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This cuts (at least) two ways.

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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    And thus the problem of National Socialism is also revealed…


    Henk Reply:

    Yet neither historical National Socialism nor contemporary Antifa/Liberals/Progressives ever propose anything that could substantially harm industrial capital. They’re just monkey-fighting about who gets selected into capital’s Willing Executioner class. Is NRx any different?


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  • SVErshov Says:

    no bedfellow is a strange enough in times of randomness.


    Erebus Reply:

    That’s true, and these are strange days indeed. Yet the point in this particular case is that they’re not strange bedfellows at all, I think.

    Still, that [apparently misattributed] Hitler quote was relatively innocuous. Remove the “we are determined to destroy” part, and it could, perhaps, have been uttered by the likes of Elizabeth Warren; it could certainly have been plausibly attributed to MĂ©lenchon.


    SVErshov Reply:

    take a look at ‘see also’ link, there is quite few unexpected bedfellows.


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  • Nulle Terre Sans Seigneur Says:

    Actually a misquote of Gregor Strasser that is then misattributed to Adolf Hitler.

    I don’t know if antifa would object to Strasserism. After all, those poor oppressed Palestinians, man…


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  • Wagner Says:

    L8 Moldbug may be able to explain why a white-rightist would be attracted to North Korea:

    “In a world in which Americans actually *cared* about North Koreans, rather than just using them as rhetorical pawns, or salivating about their chances of causing yet another revolution or civil war, Americans would see that the easiest way to let North Korea heal is to acknowledge the Kim dynasty as what it is: a monarchy.”

    I distinctly remember, I think somewhere in the comments of UR, MM expressing a symptom of paranoia that his thought would be associated with North Korea.


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  • Orthodox Says:

    The only country guaranteeing the existence of North Korea is the United States. North Korea is China’s pest. If the U.S. isn’t there, there’s no need for the DPRK to exist as a buffer for China. The DPRK sitting on undervalued real estate and a cheap labor pool as far as South Korea is concerned. South Korea is increasingly pro-China.


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  • merkur Says:

    Wasn’t that quote from Strasser, who was murdered during the Night of the Long Knives? You know, that time when Hitler eliminated his ideological opponents, including more socialist elements like Strasser?



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  • John Hannon Says:

    Maybe Heineken should have paired antifa with nazi in their latest ad campaign –


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  • SilverSpeed Says:

    O dear, fallacy of the undistributed middle.

    This isn’t the way to win.


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  • Michael- Says:

    @what he said. It’s a misquote (and out of context) that right-wingers use as a favored slight of hand. Makes for bad P.R with those who like the fact-checking……………..


    Wagner Reply:

    “bad P.R” – you know what appeals to ADMAN’s temperament!


    Seth Largo Reply:

    Yeah, sloppy quoting, but it’s not like Hitler didn’t leave a trail of quotes that would sound nice to the Antifa. This is just a random sampling . . .

    “We do not believe that there could ever exist a state with lasting inner health if it is not built on internal social justice.”

    “Socialism as the final concept of duty, the ethical duty of work, not just for oneself but also for one’s fellow man’s sake, and above all the principle: Common good before own good, a struggle against all parasitism and especially against easy and unearned income. ”

    “I only acknowledge one nobility—that of labour.”

    “Capitalism as a whole will now be destroyed, the whole people will now be free. We are not fighting Jewish or Christian capitalism, we are fighting every capitalism: we are making the people completely free.”

    “Aren’t these liberals, those reprobate defenders of individualism, ashamed to see the tears of the mothers and wives, or don’t these cold-blooded accountants even notice? Have they already grown so inhuman that they are no longer capable of feeling? It is understandable why bolshevism simply removed such creatures. They were worthless to humanity, nothing but an encumbrance to their Volk. Even the bees get rid of the drones when they can no longer be of service to the hive. The Bolshevik procedures are thus quite natural.”

    “Benefit to the community precedes benefit to the individual… The state should retain supervision and each property owner should consider himself appointed by the state. It is his duty not to use his property against the interests of others among his own people. This is the crucial matter.”

    “The National Socialist State recognizes no ‘classes’. But, under the political aspect, it recognizes only citizens with absolutely equal rights and equal obligations corresponding thereto.”


    Wagner Reply:

    “It is really remarkable that one sees everywhere, practically the same thing. Between Bolshevism and National Socialism there is only a very slight difference. And there is practically none between National Socialism and Fascism, just the difference of Italy and Germany, as the difference between Germany and Russia makes the difference between their two political movements. But au fond it is the same thing, so much so that enlightened National Socialists told me that this is of course the German form of Bolshevism. One sees the same movement in other countries where it has no such name. Roosevelt’s New Deal is the same thing
 These mass movements all over the world—on a small scale the Oxford Movement even—are always the same. It is a sort of collectivity on a low level.”

    Carl Jung, Seminar on the Zarathustra


    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    Wagner, Allerhöchsten kriegsherr,

    from a great book, pages 26-27 of “Before the Deluge; A Portrait of Berlin in the 1930s” by Otto Freidrich:

    ‘To him, (Friedrich Ebert) Socialism meant better wages and working conditions, under a benevolent monarchy – and here he found himself thrust, not quite legally, into a position held by Bismarck.

    Suddenly, one of the office telephones began to ring. Ebert picked it up with some bewilderment and found that it was a secret private line installed by Lundendorff, to military headquarters in Spa.

    “Groner (Wilhelm Groner) speaking.” said the voice of Lundendorff’s successor..

    “What do you expect from us?” Ebert asked..

    “The office corps expects,” said Groner, “that the government will fight against Bolshevism and places itself at the disposal of the government for such a purpose.”


    Although Luxembourgism is not Leninism, the Spartakists were the Bolsheviks of Germany.

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:


    “Before the Deluge: A Portrait of Berlin’s in the 1920s.” Excuse my mistake.

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:


    When Jung spoke on collectivity on a low level, I think he was speaking about neo-reaction.

