Twitter cuts (#23)

(Here‘s the discursive version. It’s far classier than we’re used to, to be fair.)

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  • Twitter cuts (#23) | Neoreactive Says:

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  • Dale Rooster Says:

    I fell nauseous by the end of it. Notice the absolute contempt for the principle of Exit–that is, of free association and order of the spontaneous sort. Why would anyone want to leave the Union of Universal Brotherhood, comrade? The people are happy! You must be sick. Prefer Exit, do you? Then off to a labor camp you go!


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  • Twitter cuts (#23) | Reaction Times Says:

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  • SVErshov Says:

    this guys setting up deceptive traps for themselves. similar to Observer Effect when system changing as a result of observation.


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  • Erebus Says:

    The article is “classier” only in the sense that it makes use of psuedo-literary language, and makes attempts at being evocative. (Misplaced here. In this particular sort of context, such things can only make the author sound less, not more, clear-minded and erudite.)

    The “synopsis” — to use the term loosely — is garbage. The author, in fact, has not really attempted to argue anything in good faith. Instead, via hyperbole, he has attempted to make a laughingstock out of NRx. (And Yarvin in particular. I’d add: This sort of hyperbole is typical of Jon Stewart-style snark.) This idiot of an author also devotes much of his article to the fact that NRx doesn’t worship negroes and brown people, as he so clearly does. That inane passage about pull-ups with black men in the park, and jazz vs. hip-hop, deserves to be much more thoroughly mocked… but I’d better get back to work.


    admin Reply:

    He gets that skepticism towards universal mandatory guilt-fueled vibrancy isn’t the same as a call for a Fourth Reich, which is a start.


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  • The Man Whose Blood Was Replaces with Worry Says:

    Not sure what the opinion is over here, but Jazz always sounded to me like someone bought a trumpet and tried to treat it like a drum. Or something. Some people have tried to argue that this is a racial thing—that black folks are better at rhythm then melody—but I don’t really care. It’s boringly pretentious, sometimes nice background stuff, but not much more.

    Blues and hip-hop are, if anything, the very *best* case for why black *culture* is toxic. Take, for example, a song like this one:

    You better run
    Don’t let him get you
    You better run
    Don’t let him get you
    If he catch you, Babe
    He gonna rape you

    An’ on the way home
    I said, “Baby,
    You might still get raped”
    She said, “Mr. Junior,”
    Said “You don’t have to rape me;
    Cos I love you”

    Do I need to give an example from hip-hop? It seems like virtually every song normalizes rape, misogyny, violence, stupidity, thuggery… and this is the music of the left…


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  • 4candles Says:

    Back in the day a NRx article would prompt 100+ comments. This does raise a steam issue. Anyone intelligent and worth listening to – our humble host aside – appears to abandon ship (iamlegionnaire most recently) with a fair degree of frequency, so momentum is obviously hard to maintain. Thoughts?


    Dark Psy-Ops Reply:

    It’s no dire omen that this minor piece has not prompted a 100+ strong comment brigade in defense. It starts nice enough, and if the author had continued in the vein of neoreactionary exegesis he might have finished with something interesting, but instead he devolves from aping the worst of Paris Review to following the standard rules of mainstream liberal screeds. For example:

    “Neoreactionaries are terrified of “chaos.” They love “order,” and believe in “civilization” as the only morality. They want to be able to leave their keys in their cars. They adore Putin … They worry, often, about “sluts,” in tones suggestive of sexual paranoia and terror of rejection.”

    That’s a good deal of projection, and it’s obnoxious enough that no one wants to wade in and try to engage with it. It’s the usual ‘steelmanned’ critique that’s been pitched so low in the mud that no one can pick it up without coming out at least a little dirty and humiliated, which is exactly what this guy wants. Funnily enough, what the author intends as ironic half-truths are banalities neither false nor otherwise. Moving along the author quotes Jim as evidence of the sexual impotence of neoreactionaries, but only proves the twisted sense of humor of Jim. As for speculation on unreported rape statistics of China, that’s not my specialty, but neoreaction is in agreement with the author that racially aggregated statistics can reveal highly unpleasant, located behaviors. For instance, the Cathedral in its essence is a supra-rational race-war, rather than an irrational configuration of (democratic) chaos, which is how the author has understood it. Hybridization and diversity do not preclude an unity of specification, quite the reverse is true. The Cathedral is ‘the human race’, conceived as the dialectical struggle-session of historical consciousness. But, who is terrified?… Neoreaction will continue to strive to achieve popular intolerability. This guy is doing a job for us.

    Also, this was the first I’d heard of ‘The Shadow Moses Option’, I’m going to go find what Witch Hammer wrote on it.


    admin Reply:

    Yes, I’ve been over-sympathetic because he seems to get the Patchwork concept (at the end).


    4candles Reply:

    Yeah, I think I mistakenly took the downers not the uppers.

    Interesting stuff btw.


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  • RorschachRomanov Says:

    FYI Mr. Land, you make another appearance in the acceleration series- “Accelerate: Nick Land & Black Shamanism:”


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  • Lucian of Samosata Says:

    The problem with committing to mockery as an encompassing rhetorical strategy is that you inevitably forego the possibility of sober, sincere engagement and meaningful critique.

    For some of us, kynical laughter is worth pursuing for exactly this reason, but for a regime terrified of Exit and desperate to shout it down, derision is an unconvincing front, no matter how ‘classy’.

    Compare/contrast this studied hit piece with Scott Alexander’s altogether more fertile and far less obnoxious efforts.


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  • michael Says:

    @The Man Whose Blood Was Replaces with Worry

    I thought we liked mysogyny and violence


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  • SVErshov Says:

    in ancient time in China highest degree of honor which was awarded by emperor to distinguished man was a metal plate with engraving ” Here Living Those Who Waiting for Death”. it was usually fixed on main entrance. But hell, nowadays we got some paradigm shift, you can wait for death if you want, but I gonna take those (coming soon) Google pills and wait for death much longer, kind of half millennium longer. A lot time to change your mind.


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  • yyeltzin Says:

    To each their own barony of anime, Odin worship, and Bitcoin.

    The poor, unproductive, and stupid can be sealed off in a hermetic pod and plugged into a virtual world, Matrix-style.

    Write code in the morning, forge Thor’s hammer in the afternoon, rear civilization in the evening, and discuss the merits of your king.


    This was supposed to be a critique?


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  • E. Antony Gray (@RiverC) Says:

    It’s propaganda that is targeted at other English-speaking Chinese, IMHO. Jon Stewart stuff really, “This is how you laugh at Westerners like a Westerner”

    There’s not really anything to say about it.


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