Twitter cuts (#22)

Meta-clowning from the Duck:

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  • Twitter cuts (#22) | Neoreactive Says:

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  • peter connor Says:

    Very true. The Neocons will take care of starting and exploiting wars, while the cheap labor Billionaires and their servants in Congress take care of domestic policy….


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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    Actually the way is for his new background – that is a Battle Flag – to take the entire thing.

    The South isn’t my preference but it’s certainly preferable to what we have now.

    Moldbug’s mischief is only that, he did good service pointing out the ugly truths – the one’s he didn’t obscure that is – and bad deeds poisoning America’s more intelligent young against their country, people and civilization. Then again that’s his family’s business.


    Chris B Reply:

    “their country, people and civilization” – who would that be? A review of American history paints a very complicated picture. You have the English, Dutch, then the German Redemptioners, then the scots Irish, then the rest of europe. The US seems like two power centers (the south and the north) which were merged by a fight over westward expansion. You patriotism seems based in a post civil war synthetic nationalism.


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  • vxxc2014 Says:

    And if you think this Herr Urbit Dictator being bandied about for election is European White Christian you’re more out of your minds than we thought. Of course not.

    Considering it was 2010 maybe he meant Lieberman.


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  • Steve Johnson Says:

    @peter connor

    Don’t be a chump.

    People will make billions off of whatever craziness is out there but “cheap labor” sure as hell isn’t driving what you’re seeing.

    It’s pure 100% votes and clients for the progressive state.

    That’s like saying the banks getting bailed out after making bad loans proves the banks were heading the charge to make bad loans to progressive clients rather than that they got bailed out because they were acting as progressive state servants in underwriting bad loans to progressive clients.

    The entire Cathedral is dedicated to creating ideas to get more clients and more votes. Some parasites read the signs and get jobs making propaganda. Other parasites are more competent and are allowed to make massive amounts of wealth doing business with the new progressive clients.

    Markets work. Labor is priced according to marginal productivity. You ain’t getting rich employing “cheap labor” – cheap labor is cheap because it’s replaceable and not valuable. The real wealth is in managing expensive labor.


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  • J Thomas Says:

    “Labor is priced according to marginal productivity.”

    No, it’s priced according to supply versus demand. When the labor market works, and often it doesn’t.

    ” You ain’t getting rich employing “cheap labor” – cheap labor is cheap because it’s replaceable and not valuable. The real wealth is in managing expensive labor.”

    Imagine a hundred guys with shovels digging ditches. They can be replaced by one guy on a machine. The machine is made by a hundred guys on an assembly line. You can run a second assembly line to make boats with outboard motors that the assembly line guys can spend their pay on.

    Well, but the assembly line can be run by machines too. Then the expensive labor is the guy who designs the assembly line, and the guy who programs the machines.

    But if the factories get automated and you only have to pay a few expensive guys, you don’t need a big automated factory to produce lots and lots of machines to dig ditches or whatever. You might as well pay a few guys to dig stuff with shovels, and a few craftsmen to build the other stuff that you don’t need much of. If you want a boat, you don’t need an assembly line making hundreds of thousands of them. If you want a hamburger you don’t need MacDonalds making billions of them. When most of the labor force is unemployed you don’t need to mass-produce lots of stuff for them to buy, so you don’t need to pay expensive labor to design the assembly lines and program the machines.

    Except for the drones and munitions etc, that you will need when terrorists anywhere in the world try to oppose your interests. (There may be lots of unemployed terrorists, freelance terrorists working on spec because nobody will pay them.)

    This stuff hasn’t played out yet.

    Meanwhile, the most efficient way to make money isn’t to manage cheap labor or manage expensive labor. It’s to manage governments. If you can get the government to eliminate free markets for your product, then you can set your own price. It isn’t “progressives” or “conservatives” doing that, it’s whatever businesses are in a position to do it. And it isn’t Democrats or Republicans who go along with it, it’s politicians.


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