    G. EirĂ­ksson Reply:

    » Die Liste der Oberkommandierenden der k.u.k. Bewaffneten Macht gibt den Oberbefehlshaber der Gemeinsamen kaiserlich und königlichen Armee, der königlich ungarischen Landwehr (HonvĂ©d), der kaiserlich-königlichen Landwehr und der Kriegsmarine Österreich-Ungarns an. »

    » Supreme commanders and high commands of the Imperial and Royal Armed Forces
    The commander-in-chief was the Emperor, the Allerhöchste Oberbefehl,[1] who ran his armed power (bewaffnete Macht) through the Military Chancellery of His Majesty the Emperor and King (MilitÀrkanzlei Seiner Majesty des Kaisers and Königs) that was established on 11 July 1867. »


    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    Haha. Quite the honorifics!

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  • G. EirĂ­ksson Says:

    [This was a reply to EirĂ­ksson’s & Giuliano’s posts on Information Wealth, wherein the latter suggested Land “might say we don’t need health where we are going.” Shoot from the hip / free association posting. Liberalism.]

    To disregard health is total wanksterism. Even machines have health. Call it operability if ye like.

    Artichem pseudocleanliness will just have your kids grow up diseased. This is coming from a “soyfed vagina” (as Cryptogenic called me the other day. Basically I am well adapted to the ‘Standard American diet’ aka SAD, altho I ate mostly expensive additives-free food for years. 85%-100% pure chocolate. I stopped giving a shit and went back to mass produce. I have high metabolism. I wonder what Land eats, lol. I loved a certain Vietnamese restaurant in Berlin. It’s heavy duty work (impossible) microcontrolling your diet if you like trying new restaurants, unless you are as productive and disciplined as Cryptogenic).

    Myopic industrialism disregards worker’s health. It’s not overall productive. It’s a mutation from Calvinist productivism. You see some of the worst cases of it in the Soviet Union. Workers sacrificing themselves for the factory. Steel smelt mania. That’s not actual capitalism, imo. It retarded growth eventually. Demons hide behind ideas. It’s the sacrifice of health for the ‘gnostic’ goal of reward in the afterlife (or reward in the Business, State or “People’s” Council). See Tilda Swinton’s character in 2007’s «Michael Clayton», for a no-life & all-career personality instance.
    The gnostics, which is here a name of experimental Jewish cults, including strains of Christianity, were already into sacrificing their bodies for celestial or transcorporeal goods before 1 AD, as were other mortificationists around the world, such as in India. This ideological DNA never died in Christianity—nor did it die with Christianity. As cladistics easily tells us. Communitarianism develops when slaves are kept together, or escape to found their own communes as adapted to through successive slave-gene-ratios. This is opposed to the Indian (Sanskrit), Roman or Germanic master, of which Nazism is a parody (see also Leo Strauss on Nazism as Nihilism). The Indian, the Roman, the Germanic householder was the family’s priest and chief, while Christianity outsourced that to a centralized communitarian institution which incidentally Cathedral or Statist academia is based on, e.g.: salient: the titles of professors and doctors which derive from professors of The Faith and Doctors of the Church.

    BTW «Ghost in the Shell»’s doctors-in-red reminded me of Star Trek’s.

    Incidentally Communism is the antithesis of both the providential fair kingdom and the proverbial fairy kingdom. Forced atheist worker-bee drone drudgery under Stalin’s commissars’ machine pistol, all-for-one & one-for-all, as it were; all for the factory. Cf. Adam Curtis (1992, BBC) «Pandora’s Box or A Fable From the Age of Science», episode #1 «The Engineers’ Plot».

    There’s certainly commonality in happenings in Russia, Britain, and Germany around industrialism. And the socialist response to that. Workers cults. China’s “capitalism” out of Communism, workers cults.

    Christianity started as a proletarian cult, but soon became popular with the affluent or educated. Similarities with Socialism’s development are remarkable. Soo for instance, «Fire In the Minds of Men: The Origins of the Revolutionary Faith» as well as Nazi-escapee and Standford academic Eric Voegelin’s oeuvre (1901-1985).

    —» Voegelin perceived similarities between ancient Gnosticism and modernist political theories, particularly communism and nazism. He identified the root of the Gnostic impulse as alienation, that is, a sense of disconnection from society and a belief that this lack is the result of the inherent disorder, or even evil, of the world. … An early work was Die politischen Religionen (1938; The Political Religions), on totalitarian ideologies as political religions due to their structural similarities to religion. »

    The atheist’s pseudoproductive mania for post-Calvinist goals of industria-Heaven on Earth. Industria is one of the 7 virtues of Catholicism, which Calvinism is an offshoot of and Communism has a lot in common with. The industria (productivism) in Atheism—be it top-down “Capitalism” (fascism) or top-down “Socialism” (cf. Land’s article on the 3 instances of fascism: Anglo-American, Russian and German)—is a hybrid of the value as it had become in Catholicism disintegration at the roots of the so-called Modern world.

    { People keeping their houses so sprayed “cleaned” with synthetic hyperproduced substances that their kids get asthma. }

    The ultraconservative arch-liberal (as I am) Erik Maria Ritter von Kuehnelt-Leddihn had things to say about the moderno-fever as well. » After publishing books like Jesuiten, Spießer und Bolschewiken in 1933 (published in German by Pustet, Salzburg) and The Menace of the Herd in 1943, in which he criticised the National Socialists as well as the Socialists directly OE indirectly, as he could not return to Nazi-occupied Austria.
    … Contrary to the prevailing view that the Nazi Party was a radical right-wing movement with only superficial and minimal leftist elements, Kuehnelt-Leddihn asserted that Nazism (National Socialism) was a strongly leftist, democratic movement ultimately rooted in the French Revolution that unleashed forces of egalitarianism, conformity, materialism and centralization.[9] He argued that Nazism, fascism, radical-liberalism, and communism were essentially democratic movements, based upon inciting the masses to revolution and intent upon destroying the old forms of society. … In Liberty or Equality, his magnum opus, Kuehnelt-Leddihn contrasted monarchy with democracy and presented his arguments for the superiority of monarchy: diversity is upheld better in monarchical countries than in democracies. Monarchism is not based on party rule and “fits organically into the ecclesiastic and familistic pattern of Christian society.” … As modern life becomes increasingly complicated across many different sociopolitical levels, Kuehnelt-Leddihn submits that the Scita (the political, economic, technological, scientific, military, geographical, psychological knowledge of the masses and of their representatives) and the Scienda (the knowledge in these matters that is necessary to reach logical-rational-moral conclusions) are separated by an incessantly and cruelly widening gap and that democratic governments are totally inadequate for such undertakings. »

