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The notion that social order can survive in this kind of lunatic asylum is patently unrealistic.

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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    It has not survived. We are now deciding whether to go full third-world or fight back and try to claw our way back to first-world status.


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  • abcdefg Says:

    I’m hoping for a third summer of love. Some kind of hypermodernist rave revival. That’s the only thing that can possibly avert total and absolute catastrophe.


    John Hannon Reply:

    Get on one matey! –

    Yes, those were the days.


    colleen ryan c/o grace house Reply:

    This is why millennials hate booomers


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  • SilverSpeed Says:

    The next stage for this guy, and those like him, is taking an axe to his plumber, in order pre-emptively to protect himself from the plumber’s violently expressing his Trump support.

    You can talk yourself into believing anything, it would seem.


    collen ryan Reply:

    -No a Jew wont do that physically but youre right unless we are begging for our lives confessing our sins they all [non whites] fear us to the point they can justify anything. On the other hand even when we are submissive they also want us dead only a little more guiltily. There is no reasoning, theres no undoing this, this has been instilled over 100 years or more.Anyone whose ever tried to reason with a liberal about anything knows its a rabbit warren, nothing is agreed every premise disintegrates into another digression.
    There are only two way to handle this if one wishes to live or their children and civilization to live. Kill every last one of them burn every last leftist book and kill anyone for the next thousand years who utters a leftist thought. or at extreme risk kill the top 20% and reeducate the rest. This is why non nazis think the WNs are right even if theyre nuts. 99% of all the problems are solved with a white nation


    Wagner Reply:

    99% is an exaggeration but the point is taken. Would anyone (who is not gulag-worthy themselves) protest smart, right-wing Jews or Japs entering our ranks? This is what I think Admin is striving to combat. White homogeneity does not equal aristocracy. If a motherfucker has a turban who gives a shit, (in prole-ese). NRx should be composed of the best, it’s not a racialocracy it’s a meritocracy. Problem with Land is he over-exaggerates the merit of the Chinese, and, unwittingly, the Juice.


    colleen ryan c/o grace house Reply:

    I agreed with the multiculturalism meritocracy Idea as a libertarian, a ‘conservative”,a paleo, a comstitutionalist.I abandoned it when i found Gnon. While in theory it sounds great, thus its intransigence,I no longer believe it does not inevitably lead back to where we are now.
    Heres a few reasons.

    Much of its support assumed religious bonds, or proposition nationalist bonds could make up for the lack of genetic/cultural bonds.But this disintegrates from several angles. First Judaism is not some other type of Christianity, any more than Islam is. This Idea that religions are all pretty much the same, and religious people will form a supraculture is not true except superficially .This is exacerbated because faith is under pressure from reason and those still in the faith camp are either entryist moles for leftism, or those who believe religion is a form of Conservative reaction. The entryists are wreckers, while the orthodox are moving away from social cohesion, And while this might be ok for the Christians, assuming a DE civilization can incorporate Christianity, [ which Im doubtful christianity being such a cuck theology] for the non Christians it demands accommodation, cultural openess. Did you see that oxymoron?

    As for propositional nationalist bonds, what really we mean by this is a commitment to multiculturalism and tolerance, I dont see how this does not always lead to sitcoms about tranny eight year olds with ball gags as the gag line, and Mohamed occupying Paris. There is no way to police excess.This Idea that some king will do it is absurd. By definition the state is committed to multiculturalism and tolerance not the divine right of kings.Any king with true divine right would eventually conclude racial and social hierarchy.But this does not imply Nuremberg rallies either, a healthy organic ethnoculture is self regulating of excess anti social behavior, but a multiculture can not do this in the way it can not say what is pornography.

    Non whites who were Christian [again assuming christian compatibility which I do not], and non white who were atheist and conservative, would indeed prove less problematic from some perspectives. But like the non white orthodox still bring the germ of dissent only from another slant.They may be more insideous having a triangulating bond with white coreligious/copoliticals. While they may not have a militant religio/ethnic agenda they prevent a ethno national spirit to emerge.Thus they, despite being “conservative” and religiously neutral, by their mere presence prevent building social cohesion on ethnic grounds.They also cause other problems Ill deal with below,but from the reliogio/ ethnic perspective they are an open wound.

