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The disastrous incentive-effects would certainly be moderated. (That’s why military-industrial pork waste is actually the least harmful element of government spending — at least, for everything except defense capability and industrial competence.)

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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    Government is a business granted the special permissions to be the only company selling its product. No competition means prices rise as bloat occurs.


    michael Reply:

    the idea was different factions with govt would keep the others honest the reality is they collude to fix prices


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  • Jefferson Says:

    Increasing tech and its attendant increase in efficiency lowers labor force participation. We’re watching the very (extremely) poor handling of MM’s dire problem unfold in slow motion.


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  • SVErshov Says:

    markets and technology are best hope for humaniy, but it is too late.

    ” … technology–market responses are themselves delayed and imperfect. They take time, they demand capital, they require materials and energy flows, and they can be overwhelmed by population and economic growth. Technical progress and market flexibility will be necessary to avoid collapse and bring the world to sustainability. They are necessary, but they are not enough.” LIMITS TO GROWTH The 30-Year Update Donella Meadows Jorgen Randers Dennis Meadows


    Grotesque Body Reply:

    Who among us cares about ‘humanity’?


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  • D. Says:

    In the welfare states of the post-WWII era, the majority of government spending is redistribution rather than government consumption/investment. Increasing productivity is almost entirely irrelevant to changes in the proportion of GDP devoted to redistribution.


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  • grey enlightenment Says:

    entitlement spending


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  • jack arcalon Says:

    The only thing that matters is that computers get smarter faster than humans get dumber.

    Based on my experience ranging from the TRS-80 to the latest Firefox update they do appear to rival the government growth rate in useless complexity.


    Exfernal Reply:

    Expect someone else writing another browser from scratch. The cycle never ends.


    Neo Soliar Reply:

    I have no doubt that actual improvements can only be made from a complete rewrite of the entire stack. x86 CPUs are impossible to optimize for. ARM is similar. The networking stack was a horrible invention that everyone adopted for compatibility. Windows is not worth talking about. Unix is not expressive enough. Plan 9 would be far better. No need to worry about IPC mechanisms. Web browsers solve a problem that should not exist, and plan 9 does not have. Code grows to millions of lines. Almost every major program has hundreds of really bad errors every month. Just look at how many of the windows updates are critical. Our programs are written in languages that still allow the expression of errors, or worse mix hardware manipulation features with every other part of the language. Almost all of the errors are stupid such as writing outside of an array, accessing an incorrect memory location with pointers, and what not.


    Tentative Joiner Reply:

    Much like government growth, there are several ongoing attempts to counter the growth of useless computer complexity. In fact, the same man is behind some of the most promising developments in both categories.

    Simply to rewrite the browser from scratch will not be enough but replacing the OS, the whole network protocol stack and the browser might. This is what Moldbug’s Urbit is intended to do, all while addressing the complexity and the impermanence of the Web. Once you have bootstrapped Urbit on top of x86/ARM and Unix/NT and Urbit becomes the primary application you run you can drastically simplify the underlying hardware and software.


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  • Xoth Says:

    “Shut up,” he explained.


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  • C Says:

    Every time I check in on this blog, I walk away thinking that anyone involved in NRx is too smart to be this dumb.


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