    » This stands in contrast to a notion of redemption that is achieved through the reconciliation of mankind with the divine. Marxism therefore qualifies as “gnostic” because it purports that we can establish the perfect society on earth once capitalism has been overthrown by the “proletariat.” Likewise, Nazism is seen as “gnostic” because it posits that we can achieve utopia by attaining racial purity, once the master race has freed itself of the racially inferior and the degenerate.
    In the two cases specifically analyzed by Voegelin, the totalitarian impulse is derived from the alienation of the individuals from the rest of society. This leads to a desire to dominate (libido dominandi) which has its roots not just in the Gnostic’s conviction of the imperative of his vision but also in his lack of concord with a large body of his society. As a result, there is very little regard for the welfare of those who are harmed by the resulting politics, which ranges from coercive to calamitous (e.g. the Russian proverbs: “You have to crack a few eggs to make an omelet”, “When you chop wood, chips fly”). »

    It is this strain of though that is so to speak, as it were worrisome* in Land’s ongoing oeuvre, and what makes him still somewhat leftist. However it is contradicted, if not redeemed by his bourgeoisity and liberalism.

    *It’s not like Land invented this. It’s a central Cyberpunk literary device. We kids who played Nintendo in the late 80s were raised up on games where care-for-nothing megacorps ruled the cities.

    Saw lefties calling it Land’s vitalism (google it), but I think ‘machinist libidism’ fits better. It’s certainly a Nihilist will-to-power, but he’s more on Bannon’s side of the spectrum than Lenin’s. (Incidentally see my post @Quote Note #322) So keep up the movie posts, ol’ Lando!—don’t listen to the hipster brogrammers and serotonin depleted ultraantifeminists. We’ll find a balance in this dialectic.

    I’d add the third German to understand this post, and that is Sloterdjiik. » Spheres is about “spaces of coexistence”, spaces commonly overlooked or taken for granted that conceal information crucial to developing an understanding of the human. The exploration of these spheres begins with the basic difference between mammals and other animals: the biological and utopian comfort of the mother’s womb, which humans try to recreate through science, ideology, and religion. From these microspheres (ontological relations such as fetus-placenta) to macrospheres (macro-uteri such as nations or states), Sloterdijk analyzes spheres where humans try but fail to dwell and traces a connection between vital crisis (e.g., emptiness and narcissistic detachment) and crises created when a sphere shatters. »

    Viva La Hollywood! and I say this with no irony. There’s a new «Blade Runner» coming out, and I really like wass his name this blonde guy. BTW Bale’s 2004 «The Machinist» is worth seeing imo. WTF am I Zizek now, ‘sall about movies AIW


    G. EirĂ­ksson Reply:

    ’twas as mishap to put capitalism in scare quotes re China. I recognise there’s actual capitalism going on there. Extreme small business empowermess. Tiny business, actually, through these apps n’ all.

    The scare quotes were meant for its Communist heritage and productivism-over-individuals (massism, hyperproductivism, collectivism, etc).

    Admittedly “Communist” Statism is bizarrely interesting, at least in NK, China and Russia. Less so in Cuba and Cambodia. Far less so.


    John Hannon Reply:

    “I wonder what Land eats”

    According to someone who met him in a Coventry supermarket once, he used to live on Pot Noodles and cabbage (the cabbage was to prevent scurvy).


    G. EirĂ­ksson Reply:

    I just ate a pack of the cheapest noodles you can get.


    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    just eat the pack leave the noodles

    Wagner Reply:

    Based on the price of cheese in china I imagine R. L. Stein gets about one slice every ebook he sells on amazon. Poor sap, needs to go back!


    G. EirĂ­ksson Reply:

    I’ve got two posts stuck in the que. How about them noodles.

    I proledemand Land give me user priviliges.

    I can be the moderator. >:D

    Wagner Reply:

    #prolesplaining – new NRx meme

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:


    I was making light of Landian extropianism.. where you don’t need health because life got superannuated.

    I didn’t say to disregard health. I understand that health would then rather disregard me.


    Is that the construction?

    I see life as a process.
    Health is a descriptor of the statefulness of this process.
    Machines, being artifactual, are not a part of this process/do not have health.

    An animal dies. It decomposes/is reabsorbed. There is a larger ‘operability’ in motion despite the ‘inoperability’ of our poor little quadrupedal friend. And the process itself IS optimization.

    Say an integrated circuit has a million transistors. Now one of them dies. You have a broken machine. :/

    Different levels of ‘operability’.

    LOL. I am a soyfed penis myself. I am a vegetarian. I live in Manhattan but I never eat out. I mostly just eat for nutrition anyway. I save my true appetite for music and reading. Haha, Land looks like he eats bananas and yogurt. And probably lots of warm soup. I doubt he can handle the Szechuan over there.

    What do you mean by growth? When I critiqued money manager capitalism I didn’t do it out of loyalty for some abject workerism.

    Work is closer to the self than feelings or beliefs. Alienation is not a meaningless concept.

    There was a West African kingdom called Nri. I encourage you to look it up.

    They were not Christians nor were they slaves. Can cladistics help us figure out their egalitarian impulse?

    How I read communism is as a disregard for individual subjectivity in order to bring forth the Universal subject. With Spartacus, men freely disregarded it. Soviet Union, not so much.

    I know, it’s a standard Hegelian reading, it’s not a metahistorical reading like yours Goth Eiriksson. But it allows me to stay consistent with an anti-humanist position. It allows me to keep my queen on the chess board.

    To my knowledge, the first written appearance of gnostikos is in Plato’s Politicus where he mentions the “ideal politician as the master of the gnostic art.”.

    It would be hard to imagine politics without ‘gnosis’. Priestcraft and statecraft are lockstep.

    By now, I think you’ve correctly intuited I am still somewhat of a leftist too. But you should be consigned to the fact I am embracing neo-reaction. Would you rather I be Cryptogenic? LOL.


    G. EirĂ­ksson Reply:


    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    Iron lungs. Short telomeres. Long telomeres.

    Absolute functionality would never arrive at substance. A body without limit or that which has surpassed functionality/non-functionality is nature, the monistic absolute, beyond which only dwell demons.