    Before proceeding Ill summarize;
    That DE teaches us culture and race are umbra and penumbra, And that Euro cult /race is a particularly vulnerable one being open, this openness served us well when expressed among our closely related fellow Europeans and before the world got so crowded. It is indeed a winning trait but one that must be used very judiciously in this day and age.Like many traits it was tied to a particular environment.

    Its really unlikely any religion can withstand a civilization based on reason,let alone DE which is a hyper cold reason cult. While its understandable that since many Christians are actually signaling tradition/ conservatism, people on the right from cuckserves, to neoreactionaries, want to recruit them, it a fools errand that always ends in tears and beheadings of either kings or martyrs. Im actually astounded NRX has this Religious trichotomy grafted with crazy glue on a movement founded on statistical analysis.

    Particularly impossible is Christianity, which is explicitly a cuck philosophy, and explicitly an irrational philosophy. While I am sentimentally attached to the Church,the fact remains as long as its allowed to propagate outside a museum it will be used by the left.

    Another reason the DE wants to salvage Christianity is it recognizes the need for socially cohesive meme archetypes, These systems get better with age.Casting about theres little that can replace multi thousand year old religions. Conservatives are certainly correct that religions do this job, but they also are known to conflict with state power its a needless risk for dubious reward.

    Race can not conflict with state power what is good for the race is good for the state, if the state is inteded to be good for the race. Now race is fraught, and need not be explicit, but culture is a proxy for race, and when nations are predominantly ethnic, nation too can be a proxy. NRX triggered by populism, should think about race/cult/nation/volk as a religion not a demotic engine.Its simply a biologically built in social glue, weak in euros so needing a bit of state encouragement. This has nothing to do with economic socialism but to do with triggering the people to work as a group.Humans triggered to work as a group follow hierarchy’s naturally.

    Ok lets address these bright hard working productive non whites you bring up. As it stands now, the lived reality is they are often entryists for their ethnic nations, some more overtly than others, some more consciously than others.

    It turns out to be quite difficult to get non Europeans to orient to proposition over race. The Chinese Jew African Amerindian and Islam empires expect supra ethno patriotism over mere propositional patriotism from their diaspora,and it resonates even with fairly assimilated non whites.

    This betrayal ranges from “hey the Americans can afford a little off the top for my peeps from the hood, mosque, kibbutz, republic,”, to “This propositions a sham I gots to get paid from these white mother fuckers” [see above post of tweet]
    In short its pretty rare to get the level of loyalty required from non co ethnics. This isn’t a little thing,eventually it coalesces systemically to china always having our latest technology a month or so from development in our university labs, or corporate R&D shops, The looting of our government treasure, secrets, etc by foreign/domestic lobbyists spies, the extractive economic practices and corporate strategies spearheaded by non ethnic elites who see “US” as a chump. Again there is no way to police this from a nation based on proposition multiculturalism. Cuckservatives have been fleeced and the nation looted because they can not resort to: what is good for the nation, only what is good for the proposition.

    Now this part is hard maybe not for you Wagner but most of us who are not WNs. Lets start with what is the meaning, the purpose. Admin seems to think its how many paper clips can be made. He cares not who makes them, if they serve any purpose, but only that they be made efficiently, in a perpetual motion machine. He seems to think the beauty of the sytem is the point of the universe. ( in fairness theres a lot of us geeks my self included who sympathize with this) Yet he seems not to grasp that beauty is a human construct rooted in and and a proxy for the utility and efficiency in service to humans. There is no beauty in AI perfection once we are gone, there is no utility in anything that does not serve us. No purpose. in fact his AI robot economy would not be supremely efficient, it would be an infinite waste of time. Lets dispense with that nonsense altogether and stipulate human well being is the point.

