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Realistically, economic opportunity on a new frontier is likely to predominate as the driver for geopolitical disintegration, but “Where do I have to go to get away from these people?” is worth carving on the gate of an Exit-based polity. It’s Elysium, and probably the right-most impulse of the present world order. The Cathedral basically coincides with the answer: Nowhere. It’s not an allowable incentive. Still, it’s already a huge incentive (in fact), and every week it gets more huge.

Running the entire immigration crisis through this question is (darkly) enlightening. Anything that might count as a positive answer is probably our stuff.

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  • Kwisatz Haderach Says:

    “Where do I have to go to get away from these people?” is a thought that spontaneously occurs to me just about every day.


    Kgaard Reply:

    I think a more constructive approach is to think about how to recover and re-validate aspects of elitism or a soft caste system. Getting away from “them” is only partially possible. As a political model it is unworkable and probably undesirable. How much of the problem is really in our own minds and consciences — filled as they are with egalitarian principles that are no longer constructive?

    I’ve noticed that the poor are actually fine with elitism and castes — they are among its strongest supporters because they KNOW they need leadership. That’s why the poor vote for lefty “aristocrats” like Kennedy and John Kerry.

    For americans the effort to disentangle from “them” is largely hopeless anyway because of the three-race historical make-up of the country (actually four if you count the Chinese coolies brought in to work on the railroads). The only really alien group in America is Muslims.

    Anyway, as Kierkegaard would argue, the leveling impulse is WITHIN us much more than it is being foisted on us by “them.”


    Kgaard Reply:

    Actually I need to qualify this. There is one glaring instance in which the issue is quite blatantly one of “how do we get away from these people?” That is panhandling by large, aggressive, able-bodied black males in DC and NYC. It’s a massive, massive drain on quality of life. I think Jim did us a service by opening the door to re-thinking the New Testament on the question of how to treat one’s neighbor. In this case, the answer is some kind of anti-panhandling law. Defend the turf — employ the cops to make them go away. Perhaps impose a sort of physical test for panhandling: If you are more able-bodied than X, you cannot do it. Or maybe you need a license to do it. Exceptions could be made when the unemployment rate gets over, say, 8%.


    Kwisatz Haderach Reply:

    Why do I have to put up with any kind of pan-handling? This question is not necessarily rhetorical; if you do have an answer, please explain it to me like I’m five. Also please explain why my fiance must endure the aggressive stares and whistling from the mestizo ingrates who have invaded our territory. It makes her life a hell, she’s practically become a shut-in. At this point our only realistic option is to flee – but if it ever gets to the point when the knives come out, I would honestly like to slaughter a bushel of them.

    By the way, in response to your earlier post. “Them” is usually the Cathedralist SWPLs that are the main tranche of my SES bubble. Working poor whites are usually a breath of fresh air in comparison.

    Top of the “them” list is empire tax-men, of course.

    Kgaard Reply:

    Well we are all to blame. There is blame everywhere (and thus this is really a policy question).

    White capitalists are to blame for demanding growth at all costs (and thus importing brown bodies).
    White women are to blame for not getting married at 17, pumping out five babies each and dressing like Amish women.
    White men are to blame for not being satisfied with banging the same chick for 50 years (and thus assenting to collapse in marriage, and thus lower fertility rates, importation of brown people etc).

    It’s the same old story: Capitalism creates wealth, depressed fertility, demands immigration of low-IQ people, empties out the countryside and makes the cities a) the only places worth living in and b) a big pain in the ass.

    It’s a circle. Or a pie. Everyone wants their piece of it, including the Mexicans.

    Thus the solution is always better policy: Clamp down on panhandling but don’t outlaw it completely, clamp down on set-asides for women and minorities. clamp down on anti-white, anti-family media (perhaps via boycott or public shaming). Get overt about the forces destroying the family. If Christianity is the west’s religion, get overt about it … muscular about it. Propound the axe-swinging version of it.

    Kwisatz Haderach Reply:

    Well we are all to blame.

    My question was:

    Why do I have to put up with any kind of pan-handling?

    It was intended as theoretical question about possible worlds. There is nothing about blame here. It’s obvious to me now, (from Outside the matrix), why 10% of Mexico is now living the United States illegally.

    My question was to you, and your suggestion that we can only do something about the most-intolerable panhandlers. Why not do something about all pan-handling?

    And again, I’m serious. Explain it to me like I’m a small child, innocently asking the question. You have a tendency to wander and (sorry) to pontificate. I want to focus your mind. Stop pulling in grand unifying theories of everything and try to explain to a child why it is that we don’t have to tolerate large aggressive black pan-handlers but we do have to tolerate smaller pan-handlers that display various levels of aggression and melatonin.

    Let me set the scene for you. I am a six year old child that walks home from school every day. I am friendly with, and protected by, the local cop on the school beat, Officer von Karsten. Last week, a scary new man drifted into town from heaven knows where, and started scaring me and the other children, as well as our moms. Today, as I see big, strong Mister Van Karsten standing there, hands on hips, scowling at the Drifter, trying to scare him off. As I pass by, I wonder why Mister Von Karsten couldn’t couldn’t just frog march that man to the county jail to cool his heels for a week as he awaits the standard Hospitality Package of a 5 lashes, a bottle of peroxide, a bag of cotton balls, and a Greyhound ticket voucher.