    I’m in the mood for some Kraftwerk myself.

    Wagner Reply:

    Giuliano, what draws you to the left? It’s interesting you mention Plato’s Statesman, as the weaving metaphor therein is one of the few things that has scratched the surface in me toward understanding the leftist impulse. Opposite tempers ought to be woven (bred) together so as to bring about *moderation* in the City, which the Stranger in Plato’s latest work (Laws) ranks as the highest good, and I think this idea of moderation can be applied to miscegenation: the higher and lower are to be combined to produce balance, fairness, “justice”, etc. I err on the side of Nietzsssche whomst is esoterically very much akin to Plato of the Republic, where Socrates states that

    “the principle has been already laid down that the best of either sex should be united with the best as often, and the inferior with the inferior, as seldom as possible; and that they should rear the offspring of the one sort of union, but not of the other, if the flock is to be maintained in first-rate condition.”

    Aristotle in the Politics shares a similar sentiment:

    “When a number of flute players are equal in their art, there is no reason why those of them who are better born should have better flutes given to them; for they will not play any better on the flute, and the superior instrument should be reserved for him who is the superior artist.”

    The Laws could perhaps be looked at as an *exoteric* work that drops out the purer philosophizing because frankly, philosophy is mob-killing, and we need the mob for philosophy (aristocracy is the peak of the pyramid and slavery is its base).

    To bolster this point check out this secretporn from the Strauss/Kojeve letters:

    “In the Republic everyone is just and moderate, but only the elite is manly (and wise); manliness and wisdom belong together, for philosophy does not wish to be edifying as your hero [Hegel] says.”

    Leo Strauss, letter to Alexandre Kojeve

    “Plato may wish to suggest that it is very dangerous to present (“aristocratic”) courage as the principal virtue; that the principal virtue is, rather, (“democratic”) justice.”

    Alexandre Kojeve, letter to Leo Strauss

    Anyway, please share–if need be, at length–what draws you to leftism. Open-minded dialogues between left and right is the best thing that can happen right now.


    Pseudo-chrysostom Reply:

    Tbqhwyfamalam i think open warfare would be pretty great too.

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:


    Interesting, how you’ve posed the question: “What draws you to the left?”, as question of dispositional attribution.


    “For ideas are in God from all eternity, and they are in us, too, before we actually think of them… If anyone wants to take ideas to be men’s actual thoughts, he may; but he will be gratuitously going against accepted ways of speaking.”

    Have you ever read Antonio Demasio’s “Descartes’ Error”?

    Demasio, being a cognitive scientist, has a thesis in the book similar to Leibniz’s own verbal statement: thoughts may not be spliced from emotions; they share the same faculty, being dispositional; they are not the product of a conscious mental act.

    Most prejudicially, I see rightists as very naive dualists, which is not to say the left doesn’t have its fair share!

    With that prefaced, I’ll now perform the requested auto-analysis you ask of me.

    What drew me to the left was GUILT.

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:


    I see Plato as the first philosopher of the ideal event or the truth-event.

    Socrates attacked sophistry. Plato formalized the encounter, giving us the Academy, which is concerned with non-sophistic education.

    With Kallipolis, the state itself was brought into a process of enquiry.

    For Plato, the greatest threat to social cohesion is private life. Private property is gone, therefore no slaves. Marriage is gone, therefore children are a communal responsibility.

    Men and women are formally equal in guardianship. And naturally, the wisest rule. All done for maximal eudaimonia.

    I think there is co-extensivity in Strauss’ assertion which undoes his own point.

    The elite must be just and moderate if they are to be elite to an already just and moderate people. No?

    Also, I don’t see why Kojeve would use the word democratic.

    The fact Socrates rather drink hemlock than live in a democracy was not lost on Plato. With great humor, Plato witnessed the shit show that was Athenian democracy.

    From Book VIII of Republic:

    “..tyranny develops out of no other constitution than democracy–from the height of liberty, I take it, the fiercest extreme of servitude..

    ..the probable outcome of too much freedom is only too much slavery in the individual and the state..

    ..the father habitually tries to resemble the child and is afraid of his sons, and the son likens himself to the father and feels no awe or fear of his parents..

    ..the resident alien feels himself equal to the citizen and the citizen to him, and the foreigner likewise..

    ..the teacher in such case fears and fawns upon the pupils, and the pupils pay no heed to the teacher or to their overseers either.”

    I remember in Laws, he admits old men buggering young boys probably ain’t the best in the long term.

    Wagner Reply:

    There’s a place in the dialogues where Socrates pops a woody from looking down a boy’s cloak. Maybe this has something to do with why he didn’t become the West’s Jesus. Pedophilia is a knockdown argument against hardline equalism. If we’re all equal are adults equal to kids? So there is a clear hierarchy, that is perhaps so familiar it’s forgotten. And if this hierarchy exists could one exist between other sets of human “types”? Male/female, British/Chinese, fancy Asians/jungle Asians, Platonist/Jew, philosopher/merchant, poet/peasant? Socrates’ suggestion of communism is pure bunkum in light of his myth of the myth of metals [sic], and his esteeming of the philosopher as the highest human type who is to shepherd over the gradient of castes, the mob ruled by its “mob of senses”. All these hierarchies stem from the underlying hierarchy that exists between Form and appearance. The Just City is the ideal, that is, it’s a of Form. We should strive for it but we can’t expect to align our eros and thumos with it to the point of cohesion. A couple times Socrates mentions, for example, that men have the desire to have their own kids. Is something like that going to go away? With CRISPR many things may be possible, but as things stand now the pure-communist hypothesis is dead in the water. Similarly, without a robotic (actually robotic) working-caste the myths of the metals is a noble lie that ought to be eloquently purveyed by the poets (in our time the academy and the media). Moldbug is basically the Socrates of our time callin’ out the sophists on their corrupting influence. And Bannon got the hemlock, as is natural. Especially after his experience with Dionysius, Plato was cynical about the possibility of the philosopher-king feature of the Just City. Trump is a simulacrum of a simulacrum of a simulacrum of a simulacrum of a philosopher-king lmao. Moldbug/Wagner 2020. With our eugenic program, and after weeding out the weak over the course of our and our sons’ two generation Reich, all alive on the Earth will be philosopher-kings. True Full Communism would look like eight billion humans who are clones of dead philosophers and hybrids of dead philosophers. I’m going to be unfrozen in 2300 and become a Cyborg-Marx with 5000 IQ just to troll you guys.