    Now we come to the humanists v racists, and this is fair question. Species over race?But the racists we are interested in are not acting in racial interest at the expense of species interest. They are simply trying to survive within the parameters nature has prescribed,And in obedience to Gnons directive to survive. They are stoic racists, they accept theirs may not be the race to survive; but theirs is not to reason why, theirs is but to do or die. For all we know, and it is permitted and encouraged to hope, all races may someday thrive together in biological equilibrium. Praise Gnon.

    When considering whether it is wise to wipe the other races off the planet because we think they must be about to do the same to us, we must also consider if we can safely continue detente and work towards an equilibrium.We are naturally in competition but we may be capable of finding solutions to eliminate this.Other races are after all plan B.We are in competition with all life in the universe but do not need today to wipe them off, only to keep them at a safe distance.In short Racism DE does not mean hatred only a realistic assessment of the threat, as long as things are abundant and look to be so for the foreseeable future a friendly rivalry is all that is called for. Even if things become dire either because resources change or our rivals become threatening hatred is not required, only a stoic duty to play our part to do our best to be the race that survives, while accepting that we do that to assure the best race wins if all races can not. To do less than our best is to do a disservice to nature and yes of course this disservice is a dis qualifier. Here too admin seems not get that niggers could conceivable win, if our higher IQs lead to a suicidal lack of will to power then IQ will prove not to be the highest trait, I would go out on a limb and say right here the will to survive/thrive is a much higher trait to intelligence. Its only recently one would have thought it might be necessary to make the instinct to survive more than a predeterminate. So lets stipulate ethno competition is not about hatred but about a stoic recognition that evolution requires we play the game or the game will crush us.

    So lets continue with the several problems with these elite yet conservative minorities you champion.. To start with generally they are sort of the inverse of the low IQ minorities. Beyond the problem they pose to building a cohesive civilization through ethno nation, they actually destroy us whether they mean to or not if they come to rule us. By us of course i mean euros as a discrete race of the species.

    Let me put one last nail in the coffin.The other races are not in danger of being subsumed, the east asians are clearly not going to allow themselves to be turned into some greenish multracial Anthony Burgess character.The Jews are attempting to survive as an ethnically distinct people, [more on them later] Africans Amerindians are not wanted so will remain distinct by default. I would not count them out though,numbers are important, the brown world, may not be a world i would want to live in but i wouldnt be living, if its to be a brown world. Arabs similarly are opting for tribalism.
    So lets be clear when admin is back on his meds and no longer dreaming of post humanism he’s thinking about a future race of cognitive elites that is either predominantly east Asian, they having digested the elite euros and jews; or they have let the browns destroy the euros and jews; or [and this would be interum most likely] the euros are now ruled by east asian/ jews/euro mongrels and the final showdown is still to come.
    In short admin envisions the browns being abandoned to starvation and death while either east asians rule as a super race or a cog elite emerges that is 90% east asian genetically and 100% east asian culturally.

    The thing is this cog elite theory will in effect be east asian, because east asians are not going to allow themselves to disappear, even if they eventually digest the other cog elites. Now this might be alright if you actually think east Asians are the greatest and euros are only so so. I admit a case can be made for this, however ultimately I dont buy it. Despite the slight IQ advantage I think euros, if ethnically organized without the white mans burden of brown useless eaters, without the entryists non whites undermining and betraying us, and with the cultural confidence possible in an ethno state, we would easily remain the top race.

    The practical outcome of this idea of a one world elite race is simply the leftist idea of kill the white man. Except i think those that support this from a left perceptive will be rudely awakened to the brutality of asians unencumbered by white arms.In short the choice is us or them and even if you actually think they deserve it its your duty to the species and Gnon to play the game to the end not concede at this point.

