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This is not — of course — conclusive. It would be a stretch to say that it isn’t suggestive. As far as practical politics are concerned, current leftist priorities look strikingly self-contradicting. Islamization or popular sovereignty — choose one (or less).

The essay at the attached link recommends re-education as a remedy, in an age when the dominant organs of opinion formation have collapsed into culture war and unprecedented illegitmacy. Good luck with that.

ADDED: On point.

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  • Rasputin Says:

    Extrapolating further – has anyone crunched the numbers to work out the projected years for “re-education” by bullet? Asking for a friend.


    Wagner Reply:


    Wagner Reply:

    Incave Antigones.


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  • Mason Masters Says:

    Presumably they’ve also never heard the term ‘re-education camp’, especially not in an ominous context.


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  • Post Alley Crackpot Says:

    Now waiting for the arrival of the “Re-Education and its Discontents” essay …

    No need for a full-length book — we don’t need Freud’s casting couch for this.


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  • Rasputin Says:

    The choice: Re-education by a) bullet b) noose c) gas chamber … it’s a free market!


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  • Orthodox Says:

    There’s research showing that people vote more right-wing when they are told whites will become a minority. The left cheers it on. Solve for election of 2020, 2024, etc.

    If the left thinks it can win by trying to downplay Muslim immigration and fertility, it is tacitly saying more Muslims is bad. Even though they think it’s bad because it’s bad for their electoral chances, the public will only hear more Muslims is bad, and they’ll hear the left saying it’s not really a problem, while the right says it is a big problem.

    Show people the 2040 or 2050 numbers and pictures of migrants rushing in, and leftists saying it’s racist to keep people out. Then show then the 4 billion Africans charts Steve Sailer posts. Show people the exponentially rising rate of terrorism as the Muslim population grows.


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  • Orthodox Says:

    That chart says at 16 to 20% Muslim, Europe will give right-wing parties total control of government.


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  • Rasputin Says:

    Left vs Right vs Islam … Scissors > Paper > Stone > Scissors …


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  • Dark Reformation101 Says:

    Here are some problems with the assumptions here.

    Assumption 1: can we trust the fertility data?

    Assumption 2: will fertility levels remain stable, decline, or accelerate?

    Assumption 3: Will Muslim immigration remain stable, be reversed or accelerate?

    Assumption 4: Conversion. Will native non-Muslim Europeans convert to Islam?

    Assumption 5: Known unknowns. Will Turkey, for example, come to conflict with Europe in the future?

    Assumption 6: Unknown Unknowns…….. Which we don’t know.

    More and more, I become increasingly angry at what can only be called scientism. By this, I mean the over reliance on numbers and assumptions about their veracity.

    To think rationally about this, one needs a broader base of knowledge and assumptions and questions: philosophy, history, military strategy and yes – even theology.

    15 years ago, my intuition was that the longer the war goes on, the more society will move to the right.

    A while back, I wrote this:

    ” Consider what Tomasky writes:

    “It was cracking good TV, but it was more—it hit home because they were describing one of the most important debates within liberalism of the last…10 years certainly, as pertains to Islam…..”

    Sam Harris said that liberals have failed on the topic of Islam. For fifteen years, he has encountered nothing but lies and obfuscation on the topic.

    After the election, David Frum said:

    “Liberalism and nationhood grew up together in the 19th century, mutually dependent. In the 21st century, they have grown apart—or more exactly, liberalism has recoiled from nationhood. The result has not been to abolish nationality, but to discredit liberalism.

    When liberals insist that only fascists will defend borders, then voters will hire fascists to do the job liberals won’t do. This weekend’s shameful chapter in the history of the United States is a reproach not only to Trump, although it is that too, but to the political culture that enabled him.”

    Nick Land rightly says that “No one’s listening, but historians will.”