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    As long as you allow me a few hours to read per day in my garbage disposal program, you’ll have my vote in four years.

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:


    I would like to continue dialogue, accepting for it your invitation out of sincerity.

    Pedophilia = pederasty
    ——————–>>>>>>> Wagner

    You said, “..after weeding out the weak over the course of our and our sons’ two generation Reich..”,
    not “our sons and daughters’..”.

    It seems your Reich, if it were to survive, ought to re-establish the ethico-pedagogic institution of pederasty.

    And you, Wagner, in your flight back to Hyacinthus, should consult Pausanias, who offers great insight, so as not to pervert in this ancient domain.

    From Symposium,

    “..they love not boys, but intelligent beings whose reason is beginning to be developed, much about the time at which their beards begin to grow.”

    See Wagner, you are looking for facial hair. It follows that the amorousness of your Reich should not be pointed toward anything younger than the teenaged male; it is when aiming for the prepubescent that it becomes pedophilic.


    What is your phenomenological understanding of appearance?

    If you are resolute in collapsing duality into samenesses, perhaps, Wagner, you and your twunk, Jack Donovan, with the latest in uterine transplantation, could birth Übermensch all by yourselves.

    Wagner Reply:

    It all depends on how you interpret the Symposium, and I sure don’t claim to have the right interpretation, but to me one of the significant gleanings is that Socrates’ nobility rests in that he didn’t give in to his lust and boink Alcibiades. He didn’t seek a sensual reward for guiding him in the life of the mind as others present at the party were prone to, (Eryxmachus, and above all, the incarnation of lust and excess [Dionysus)], Aristophanes.) So, elsewhere (I forget which dialogue) Socrates pops a woody but he doesn’t then go on to use his sharp tongue for exploitation of the immature, which he very easily could have–this also connects with my recent post on Aurelius. One similar, over-riding theme, in the Charmides, also, is that Charmides was a dashingly handsome young man (though not as handsome as the pinnacle of Athens, Alcibiades) but his soul was ugly; Socrates was drawn to him initially but the dialogue ended in aporia, as it did in the Meno, after Socrates discovered the futility of continuing on with his interlocutor due to the latter’s stupidity, or in more Platonic terms, the latter’s lack of control of the chariot of his soul.

    Philosopher-Queens are possible but not as likely as Kangs, so I’m wont to err on the side of the noble lie (exaggeration) that women an sich cannot rule. I guess we’ll see how the matriarchy patch will go; the soft-matriarchy of the present era ain’t doin’ too hot – too much feelz. Feelz are the greatest enemy of Truth. Butch lesbians with high T are well equipped, I’d like to boink Marion Le Pen (and in fact have) but I wouldn’t want her to be the sovereign of France, though that may be the best bet for a thoroughly feminized ethos.

    The Milo affair is relevant here. I think there might be something to intimate relationships between wizened priest-types and impressionable initiates but I highly doubt getting physical sets a good example for the latter. All it betrays to me is that the priest has a corrupt soul and is perpetuating it in the initiate.

    I incline toward phenomenology, especially over empiricism, but the various hermeneutics of suspicion, (sex, money, power, the subconscious in general) need to be taken into account and phenomenology needs to itself be bracketed (lol). The fallacy of phenomenology is that it *reduces* reductionism to reductionism. It doesn’t treat the lived-experience of the reductionist phenomenologically. There’s something to Judaism and the Qabbala here: ordinary Jews strive to go UP and OUT, the mystics go DOWN and IN. Always the dialectic of transcendence and immanence, back and forth, back and forth. (Please don’t misinterpret me when I say they “go DOWN”.)

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:


    How do you mean you’ve boinked Marion Le Pen? And concerning such topics, I prefer stories, not mere descriptions. 😉

    Yes, but what do you mean by appearances? It has different meanings throughout philosophy. My becoming aware of your understanding might help elucidate our differences as regards ontology.

    Wagner Reply:

    I liked to call her Mary because it got on her nerves. Something about it in combination with my American accent turned up her nose. And I laughed at her and made francophobic insinuations. It *really* pissed her off when I pointed out the contradiction of being proud to be French and on the Right when the French are the ones who instigated le revolution de poz “par excellence”. I had the realization she didn’t like that I called her Mary because it implied American superiority. She was just sitting there glaring at me with hints of a blush and a pout. I decided to up the ante and I told her Sade is about as leftist as you can get and that no one of any race besides the French has spawned something at such nadir-decadence as he–and she slapped me across the face. I grabbed her wrists and she tried to twist away. I pinned her on the sofa, slid both wrists into one hand, and got nose to nose with her and whispered… You’re Sadean by blood aren’t you, French girl? and slid my free hand under her skirt. She wasn’t wearing any panties and she was already so wet it felt like goops of pudding. I stuck my middle finger in as I bit a piece off her lip. She was tight, I could hardly fit in my pointer finger. Meanwhile her lip bled across both sides of her cheeks. I stuck my tongue in her mouth as I fingered her. I licked a blood stripe from her chin to her hairline and she reached underneath my toga… and suddenly I realized we were at a Plato-themed toga party. I released her wrists, and sat up on the sofa, morose, pondering the tripartite soul and the abstinence of wise Socrates. I turned to her and lifted up my toga and forced my cock inside her. She made a grunt like she sounded like she was being murdered. She latched onto the side of my neck with her teeth but that only made me pound her harder. She was crying as she squirted on my thighs. We were sweaty and her lip still bled. I rubbed my forehead against it as I thrusted and smeared blood over her cheeks, and rubbed my cheeks against her bleeding lip until both of are faces were covered and, her legs in the air we French kissed, and I came in her.

    How’s this for a meta-phenomenological answer: when you ask me what are appearances the appearance that I had of what appearances are dissipated and I am now driven to articulate an understanding or Form of appearance.

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    Hahahaha! Sadecrates!

    Excessive beyond mendacity!

    Though with others you may fuck, with a pen you make love! Or a keyboard! More approximately.

