenes Says:

    Trolling is Truth


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  • Wagner Says:

    “Trolls find a way.”



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  • Wagner Says:


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