    Why can’t that be the law of this town that I live in?

    Kgaard Reply:

    Well I guess it can be the law of your town. You just have to vote for it, then enforce it, then deal with any resulting riots. Then deal with the FBI coming in to protect the rioters. So really the problem is at the Federal level. The answer to why you can’t have what you want is that the people at the top don’t want you to have it. They need minority votes in order to get the coalition of non-white/male-capitalists over the 50% hurdle rate needed to commandeer power in the executive branch.

    So, at root, your problem is living in a nice city in a wealthy democracy with a high black population. Solution: Move to Singapore, a poor democracy or a city/country with no aggressive black panhandlers.

    Prague might be a good option. Or Helsinki. I might suggest Asheville NC but they have aggressive WHITE panhandlers who are in many ways even more disturbing.

    How about Prague in summer and Naples FL in winter? Naples is becoming a sort of mecca for capitalists seeking warm weather and toniness.

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  • Rucoi Says:

    In a practical sense I can extricate myself entirely from others but more likely than not I’m still living on taxable land. I’m still playing a role in the lives of ‘these people’ although I might never see them, I cannot completely get away. This often explains the surly aggressive nature of recluses in the wilderness who’s reaction to a fellow human is that of a threatened canine. The reaction is ‘what do you want from me, why can’t you leave me alone’. In entirely practical terms there is no exit. Even in space someone’s laying claim.

    ‘These people’ are increasingly becoming all people, you included. How much of what you’d deem to be agreeable company isn’t the result of being formed as an antithesis to what you’re trying to avoid, the seed of that formation still being what you loathe.


    Grotesque Body Reply:

    “‘These people’ are increasingly becoming all people, you included.”

    We’re never completely clean, so let’s roll in the muck?

    Unless you want to abolish the prison system and the psychiatric care facilities, you have to draw the line somewhere.

    “…the surly aggressive nature of recluses in the wilderness who’s reaction to a fellow human is that of a threatened canine”

    Get out of my sun, prog.


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  • bomag Says:

    We need better people. Then there wouldn’t be so much effort to get away from them.

    I suggest a selective breeding program. It has fantastic results whenever it is tried: roses; canines; cereal grains; cattle; etc, etc.


    Grotesque Body Reply:

    Wow, just wow. It’s 2015, how can you be so bigoted as to want to improve people?


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  • Dale Rooster Says:

    Exit, exploring a new frontier (not directed by The Cathedral), secession…all ideas of hate. How could you want to leave our glorious global community, comrade?

    But here’s how you might fix that: How do you get a Prog to value free speech? Be the one in power who will pass hate-speech laws. After The Restoration, speaking or writing racist/sexist/homophobic jokes will not longer be a hate-crime, but accusing someone of being a racist/sexist/etc. (it could be strongly suggested) might very well be. The same works for Exit. Were regime change to take place, Progs would be screaming that Exit and secession are universal human rights. And if NRx were to succeed, the New Order would heartily agree with them, allowing for, in the very least, a two-state (blue state/red state) solution, thereby commencing the plan for Patchwork. But for now the only thing that matters is that NRx “becomes fashionable,” which means that it cannot be appropriated by Conservative Inc. or Libertarian Est. (both of which suffer from the dreadful me-too virus).

    Paul Gottfried suggested such a tactic (regarding free speech, the FCC and exercising such power) here:

    Also, Matt Forney published a rather dismal and unfortunate hit against NRx recently. However, his critique regarding (some of) NRx’s rather aloof and condescending attitude towards those who show interest in it should be taken seriously. The WNs are doing exactly what Moldbug proposed, not NRx (or so it seems to me).

    NRx has its core ideas. The plan is there. However, I think it suffers from a confusion of tactics: How does one “become fashionable” and yet simultaneously avoid a degeneration into demotic-right-populism in the attempt to implement The Procedure?

    I can only go with my intuition here, and perhaps this gut-feeling I have is too optimistic for Mr. Land’s taste, but I’m still astonished by how many young (35 and younger) people on the right simply have no faith in the current system. They’re looking for something else. They’re searching for Exit. Yes, Trump is cool, they say, but will he, can he actually do anything about this crappy system? Nah, probably not. Pessimism rules the day amongst many in this crowd (a good thing). (On the other hand, I caught one of my conservative friends–33-years-old–telling his 8-year-old daughter the other day that Chinese people come here because of freedom. Ugh. Heavy sigh.)

    Aesthetics, marketing and networking are the keys to seducing more of the populace. The only way to become fashionable is to produce art and sell it as a new and intriguing fashion. But if the goal is to avoid a repeat of f-f-f-fascism, then the keys to populist appeal don’t matter. So how about anti-populist appeals? T-shirts or jewelry and bags and crap with slogans, like, Impose Your Will! Become Who You Are! Crush the 99%! Might Makes Right!

    Those are rather abrasive slogans, but they could work if they were used by hipsters. The contrast is appealing. Who are these faggety fascists? Hmmm. I like them and don’t know why…

    Or we could be humorous. Be sexy. Be dark. Here’s one of my favorite sites for ideas regarding Counter-Revolutionary aesthetics:

    Always leaving room for ambiguity and mystery…

    Anyhow, sorry about the length and schizophrenic nature of this post. Please continue the good work, Mr. Land. Yours is usually the only blog I bother (or have the time) to read anymore.


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