    Over the years, as I tried to understand why the left were so obtuse over Islam, one of my hunches was that for liberals to admit the truth about Islam and everything that followed from that, then it would, step-by-step, mean the destruction of everything the left hold dear. Because once you admit you are wrong on one thing it is like the single lose thread getting pulled which rents the whole garment.

    I also knew, instinctively – and everything I have learned about systems, economics and politics confirms it – that the liberals, unintentionally, will bring about a perverse consequence – a Cobra effect.

    Donald Trump is a milk snake, but a Cobra could well be coming – though it is more likely to slither out from France or Germany rather than America or England. Bertrand De Jouvenel once quipped that: “the dark night of Fascism is always descending on America, but it only ever lands in Europe.”

    The population of Muslims in France is around 7 percent, with England not far behind.

    In twenty years, what will France and England be like with a population which is 20 percent Muslim?

    Look at France now: it has existed in a state of national emergency for well over a year.

    And then you have this:

    I, like most people in the West were taught history: the history of Weimer Germany.

    Do these liberals not realise that one of the reasons the Nazis came to power was that for millions of Germans it was a choice between the Nazis and the Communists”

    I also wrote this:

    “In 2015, I saw an invasion of Europe by Muslims — more than a million strong pour in, welcomed with open arms by the European elite. I see not women and children (though there are some), but young men, from as far away as Afghanistan and Eritrea – not refugees from war in Syria.

    And I knew what was coming.

    The results: mass sex attacks (and individual rapes), terrorism, rising social tension, and the inevitable growth of right-wing parties.

    I consider the future consequences. I look at the demographics of Europeans and compare them with Muslims. I consider what the sons of these immigrants will grow up to be. I consider the possibility of stalled growth, financial crashes along with robotics and automation putting millions of people out of work. I consider the basic, incompatible values of Islam and Western progressives. I know that attempts at “integration” regarding Muslims have failed, are failing and will — likely — fail. I understand the rage and resentment that Muslims feel growing up in a fundamentally different and hostile culture.

    By hostility, I do not mean hostility from the so-called right-wing but from progressives. It is their ignorance and indifference to Islam that is itself hostile. It is both their blithe indifference to the violent crimes that Muslims perpetrate and the fundamental threat they pose to life and liberty of just about everyone — including other Muslims. Finally, and most ironically, it is their glib assumption that not only will Muslims “integrate” — but that they must.

    To understand how monumentally stupid this is, consider the following. Imagine a pious Muslim father, who has no interest in either Jihad or forcing non-believers to accept Sharia, being told that one day his sons and daughters may grow-up to be gay, or lesbian; have multiple sexual partners outside of marriage; drink alcohol or indulge in drugs; become an atheist or even convert to Christianity — or marry a Jew. Now, imagine, the final assumption (really both a wish and a command), spoken with absolute self-assurance, that not only is this “tolerable” but that it is good, even desirable — indeed, necessary.

    If you believe — truly believe — in God, an afterlife with heaven and hell in which unbelievers and sinners are punished, the possibility that your children will grow up to be unbelievers and sinners is the worst possible thing you can imagine. Indeed, the threat of this becoming real is more ethically serious than if someone was actually threatening to kill your children — because the afterlife is forever — and ever.

    Even without the assumption of the afterlife and immortal souls, this basic difference in values is the primary ingredient of potential conflict. Indeed, it already is a factor today. Again, here we see a Thucydidean trap: this time with a rising and resentful group of people — Muslims — and a declining, and increasingly fearful and angry group of people — Europeans.

    I see change, I see big changes coming — but I see very little grounds for hope.

    If you believe in progress, if you call yourself a progressive, if you value equality, liberty and fraternity, tolerance and the peaceful mixing of cultures, do you not, even a little, consider that the practices of England, France and America over decades, may well result in the exact opposite of those things?

    History is philosophy teaching by example. From history, we have many great and noble experiments and campaigns for “justice” producing nothing but horror.