    Anyway, I was born to hear such stories. Thank you.

    Felling overcome by the sinuousness of your conception, can I simply take that, for you, form and appearance cohere antinomically?

    G. EirĂ­ksson Reply:

    It’s quite funny that the guy who liberalized sexuality academically anyway, and who Freud got some of his concepts from, looks like the perfect aryan or nordic patriarch.

    — » In England, the founding father of sexology was the doctor and sexologist Havelock Ellis who challenged the sexual taboos of his era regarding masturbation and homosexuality and revolutionized the conception of sex in his time. His seminal work was the 1897 Sexual Inversion, which describes the sexual relations of homosexual males, including men with boys. Ellis wrote the first objective study of homosexuality, (the term was coined by Kertbeny) as he did not characterize it as a disease, immoral, or a crime. The work assumes that same-sex love transcended age taboos as well as gender taboos. Seven of his twenty-one case studies are of inter-generational relationships. He also developed other important psychological concepts, such as autoerotism and narcissism, both of which were later developed further by Sigmund Freud.[5]

    Ellis pioneered transgender phenomena alongside the German Magnus Hirschfeld. He established it as new category that was separate and distinct from homosexuality.[6] Aware of Hirschfeld’s studies of transvestism, but disagreeing with his terminology, in 1913 Ellis proposed the term sexo-aesthetic inversion to describe the phenomenon.[7][8] »

    And it’s the Jews who get the blame. Actually aryans were never prudes about sexuality,* it was the Semitic doctrine of Christianity which brought that on.

    * They rather distinguished between high and low sexuality, i.e. aryan vs autochthonous. The sensuality cults of Dionysus vs the more-than-Stoic Apollonians. The former are known by their figurations of horny satyrs with big dicks, whilst the latter by the archtypical classical statue of Apollo the perfect aryan, with a ‘small’ penis.

    This is possibly the one I had in mind:

    As for pederasty, it’s institution is extra-aryan. That means outside of their sphere. ‘Ex’ for ‘out[side]’, ‘tra’ for ‘tradition’ — as it were. Aryans always prefer nubile girls.

    The alienness of pederasty is concluded from its non-observability in other aryan-derived polities than Athens. (Wikipedia only lists pederasty in Britain from the 19th century.)

    Socrates was a nigger who needed to wank-about. Sub-brahmin.

    He served the wank-o-tronic “Roman[esque]” Catholic

    Church, which had Plato’s MANUSCRIPTS.

    — » n the Western Provinces (what today is considered the Western Europe’s heartland), the collapsing Roman empire lost many Greek manuscripts which were not preserved by monasteries. However, due to the expense and dearth of writing materials, monastic scribes could recycle old parchments. … As the language of Roman aristocrats and scholars, Greek died off along with the Roman Empire in the West, and by 500 CE, almost no one in Western Europe was able to read (or translate) Greek texts, and with the rise of the Islamic Empire, the west was further cut off from the language. After a while, only a few monasteries in the west had Greek works, and even fewer of them copied these works (mainly the Irish).[13] Some Irish monks had been taught by Greek and Latin missionaries who probably had brought Greek texts with them.

    — » The Oxford Classical issue of the Greek text of Aristotle’s Organon uses the sigla ÎĄ, Ι, and Γ, which are texts dating from Christian possessions from the 6th to 8th century.[6]
    Syriac translations played a major role for the later reception into Arabic. These translators from Syriac were mostly Nestorian and Jacobite Christians, working in the two hundred years following the Abbasid period. The most important translator of this group was the Syriac-speaking Christian Hunayn Ibn Ishaq (809-873), known to the Latins as Joannitius. »

    Nestor started off as a Catholic bishop. Constantinople was a Catholic city at least as early as 381. (The oldest today-surviving Plato MSS is from 9th century Constantinople.) Constantinople was under the RCC before the schism much later, in 1054 AD.

    The Platonist 6th century Roman senator Boethius was a RC-Christian.

    Unless this historical gleaming of mine is wrong all the Plato MSS

    come from Christians. Who were prone to alter texts. The NT

    itself is a composite of god knows how many altered texts.

    Who knows what they could have done with pagan MSS?

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    Kraftt-Ebing was the first scientist to study sexual perversion. Psychopathia Sexualis (1886) contained 48 case studies. The edition he would leave incomplete at his death (1902) would contain 238 case studies.

    Jung was studying to become an archeologist before he read Psychopathia Sexualis! Which is funny because Jung became an archeologist anyway. Ba-ba-bisshhh!

    Freud dismantled positivist psychology with positivism. As Wittgenstein said, he invented a new manner of speaking.

    And speaking of manners of speaking, Socrates is not sub-Brahamin. Socrates is extra-Brahamin. Ex as in outside, tra as in tradition.

    I could do this all day! 🙂

    Wagner Reply:

    Rohme, tell me more about this guilt you speak of.

    Posted on April 29th, 2017 at 2:46 am Reply | Quote
  • s Says:

    @G. EirĂ­ksson What do you look like?


    G. EirĂ­ksson Reply:

    Increasingly handsome. Chicks hit on me in the store.


    Wagner Reply:

    “S”, too incompetent to treat your ontological claims, appeals to physiology. Many such cases with alt-rightists. P. S., S., don’t ask for pic of our physiques, we don’t want to turn you gayer than you already are.


    s Reply:

    I thought in my head that he was either ugly or handsome and that I would trust his response.


    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    I imagine Erik looks like Hermann Rorschach’s picture on Wikipedia.

    G. EirĂ­ksson Reply:

    Not a bad guess. I can think of a Hannibal Lecter movie quote now.

    Fortunately I have the superb subtitle app Sublight open, so I can just download in two clicks the relevant subtitles to quote them.

    I wish I did spend as much time at the beach as Edward Norton in that movie, altho it’s a meathing. Gotta move to India or sumplace again, perhaps.

    —» 57
    00:04:45,331 –> 00:04:48,767
    I had never heard that
    expression before, “oysters.”

    00:04:49,501 –> 00:04:53,096
    Then suddenly I had a flash
    of the third victim…

    00:04:53,205 –> 00:04:54,502
    Darcy Taylor.

    00:04:55,040 –> 00:04:58,373
    She was missing flesh from
    her back. And then it hit me.