    This is inevitable if we dont re-form an ethno state. as its already happening, whites will be squeezed between slight advantages in IQ, and multiculturalism propositions, and end up ruled by east asians and jews. Maybe its happened.Who fucking cares that according to some system this is fair? Here we are back at systems for systems sakes. The systems are valuable to the extent they serve us, multiculturalism -meritocratic hybrids dont serve us they hamstring us, Cognition is not the only trait, A species must use everything not pick one trait and then design some social construct actually designed to destroy it and then see if it can still survive as if this is some unique honor to win with a hand tied behind ones back, its just madness. if jews and east asians are so smart and invaluable then enslave them until you can steal their smart genes.kidding point is we dont need them, which is not yet to say we couldnt use them carefully.
    Look the path we are on favors them both from the meritocracy and the equality.They are looting us, ruling us and using that power to infect us with nigger hordes while maintaining ethno states to retreat to. Hey I dont hate them its brilliant, and to the extent we allow it we deserve it, but the games not over.

    I say 99% because I think many problems we have [feminism, socialism, etc] are extremely difficult to sustain under ethnic organization, and conversly so much easier to eradicate under ethnic organization.
    Ponder for a moment what multiculturalism really cost us over the past 100 years.Welfare isn’t a 100th of it, our best and brightest work as apologists for it,we can not use the power of social cohesion either to police inefficiencies or foster collaboration. our greatest trait openness is numbed as we no longer trust or should trust. Our government is a make work project for muds.We have discarded the majority of our people with talent to make room for muds and non white elites. We train our enemies in our universities, export out technology. We allow our businesses to manufacture the products we develop over seas tax free, eschewing not only the corporate taxes but the payroll taxes while we pile up debt making up with welfare the low wages they pay to immigrants stateside, this is called capitalism, as is erecting regulatory barriers to protect the mega corps from competition, Then we let other corporations monetize our decline.
    We are china under colonialism, a nation perfectly capable yet who through accidents of history and inadequate foresight have allowed ourselves to be conquered. All the smoke and mirrors from admin to noam Chomsky is to distract us from this simple fact ,we are a conquered people, and the only sane response to being conquered is to rise up or commit suicide.

    But but but couldn’t we have a few Einsteins, Hsus, Rabid kek Khans, Sowells? Maybe , theoretically.
    But Im not sure you can get there from here, of course i have no idea how we get to ethno state from here anyway, i suppose its a race war of frustration and rage thing. And in that case how do you keep those guys safe during that, and we probably have way to many of them now anyway. And we might have to start out with fresh ones with a better attitude.
    But yes theoretically theres a number thats very small, of how many guest workers you can have without risking them organizing for power. And yes sure if thats secure there many benefits to that. It would be nice to find you can have even enough that ethnic restaurants and cultural exhibitions could thrive that would take much study, admin could probably tell us hoe the PRC keeps him in line.I think one of the biggest thing is that its clear your nation is your ethnic people its purpose is those peoples good not a proposition.Your peoples good is not necessarily other peoples harm. And certainly it has nothing to do with socialism as we understand it.
    The socialist impulse is a human trait as is the private property liberty impulse.There are ways to manage these without bad consequences. multiculturalism stretches the productive ability curve and encourages socialism, ethnic nations can much more easily shorten its left tail and lengthen its right, and squeeze all the potential out of its current citizens while engineering its future. With multiculturalism this is fraught.

    PS I am actually open to trying to salvage the jews. Heres why.
    Under certain scenarios its easier than getting rid of them, and possibly the only interim way to ratchet back to an semi ethno state. And once only jews remain they could be handled.They are half genetically digested Im not sure they can maintain a serious sense of difference much longer if we had the power we could make sure of that swiftly.They have some genetic material we could continue to use hybridized with our elites. Keep your enemies closer.They really are no less white than many white groups.But its all conditional on them being so thoroughly bred they can not identify themselves any longer, random invitro?

    Wagner Reply:

    Shit, collen, you a crazy ass nigga. I hope someone smarter than me treats one or two of the points you raise (Stevens, Erebus, Aeroguy, Taylor, frank, you’ve been summoned).

