Twitter cuts (#45)

Throwing in another twitter-cut back-to-back, because this is perfect:

(That’s a description, not a proposal.)

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  • ieatham Says:

    Genius. Describes the situation perfectly.

    I think there are much, much deeper things going on here than just politics. But working through them is kind of laborious, like trying to figure out some great engineering problem. The truth is that actually understanding what is going on requires as much time as any other great endeavor. But I am going to give a few thoughts.


    1. Social media (acquaintance exposure)
    2. Internet (stranger exposure)
    3. Intelligence exposure
    4. Humanity awareness
    5. History awareness
    6. Nature unawareness

    This is kind of silly, but honestly I really think this is what is happening.

    1 and 2 refer to the idea that we have become more aware than ever before of what *other people* are like inside their own minds. We are exposed directly to the inner thoughts and ideas of other human beings through the internet. Both strangers, and people in our own lives.

    3 refers to the fact that this also allows us to have a much greater exposure and genuine understanding of how intelligent other people actually are.

    4 refers to the idea that we have, in some sense, a much more general picture of what general mankind is actually like. That is to say, since we are exposed to so many people so often, we are then able to form a fairly accurate mental map of exactly what is going on in the world. We can see the averages and distributions – naturally.

    5 refers to the idea that the above 4 are new historical events. Never before has this happened. In this sense, what happened before in history is becoming irrelevant. We have old ideas that persist in the minds of many. The “intelligent” people of the past may have behaved VERY differently had they known what we know now because of 1-4 .

    6 refers to our complete unawareness of “why” we feel the way we do at this point in time. We are so confounded by new developments in technology. We feel stressed out and confused, but we don’t even really know why. We have to sort of mentally just “go with” whatever we think it is that is causing us to feel this way, but sometimes we don’t actually really know. The thing we attribute to our beliefs/feelings is often completely false, in reality the reason we feel or think something may be totally different. In this case, I feel a sense of being “different” from society, I blame it on various things. However, I may just be unaware that this is a unique point in history and that the things creating my inner mental state and belief system are actually just things that nobody has ever experienced until this point in time .

    Acquaintance exposure (1) is probably one of the most soul crushing things about the Social Media Age. It is bringing about a change in human conditions that will not be reversed, and will have long lasting effects. Acquaintance exposure in combination with stranger exposure results in a complex myriad of effects. Our “ideas” about what is a “stranger” and what is an “acquaintance” and what is a “friend” are all being messed with. And we can hardly even tell that it is happening. Naturally, because we are human beings, and we are about 1% or less as intelligent as we believe ourselves to be. All of this is simply happening to us, outside of our control. We are unwitting passengers on this social media trainride.

    So we have to figure out how to work it into a structure that actually benefits instead of just destroys those who are most intelligent. Naturally, people with differing views are taking an especially hard hit from the social media age. We are often exposed to our own “difference” day in and out, and made aware of our inability to speak or behave like others. This results in a sense of alienation that I think is probably about as horrible as an alienated state can possibly be. We now have political dissidents and intellectuals who can come to feel nearly as bad about themselves – socially – as someone might have in the Salem witch trials. We are living in an age of witch hunts.

    All of this may or may not relate to neoreaction. I just wanted to get my own thoughts out.

    I want to see 1 and 2 being carefully tweaked. The issue is that we don’t even have platforms from which to indulge in widespread acquaintance exposure that actually fits to an ideology of rationality/discovery. We do have these “fashion shows for beliefs” on our main social-channels. And this is just soul crushing today. We have to figure out a way to reverse or re-construct new centralized spheres within various loci. I am fine with blogs which are fascinating. At the same time, I suppose I just wish to see a more nuanced and sort of widespread sort of “acquaintance exposure” that anybody can easily join to, instead of just widespread and helter-skelter “stranger-exposure.”

    How? Well, first to even consider the concept is good. I would say that we need to foster new social platforms for various intensities in different flavors. It’s getting boring out there, the social media nebulae increasingly looks like a shopping TV channel at 4 AM, of course peppered with ideology.

    It’s a simple fact that the right wing – excuse me – the outer right – today is lucky to lay claim to something I might describe as “enjoyment” or “excitement.” A sense of discovery or play. There is something fun, and humorous, about all of this. There is surprise. We don’t need to be going on social media and trying to convince everyone directly of the “facts” of biology. Well, I have no problem with that actually.

    I do think that we should be proud – and aware – of the fact that we are doing something exciting and interesting. We are working in areas of thinking that are new, and that are challenging. We’re not just going along with everyone else. So in some way, defined neoreactionary excitement is by no means something to shy away from. IMO.


    Jefferson Reply:

    I think you’re looking at these issues not quite deeply enough. The mechanism at work is the democratization of religion; with the Internet and social media, each individual picks his own vectors for holiness (rule 34, but more). If your meat space peers exceed your capacity for status along their vectors, go online and discover the rescue greyhound community! A stranger is someone whose status vectors are perpendicular to yours (an acquaintance’s are merely not parallel).


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  • William Newman Says:

    Ah, the starry-eyed optimism. I myself seem to be seeing a lot of fashion magazines for talking points.


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  • grey enlightenment Says:

    isn’t that what the newspaper is?


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  • Jefferson Says:

    Haven’t they all gone bankrupt?


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