    00:04:58,477 –> 00:05:01,640
    Liver, kidney, tongue, thymus.

    00:05:01,714 –> 00:05:05,377
    Every single victim lost
    some body part used in cooking.

    00:05:06,251 –> 00:05:08,811
    Have you shared this with the Bureau?

    00:05:08,887 –> 00:05:12,516
    No, I needed to see you first.
    But I’m right. I know I’m right.

    00:05:12,591 –> 00:05:15,025
    I’m starting to be able to think
    like this one.

    00:05:15,094 –> 00:05:16,857
    Yeah, it’s fascinating.

    00:05:17,830 –> 00:05:21,596
    You know, I’d always suspected
    as much. You are an eidetiker.

    00:05:22,401 –> 00:05:23,891
    I’m not psychic, Doctor.

    00:05:24,003 –> 00:05:25,937
    No, this is different.

    00:05:26,238 –> 00:05:28,263
    More akin to artistic imagination.

    00:05:29,108 –> 00:05:32,077
    You can assume the emotional
    point of view of others…

    00:05:32,177 –> 00:05:34,702
    even those that might scare
    or sicken you.

    00:05:34,913 –> 00:05:37,438
    It’s a troubling gift, I should think.

    00:05:37,549 –> 00:05:40,177
    How I’d love to get you on my couch.

    John Hannon Reply:

    “There’s more to life than looks you know,
    But not much more, not much more.

    – Morrissey

    Two ex-girlfriends and an Irish prostitute have independently said that I look like Bono.
    Never a dull moment with an alcoholic girlfriend.


    G. EirĂ­ksson Reply:



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  • Friedrich von UxkĂŒll Says:

    I believe it’s a Strasser quote, but its excellent propaganda nevertheless.


    Posted on April 29th, 2017 at 5:51 am Reply | Quote
  • SVErshov Says:

    my pitbull eat banana with pills, horse shit, rocks, raw meat ect … still he is sweetest dog I ever had.


    Posted on April 29th, 2017 at 11:25 am Reply | Quote
  • bob sykes Says:

    The modern American antifas movement, Antifascist Action, is the direct descendant of the 1930’s German communist street gang Antifaschistiche Aktion, and uses essentially the same logo. It is a communist movement.

    All European political parties have been socialist since the time of Bismarck. Le Pen’s former party is socialist. In Europe, lLeft vs. right refers to the parties’ stance regarding internationalism (classical Marxism) vs. nationalism (Mussolini, Hitler, etc.). It is notable that Stalin switched from internationalism to (Russian) nationalism during the high tide of the Nazi invasion.


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  • G. EirĂ­ksson Says:

    I’m not merely a Cartesian dualist

    I’m a transcartesian quadrologist


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  • G. EirĂ­ksson Says:

    Good day

    After I woke up I saw this. It links to a Soundcloud recording. » 11.03.14
    Mark Fisher
    7:30-9pm at Open School East
    This lecture will follow a trajectory of anti-vitalism from Lyotard’s Libidinal Economy and Baudrillard’s Symbolic Exchange and Death in the 1970s through to Nick Land’s extraordinary theory-fictional texts of the 1990s. The lecture will argue that – despite Land’s avowed anti-leftism and the ambivalent political orientation of Baudrillard and Lyotard’s books – a contemporary leftist politics of desire has much to learn from these texts, all of which centrally involve the figure of the death drive that introduced Freud in Beyond The Pleasure Principle. The lecture will maintain that the anti-capitalist left is compromised by its commitment to a vitalist metaphysics. However, Lyotard, Baudrillard and Land’s texts only provide a limited alternative to this metaphysics, because their ostensible negativity amounts to an inverted vitalism. In place of the fevered energetics of this cosmic libertarianism, the lecture will argue for a cooler vision of desire – in which libido is not assumed to be some force inimical to all structuration, but something that can be designed, manipulated and engineered.

    Mark Fisher is the author of Capitalist Realism (2009) and Ghosts Of My Life: Writings on Depression, Hauntology and Lost Futures (2014). He was a founder member of the Cybernetic Culture Research Unit (Ccru). His writing has appeared in many publications, including The Wire, Frieze, The Guardian and Film Quarterly. He is Programme Leader of the MA in Aural and Visual Cultures at Goldsmiths, University of London and a lecturer at the University of East London. He has also produced two acclaimed audio-essays in collaboration with Justin Barton: londonunderlondon (2005) and On Vanishing Land (2013).

    Jean-François Lyotard, ‘The Desire Named Marx’, in Libidinal Economy (Indiana University Press, 1993); Nick Land ‘Meltdown’, in Fanged Noumena (Urbanomic, 2011).
    Email if you want to have a pdf copy of the reading. »


    Rohme Giuliano Reply:


    Shame, he died/became anti-vital.


    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    Cogent criticism: “Land deviates.. treats capitalism as a force of pure deterritorialization .. what makes capitalism capitalism is the avoidance of that state.”

    Where’s the admin when you need him?


    G. EirĂ­ksson Reply:

    Incidentally I came upon this talk apparently by Mark Fisher googling his name + .mp3.

    Since you and Wag er discussing the Left..

    +It seems to also have:
    Joan Of Art — Mark Fisher.mp3
    all of this is temporary: Mark Fisher.mp3
    Mark Fisher – ‘How to Kill a Zombie: Strategizing the End of Neoliberalism’.mp3
    Mark Fisher am 7.11.2014.mp3
    Talkin’ Bout Capitalism – Mark Fisher.mp3
    Mark Fisher (1968-2017): The Slow Cancellation Of The Future.mp3
    “Fisher of Men: The Legacy of Mark Fisher” – Owls at Dawn, Episode 25.mp3
    Ghosts of My Life (No Future).mp3
    MarkFisher ACD 1 of 6.mp3
    Mark Fisher: The Political Aesthetics of Postcapitalism / Methodologies of Valorization, 16/11/2011.mp3
    Capitalist Realism and Mr. Robot.mp3

    Gonna take a bath with one of these babies on my phone.


    G. EirĂ­ksson Reply:

    It’s a spam site it looks. I see now that these are all titles of talks from Youtube. Better download/view them yourselves directly from Youtube.


    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    Coo. I’ll pour some attention into these shortly.