    Martin Luther, who got the first Reformation going, grew to fear and loathe what he started. The French revolutionaries brought about the reign of terror. The Russian revolutionaries brought about mass death, gulags and famine. The Nazi experiment — the will to “create mankind anew” — brought about the very opposite of their goals: conquered by both liberal democrats (ouch) and Communists. The Chinese Communists, under Mao, ended in hunger, poverty and death. The neoconservative movement — militant progressives — pushed Iraq into sectarian slaughter and chaos. The democratic uprising of the Arab spring, brought about the very opposite of their aspirations — except, so far, for Tunisia, but even there, to quote Zhou En Lai: “it is too early to tell.”

    In reality, however, the Islamic invasion was allowed by the political elite; allowed not for humanitarian motives – but for reasons of power; to control their own society, and to use Muslims as a vote bank.

    And that, in my view, renders virtually all western governments illegitimate. Thomas Hobbes argued, and I have always agreed with this, that one’s obedience and allegiance to the sovereign power is justified only so long as it protects your life, liberty and property. Since western governments have not only failed but wilfully abandoned that basic premise, then I see them as as tyrannical.

    That is how I became a reactionary.”


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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    Sam Huntington called it: liberal democracy, once given enough power, failed; it has been replaced by raw tribalism.


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  • Dark Reformation101 Says:

    Spandrell has a very good post that speaks to my fourth assumption.


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  • RJL Says:

    Tangential, but related for formalism:
    “the resemblances between Trump and Berlusconi run deep, and in both cases the appeal derives from popular cynicism more than credulity. The voters have come to understand that the big banks, along with investment companies like Goldman Sachs and transnational corporations, are sovereignties as powerful as states and in some cases more powerful. By vesting a billionaire with extraordinary power, therefore, the voters are going straight to the relevant authority and cutting out the middle man – the politician.” David Bromwich, LRB


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  • Mike in Boston Says:

    That chart says at 16 to 20% Muslim, Europe will give right-wing parties total control of government.

    Maybe Peter Hammond gets the proportions right:

    When Muslims approach 10% of the population, they tend to increase lawlessness as a means of complaint about their conditions […] After reaching 20%, nations can expect hair-trigger rioting, jihad militia formations, sporadic killings, and the burnings of Christian churches and Jewish synagogues.


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  • collen ryan Says:

    @Mike in Boston this is how whites need to start acting


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  • collen ryan Says:


    I have calculated we could deport all non whites within a year with our commercial airplanes paying them full price and costing less than welfare that year.


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  • collen ryan Says:


    war between tribes and races is called tribe race war

    liberal democracy in a multicultural nation is raw tribalism raw tribal race war proxy. get rid of the tribe and other races it becomes liberal democracy again.


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  • Butler Says:

    Get your shit together Spain.
    I’d be intrigued to know why it bucks the trend. Franco-phobia still running rife?


    Seth Largo Reply:

    That and, as I’ve said before, Spain has a cultural memory of being ruled by Muslims when it was cool. The caliphate left behind some beautiful architecture, lots of commentaries on the Greek classics, and an indelible stamp on the language (whenever you here “al” in a Spanish word, it’s a Spanish word with an Arabic origin).


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  • Goth Eiríksson Says:

    » The author starts from a statement: psychoanalysis with children is a Chinese. But not because it is a difficult task, complex or unrealizable, but because it proceeds through the main resource that Chinese culture arranged to make sense: the rodeo. In both clinical encounters with an analyzer-child, and in interviews with parents and relatives, the analyst intervenes through bias, influence and availability (key ideas of Chinese philosophy) to favor analytical effects. Far from the frontal attack on the symptom, the analyst who does not recede before the children is obliquely oblique. »


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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    It’s all a replay of the conquest of Anatolia. Small nomadic raiding bands exacting Tribute [welfare] then robbing, raping anyway. That it takes time is also the historical norm.

    The real Demon is the Turks. Always has been. The Arabs could have never taken Byzantium. They didn’t hold Syria.

