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This again:

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  • collen ryan Says:

    looks like those graphs correlate to highest non white immigration. No doubt also illiberal education at work.The only way you get rid of the proxy for war systemis you have a war, yeah thats increasingly likely but probable is a stretch certainly though everyone can imagine the possibility and thats the precondition.Will it end democracy or modify democracy? euroman keeps returning to democracy or really republicanism. history may repeat, if so does he understand enough to make it more stable or wil he abandon it. I just dont see us going back in time.After all a war is likely to expose certain truths if the outer party wins. truths like multiculturalism doesnt work and jews are not of our culture.


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  • Smg Says:

    Stops at 1980. Has it increased or decreased since? Decreased.


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  • Alf Says:



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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    Not essential to US Republic or Constitution either…

    Not even in the Constitution except in margins through Amendments.


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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    People have realized that the age of ideology is over and Sam Huntington was right after all.

    The next stage is to realize that collectivism is individualism, and that the only solution is a society of virtue, which is incompatible with demotist notions like democracy and socialism.


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