    Speaking of Gnon I think it is possible that the telos of the High Civilization is to open itself to dirt. Power NEEDS to expend itself somehow. It seems the debate is “raise up muds to white status” vs. “raise up whites to post-human status”. I hope it’s apparent by now that I am on the side of the latter, however, it strikes me as undeniable that both sides share the same underlying premise that race is something to be alchemized through deliberate will. I don’t think many of NRx, nor any of the alt-right, look down on our current planetary situation from the perspective of the Jewish aristocracy. Most squint up at IT and misinterpret its motivations; it’s at such a height it’s blurry: “dumb goy” is more of a reality than we’d like to admit. On the other hand a culture justifies itself by the great men (philosophers) it produces and the Jews (and not even to mention the fucking pathetic east asians) are quite wanting in this respect–Spinoza and Deleuze weren’t Ashkenazim iirc, so going by Erebus’s Argument from Achievement, the Jews when juxtaposed with whites, are dirt. We know Spinoza’s fate, he wasn’t a good Jew; self-hating Jews are an asset to us – it’s only a matter of sublimating this characteristic to our own ends. You suggest slavery of Jews and then laugh. I suggest this seriously (if we mean ideological slavery).

    You are right that in the current conundrum it’s prudent to ixnay on the arab-blood (literal grand) motherfuckers swarming in but I am positing the scifi hypothetical that IF we did not have the multicultural proposition we could incorporate brainy browns into our ranks quite seamlessly. It is implausible that we will overcome this proposition (funeral music) but IF we did, IF we proceeded from staunch White Supremacy, and raised our standards for who enters, we would see a lot of gooks and jews kowtowing in order to be part of us. Indeed, if whites somehow collectively took the realistic step of putting “Fuck Niggers, Niggers are Fucking Worthless” into our official legislative policy and juice and goox realized it’s they either cave and assimilate or be stuck with bootstrapping their deficient genes they’re gonna salute and climb aboard. We need to start being HARDER (which is a feature of ice that is marginalized). Trump is a step in this direction. We all feel at the pit of our sour, autistic stomachs that Trump is going to be met with a backlash. It’s only going to be back and forth ping-ponging between dolt-left and dolt-right forever unless a Dictator steps in (what was the euphemism Moldbug used for this figure? btw what happened to Dark Reformation, did he side with Reactionary Future or something?)

    Based on the current predicament I agree with you: non-whites=not good. If we manage to get over this hump (which despite the funeral music I am certain we will) we will have a phase of white homogeneity but eventually our *intrinsic superior openness* will start to itch and we’ll recruit the likes of Nassim Taleb and other swarthy shitlords of like merit (there aren’t many of them that I know of). We have to get our ducks in a row first, as our Christian baggage has bit us on the ass; thankfully the Bible/Euro-gene combo has also produced Nietzsche and Heidegger. It’s a matter of continuing our Occidental ethos beyond Cuckstainity THRU Cuckstainity: as Moldbug foresaw a decade ago, Open Letters to Open-Minded Progressives *are persuasive*. It’s part of our racial telos to become so open we become open even to closedness….

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  • SVErshov Says:

    universal truth, same in islam and in hinduism – when god want to panish some one he takes away his intelligence. I would be double carefull do not express any sentiments toward these kind of sufferes.


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Wise man.


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  • Peter A. Taylor Says:

    I don’t think this guy has any idea of the significance of “having one’s phenotype checked”. 🙂


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  • colleen ryan c/o grace house Says:


    Wag you make great points, Im not that intelligent, just old enough to have seen enough iterations to get the pattern.Most here wouldnt take me seriously because I am not a quant level,and i question the cult of MM. I like MM but as a starting point, not the last word.

