Twitter cuts (#5)

Racial healing from the Duck:

(Best way to keep up with the Sith these days is to read the Washington Post.)

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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    After centuries of denial, America’s persistent racial divide is back in the open again. How will I seek denial today? Maybe a mission trip to Haiti, or a shopping spree at Neiman’s. Or perhaps just more television, watery beer and pointless conversation with ICYMI hipsters.


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  • Chris B Says:

    Don’t forget the Daily Mail –


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  • Chris B Says:

    The trolling needs to be ratcheted up. They can’t take it. Also, does this not point to a far higher readership of NRx in journalist circles than they are letting on?


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  • Izak Says:

    Honestly, this is a kind of protest I can get behind. More black activists need to wage war in the rich districts or wealthy suburbs of places like New York City, Washington DC, Queens, The Hamptons, Miami, etc.

    If black folks protested like this en masse, I guarantee you that the so-called Cathedral would change its tune pretty damn quick. You’d see a distinct change of strategy. In fact, the report from the Post here could anticipate such a change. You never see endorsements or displays of conservative humor and aloofness — yet here we see The Duck Enlightenment being given an unofficial tip of the hat. Protests are always great until they affect you.


    CMB Reply:

    That’s an appealing prospect, but I don’t see it happening. Considering how long Occupy Wall St went on in the financial heart of darkness (and even up to Times Square) and how ultimately nothing came of that, I can’t imagine anything coming of this. If these people change their tune at all, it’ll simply be to scale back to more manageable levels their rhetoric regarding all this #BlackLivesMatter stuff until it loses steam and the protests fizzle out; these protesters are probably too disorganized to sustain something like this without ceaseless media assistance. Then, they’ll steer people toward something else to distract/outrage them and life as we know it will keep chugging along.


    Izak Reply:

    I can’t imagine anything coming of it either, but mostly because black people are far too uncoordinated to come up with a persistent form of protest that resembles this one. You’re totally right in your speculations, I think.

    Occupy Wall St is quite different, however, because it was organized as a massive social event where everyone could ‘get their sillies out’. This is basically antisocial party-crashing, and it implies that black people understand how uniquely repelling they are to rich whites, democrat and republican alike. The form of protest betrays an attitude which makes for a much more well-founded “us” and “them.”

    If I remember correctly, Saul Alinsky advocated doing something similar, except it involved do-gooder white guys herding around hordes of blacks and using their repellent qualities in order to benefit them politically.

    If (and I do mean merely “if”) these types of protests continued and strengthened, the White left would be in a very odd spot, and that would be pretty amusing to watch.


    vxxc2014 Reply:


    OWS has light years of catchup to Black it up.

    In fact OWS/=White either, they’re Lilies.

    #BlacklivesMatter – not anymore. #BlueLivesMatterMore.

    Things have changed.

    I love what the Duck did there of course.

    Pants Up, Don’t Loot. That was a sign hanging from a STL overpass.

    I don’t think they matter to their own who’ve escaped the vile inane sewer that is the ghetto. You’ll never see anyone walk away faster and farther. Run. For some time now.
    These are the left behind.

    Mr. Stephens I don’t think this is the usual racial divide. Nope.

    The Blacks have remained a constant. What’s happened is we have changed.
    I don’t find us like this in our History in fact.

    The Beast is awake, and it wasn’t the Blacks who awakened him.


    Aeroguy Reply:

    I’ve said it before, pressure the Harvard Professors to invite the Black Panthers to protest inside of their nice white neighborhoods as a show of solidarity.


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  • Rasputin Says:

    A great Troll from the Duck.


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  • kgst Says:

    red guards sent into the present maos final revenge


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