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  • G. EirĂ­ksson Says:

    —» Episode 168: Sleep (aka Drones on Drones on Drones)
    by Post-Rock Paper Scissors 7h58m 4 years ago

    About the show
    Iluha, Byla, Christina Vantzou, Caspian, Brian McBride and more.
    #ambient #drone #modern classical #instrumental #sleep
    They say you should get 8 hours of sleep. Maybe this will help.
    This playlist is designed to be listened to between 11pm-7am and is also designed to reflect the flow of the night. For instance, the day this episode is released, sunrise will occur at 6:24 am where I live, thus the song representing sunrise peaks at 7 hours and 24 minutes into this playlist.
    If you do attempt to listen to this while you sleep, please listen to it on speakers at a medium volume, so that the music simply becomes another feature of the room. If you play it too loud, the music will become the focal point. If you play it to low, it to be relegated to background noise.
    For more info, go to postrockpaperscissors dotcom »


    G. EirĂ­ksson Reply:

    Sleep is psychonautics. Pure psychosphere. Recharge.

    This thing called «Drones on Drones on Drones» is a bitdisappointin g I’m afraid, for most readers, given the title; so if you don’t like music that will put babies and adults to sleep, nor calm Post-Rock, don’t bother. GsYBE will serve better. The idea—”designed to reflect the flow of the night”—is great though. I’m deeply interested in customised music. AI customised dynamically : the real sountrack to your Augmented life. You’ll wake up in terror to 1912’s «Happy Birthday», or your boss’s assignment for they day (who’d want that?) — or your girlfriend’s screams from last night, automatically recorded like everything in your house. Except Zizek’s Real (the toilet).

    I wish to see user plus DynamAI created sountrack to websites, to books, to roads, to mountains, to lakes, to rivers, to forests, to persons, to pyramids, to boulders, buildings, to food, fireplaces, economic graphs, astronomic charts, accidents, eclipses, UFOs and street fights. To warspaces. To riots. To rat infested abandoned sewers. To sweatshops.*

    * » Greasemonkey is a Mozilla Firefox extension that allows users to install scripts that make on-the-fly changes to web page content ».

    You don’t need to wear headphones, your skinsuit is already chipped. Autovaccinated, My loGo brandised on your chin. Call +3546661501 for ordering.

    » Video Shows SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Land on Droneship, Then Fall …
    http://www.spacedotcom â€ș Spaceflight
    ĂžĂœĂ°a ĂŸessa sĂ­Ă°u
    18. jan. 2016 – A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket booster approaches the droneship Just … touching down on the drone ship as planned, but then falling over to hit the … »

    Cyberspace is battlespace : one needs battle-music.

    I’d recommend «Perturbator».

    For perturbatio



    G. EirĂ­ksson Reply:



    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    Have you listening to sculpted brown, blue, pink, and grey noise?

    That does the trick for me.

    G. EirĂ­ksson Reply:

    That brings some interesting g.results.

    —» In audio engineering, electronics, physics, and many other fields, the color of noise refers to the power spectrum of a noise signal (a signal produced by a stochastic process). Different colors of noise have significantly different properties: for example, as audio signals they will sound different to human ears, and as images they will have a visibly different texture. Therefore, each application typically requires noise of a specific color. This sense of ‘color’ for noise signals is similar to the concept of timbre in music (which is also called “tone color”); however the latter is almost always used for sound, and may consider very detailed features of the spectrum.
    The practice of naming kinds of noise after colors started with white noise, a signal whose spectrum has equal power within any equal interval of frequencies. That name was given by analogy with white light, which was (incorrectly) assumed to have such a flat power spectrum over the visible range. »

    Does it? Do the trick? Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR)?

    Synthesia, and otherwise synchronisation of lights, colours and sounds interests me too. I won’t be satisfied with only normal lightning in my house but will set my own norm. Make that my estate. Neon-Tokyo in Iceland, maybe? I love the colourful aesthetics of our coolest mega-disruptive telecommunications company btw http://www.nova .is

    Speaking of neo(n); I’ve been listening a lot to the neon-genres of Witch House, Vaporwave and Synthwave, for the past dozens of months, often user made mixes—if anyone knows of mixes (playlists) that put these three genres together : let me know.

    G. EirĂ­ksson Reply:


    The g.results URL which the WordPress code couldn’t handle:

    Is there anyone anyway which couldn’t figure that

    It doesn’t like dots n’ strange markings

    Rohme Giuliano Reply:

    I know of no mixes though I do like vaporwave. When you are in the mood for acoustic relaxation muzak, I recommend Goldmund.

    Cyberspace is battlespace, ASMR is cyper Valhalla.


    Posted on April 30th, 2017 at 12:23 am Reply | Quote
  • G. EirĂ­ksson Says:

    » In other cases the new mind will be complex types of cognition that we can use to solve problems our intelligence alone cannot. Some of the hardest problems in business and science may require a two-step solution. Step one is: Invent a new mode of thought to work with our minds. Step two: Combine to solve the problem. Because we are solving problems we could not solve before, we want to call this cognition “smarter” than us, but really it is different than us. It’s the differences in thinking that are the main benefits of AI. I think a useful model of AI is to think of it as alien intelligence (or artificial aliens). Its alienness will be its chief asset. »


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  • G. EirĂ­ksson Says:

    Perturbator – “Sentient” [Music Video – UNCENSORED – “The Uncanny Valley”]


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  • G. EirĂ­ksson Says:

    —» Compare any kind of machine you may happen to think of what its ancestor was only twenty-five years ago. Its efficiency has doubled, trebled; its shape has changed; and as it is in the animal kingdom so too with machines, that suddenly a new species appears, a sport, a freak, with no visible ancestor. »—G. Garrett, Ouroboros (1926).

    Recommend this sleek and fast media Player.


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  • G. EirĂ­ksson Says:

    —» intelligent beings whose reason is beginning to be developed » AI :

    Augmented Intelligence : ĂŠthetically enhanced posthumans


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  • G. EirĂ­ksson Says:

    For some REAL UFblog soundtrax:


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  • 4p0llo Says:

    Gotta love the paradoxes involved in the religion of anti-Hitlerism


    Posted on June 28th, 2017 at 6:44 pm Reply | Quote

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