    My joke about the jews as slaves was only to say, hey if they are indispensably smart, theres an alternative to being enslaved by them, enslave them.They are pretty smart, but they are small in number and seem incapable of building the infrastructure they need to thrive intellectually. So i dont see them as a threat as long as they are recognized as viscous competitors not kittens.
    I also was trying to make the point that despite La Griffe du lions maths I dont buy it, I think our greater numbers give us more raw intellectual firepower, when compounded with our other abilities such as the above, much much greater usable cognitive ability.Ironically like most of us i was much enamored with IQ, its potential and significance, and that was increased as the DE geared up, however I find myself increasingly thinking its fetishized out of proportion to its importance in the DE.This is one of the reasons i give the altright more credit than other NRX,I dont think cogelites can flourish outside a holistic civilization. Thats not to say they shouldn’t to some extent inform its decisions, and that the entire nation should not be working to raise cognition in aggregate. But that we need each other and those who dont recognize this on both sides of the curve are intellectually ill in a way thats destructive to us.

    There is no need to squint up at AZJews the most jenerous estimates has them only equal to us in the US and with little presence elsewhere.As I said I think we neglect and misdirect a large part of white ability presently. If a competitor simply wanted to get us to waste our talent as apologists the cathedral couldnt be better.
    Ethno states seem by nature to be more competitively focused and I think would optimize us. As I said i think it conceivable Jews could be subsumed into a white nation, and foreign workers could be allowed, if done carefully. The problem I have with brainy muds is several fold, first, once again cognition is not the only trait. There are many upper class neighborhoods that experience the Huxtable problem Dr Huxtables kids revert to the mean. Yesterday looking into the Moxley murder i concluded the niggers did it, I was astounded to find there were feral blacks from the bronx roaming greenwhich lusting for white pussy the night the Kennedy kid was sacrificed on the PC alter. Turns out basketball players had made inroads and their kids would bring slum niggers up for the festivities. My assumption is baseless admittedly, its just my lived experience of what types of kids rape and murder, I known street niggers, and I actually am well was back then, acquainted with the Kennedy kids of that generation. My bet is the niggers did it, But the point is smart browns once allowed into your nation have not as smart kids, and even if smart browns stabilized a high IQ sub population, you might end up with smart sociopaths, you might end up with them out breeding you,or breeding your women, you certainly will end up with them making alliances with every other “minority” to subvert you.

    Another thing I notice over the decades is whites seem to be so obsessed with other culture they neglect their own, its as if we became incapable of creating art as the other population increased, rather than other art being a refreshing respite, it seems to have replaced ours, of course this has a lot to do with the jew media.

    My thought is if foreigners were not allowed citizen ship or to hold culturally sensitive posts it would be manageable, of course this will trigger nazi nightmares, but its really no different from illegal foreign campaign contributions. What really seems missing from this entire diversity/immigration debate is why on earth would we want to take any level of risk? Are muds really so fascinating and talented we must have them?

    The reason Im so hard assed is I because of another bone i have to pick with the MM cult, i think people are the ultimate potential violence therefore owners, sovereigns. So demographics matter, yeah the gooks and kikes lol would kowtow for a while and then set about as they did 100 years ago subverting our youth to sympathize with just one tiny little finger in the ass, and then a decade later another, until 8 year old trannys with ball gags sitcoms again.In short the critical mass needed of others is very small. Leftism even socialism is self regulating within a homogeneous nation, worst case you get a economic collapse. But niggers weaponize it to existential proportions. You dont come back from demographic collapse. BTW I dont actually think niggers even, are worthless they are just bad for us when they live in our nations. Its worth mentioning again that if you actually care about other races its best to not siphon there best and force them to compete on out turf by our rules let them figure out a strategy on their turf that works for them. In this day and age we will not be bereft of Talebs wisdom if he has to live and work in Istanbul.
    Youre right to many the only choice they can see is make niggers equal or concentration camps but its a false choice. But its also a false choice here in reaction to believe most whites are no better than niggers,And use as evidence the populations from just after serfdom and just after leftism, while discounting any plans to optimize white population cognition.Its hubris. I know very few people with IQ over 130 who can survive outside a bubble built by their inferiors.


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  • Nick B. Steves Says:

    “If you voted for Trump, you are responsible for my neuroticism.”

    Hey, no prob!


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