    Turks aren’t moderate. They’re patient.

    No True Turk refuses conquest.

    Turks are excited by conquest.

    I like Turks BTW. That’s another matter.


    Goth Eiríksson Reply:

    Between 3% and 30% of Turkish college students believe honor killings are normal. Source:

    16% of Turks support suicide bombings. Source:

    20% of Turks believe that the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists “got what they deserved” for insulting Islam. Source:


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  • Wagner Says:

    Land, I give to you a contradiction you will not face, tied up with a bow:

    The Germans and white monkeys in general exclaim “MY FAMILY!!!~~!~!!@@!!!!”

    You, also, exclaim “MY FAMILY!!!~~!~!!@@!!!!”



    collen ryan Reply:

    There are lots of contradictions, what sort of conservatism conserves nothing but peace at any price including one peoples and civilization, seriously what on earth do they imagine they are conserving? Themselves. They like DAVOS imagine they can transcend the fate of the rest of us.Not our great grandfathers conservatism of duty honor sacrifice courage.

    Carlyle, where to begin, anti industrialist? Cromwell admirer? or autist race realist failing to see satire in modest proposals?At least Carlyle was willing to own his racial supremacism.

    Puritans as techno futurist capital accelerationists? Exiters? Hajinals? Who seriously believes puritains have more to do with liberalism than judaism? All christianity is a jewish sect Hello. eartly puritains have no problems with monarchy patriarchy slavery etc its ironically capitalism that begins to change them-just saying thats what happened.

    We could write tomes on what moldbuggerers choose not to notice, Modbuggery is a cult of beta cowards typical of the genre- revenge of the nerd. The beta nerd is imagined to have special and occult power/ knowledge that excuses his apparent status but fate will redeem him.

    Its worth noting that while NRX took up HBD and used it as a springboard, it certainly didnt pioneer it, and has since done its utmost to minimize it. But HBD is the lynchpin, HBD is what unequivocally crushes racial and gender egalitarianism and the concept of multiculturalism. It lays bare that we are under attack and that the only modest solution is ethno nation states and detante, failing that we must eradicate the others or be eradicated by them.There is only one rational response to the type of attack we are under -war. Since we are almost subjugated not a moment can be wasted, no method is too severe, and no mistake can be made. A FUCKING MORON UNDERSTANDS THIS BUT NOT THOSE WITH COMIC BOOK COLLECTIONS AND 160 IQs. How we fight can be debated, if said nerds actually can build robot armies, Now would be the time. If not admit that and tell us what you can contribute, can you hack the NSA and prive 9/11 was an inside job? Can you release DIY mildrones on the web? Can you prevent the web from being controlled? At least the fucking neckbeards channers can build memes. You want to release ani democracy memes, then they need to be weaponized, we are not actually going to have a monarchy we are not giving an inch of territory,so design stuff that can be used now. we need a hitler find a way to get a hitler in power.We neednt have ovens this time jumbo jets can clean the place out within a year


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  • Goth Eiríksson Says:

    700 “Hate”facts.

    62% of Palestinians support the use of suicide bombings. Source:
    One in four Palestinians approves of attacks on US civilians in America. Source:
    Muslim countries produce so few patents that their contributions worldwide are “invisible”. Source:
    Muslim nations spend 1/7 as much of their GDP on R&D as the rest of the world. Source:
    Every Muslim nation produces less scientific research than the world average. Source:
    In the United Kingdom, there may be as many as 1 million victims of Muslim rapists. Source:
    Immigrants to Denmark are twice as likely as native Danes to commit violent crime. Source:
    64% of children born to Arabs in Copenhagen are not “functionally literate”. Source:
    Immigration to Denmark has on net cost billions of dollars. Source:
    Because of inbreeding, children of Muslim immigrants to Denmark are three times more likely to be intellectually disabled than native Danes. Source:


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