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Excited oath aside, this is the perfect framing:

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  • Twitter cuts (#16) | Neoreactive Says:

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  • The Electric Philosopher Says:

    I suppose the question being begged here is: could a Caesar ‘save’ us? And what would said ‘salvation’ even look like?


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  • bob sykes Says:

    Based on reaction time measurements going back more than 100 years, some people believe the average British IQ (and by implication that of all WEIRDO’s) has fallen by 15 pts, one full standard deviation. Normalizing using the 19th Century mean, that would make the average IQ of modern white Britons to be about 85, which would explain the UK’s present situation.


    SanguineEmpiricist Reply:

    This doesn’t make too much sense because there are certain predispositions and traits that come with each I.Q. range and it’s confusing to state an I.Q. without stating whether it has been renormed or not and afaik you cannot backtest I.Q.’s like that.


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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    @The Electric Philosopher

    Depends on who (qualities) the Caesar is, not the fact of him being a Caesar.

    A good start might be establishing national unity through identity, removing the parasite class and mobilizing the nation toward a purpose like cleaning up internal blight.


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  • Lesser Bull Says:

    I’m stunned.

    If this much truth is allowed to seep into a mainstream publication, we must really be screwed.


    Thales Reply:

    Well, since we do know what they’re holding back on, um, yeah…


    R. Reply:

    Strawman herring. This thesis is so full of crap that it’s not gonna help.


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  • Jesse Says:

    @bob sykes Scott Alexander had some reasonable-sounding criticisms of those claims about reaction time at — “The answer is selection bias.

    Back in the Victorian Age, science was done by aristocrats and gentlemen who drew their subjects from their own social groups. There were no poor people in either study, because getting poor people to participate in an experiment would require finding some poor people, who probably smelled terrible and lived in areas where there were no good restaurants.

    In the Modern Age, everyone is excruciatingly Socially Aware, and studies go out of their way to look at Disadvantaged Disempowered Disprivileged Populations so their results can serve as Cutting Social Commentary.

    Galton’s study population was visitors to a science museum in the posh part of London who were willing to pay him $25 to participate. Thompson’s population was University of Chicago philosophy students. The two modern studies are random selections double-checked to make sure they don’t undersample the poorest sections of the population.”


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  • SVErshov Says:

    There will be more of such fantastic discoveries in time to come, academics need to eat everyday too. same time, it is just inhumane to send the message unecrypted.


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  • The Electric Philosopher Says:


    May I ask what constitutes the ‘parasite class’ in your comment? I find it interesting that Zizek (somewhere on the BBC I seem to recall) has made similar remarks about the need for a ‘Leader’ figure to act as a motivational or inspirational figure. Curious how extreme Right and Left mirror one another, no?

    Though whether or not the emergence of such a figure remains likely in the UK- my gut feeling says ‘no’, certainly not until things get substantially worse (and I’m not NRx enough to consider that the only possible direction that things will go in. And, indeed, with the comment on confirmation bias above I am not sure I even think the current situation is too dreadful).


    The Electric Philosopher Reply:

    ’twas meant to be @Brett Stevens


    Rasputin Reply:

    “Though whether or not the emergence of such a figure remains likely in the UK…”

    I have one word for you (well, two words): Russell Brand.

    Until you perceive the awful, downward spiral things are locked into you aren’t really NRx at all. Democracy eventually decays into tyranny as surely as milk left out in the sun turns rancid.


    Jefferson Reply:

    The masses will worship a figurehead no matey what. Better it be Queen Notawhore than the Kardashiad.


    Ademonos Reply:

    Reading Zizek’s ‘Violence’, I’m not even sure if saying that he’s a part of the extreme left is entirely correct. He’s extreme for sure, but if you were to read some of his sections without knowing that he’s a commie of some sort, it would be tempting to guess that he’s some sort of authoritarian reactionary as well. I found it highly amusing to read his not-so-subtle suggestion that the sort of people that wrote the glowing reviews that decorate the cover (liberal communists, he calls them) be put against a wall and shot.


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  • Dale Rooster Says:

    @Electric Philosopher.

    “May I ask what constitutes the ‘parasite class’ in your comment? I find it interesting that Zizek (somewhere on the BBC I seem to recall) has made similar remarks about the need for a ‘Leader’ figure to act as a motivational or inspirational figure. Curious how extreme Right and Left mirror one another, no?”

    I have some sympathy for your sentiments expressed here. I am more of a NRx orbiter than a NRx orcbrand sithlord myself. I would like to think there are many NRx dark knights, or at least those within the broader alternative right community, who understand your concerns as well. (Andy Nowiki is certainly one of them.)

    Also, we share some similar aesthetic tastes. Videodrome and The Thing, for example, rock. Your focus on aesthetics is commendable and needed. (You might enjoy Spencer’s podcasts on “bad rightwing cinema” series if you haven’t heard it yet.)

    Leadership is not simply a left-right phenomenon, is it? Do we not see various forms of leadership expressing themselves everywhere, in all areas of life? Is not Equality, as Rothbard stated, a revolt against the natural world–a total rejection of reality and life? If anything, Progressives should be admonished for their (typical) hypocrisy regarding their own devout feelings towards their own dear leaders and upholding the dogma of Equality without any awareness of logical inconsistencies. Thoughtlessness, not knowledge, is Power. Nevertheless, the logic of Hegel, and perhaps the logic of, say, the New Testament, is genius in its ability to overcome the law of non-contradiction (or excluded middle). Thus, a nationalist ubermensch leader, who would wipe out the parasite classes as he seizes absolute power, would prove himself to be exactly what we need.

    And her name is Hilary Clinton.


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  • bob sykes Says:

    @bob sykes

    I’m sorry I forget the source, but it was experimental psychologists. They claim there is an established correlation between reaction times and IQ. Reaction times have been measured, at least in England, for over 100 years, and it is the measured increase in reaction times that the experimenters are using to claim a decline in English IQ.

    But you are correct that my analogy is ill-phrased. It would have been better to take the experimenters estimate of an average British IQ of 115 for the late 19th Century.

    In either case, the point is that modern Brits (and by implication us) are relatively stupid compared to their great great grandfathers.

    My poor analogy is an example of that.


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