Twitter cuts (#72)

Inevitable quibbles aside, it’s quite shocking how well this works.


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  • Anon Says:

    Superficially funny in a Buzzfeed sense, but lacks nuance. Or was that the point?


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  • S.C. Hickman Says:

    Except Wyoming, Utah, and Nebraska (iffy) are staunch conservative Republican … yea, the others in the northwest are lefties for sure…


    admin Reply:

    Those cases are in my “inevitable quibbles” category.


    Lucian Reply:

    I was going to point this out, but I’m assuming having all the “gibsmedat fried chicken” states somehow in the authoritarian right sector is such a quibble too.

    Otherwise given the playful use of the map-territory metaphor it’s probably about as substantial as what I’d suspect from twitter (false flagging as Shlomo Shekelstein got old about late 2014).


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  • smg Says:

    Nah, really doesn’t work.


    admin Reply:

    If it worked better than it does it would mess up everything.


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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    Texas is about to learn why Libertarianism is self-obliteration!


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  • Kgaard Says:

    Jesus no wonder I’m pissed off all the time — I’ve spent my life in the authoritarian lefty quadrant. Two other guys who live in my area are Mark Levin and Pat Buchanan — also pissed off all the time.

    Interesting thing about where this guy draws the horizontal axis between texas and louisiana. There is a dramatic climate change that occurs on Interstate 10 around the border there. On the LA side it is lush and green, on the TX side it is dry and brown. The whole transition takes less than an hour in the car. Very odd. Always struck me as something that could lead to two different kinds of people.


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  • cyborg_nomade Says:

    this has been by far the most accurate of those maps I’ve seen yet


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  • TheDividualist Says:

    This would predict a random European visiting the US would see Portland (LL) as the most foreign place, the place with with the least familiar vibes. He understands AR from history, AL from the present, and LR from cowboy movies, but has no idea about LL. (No, 1968 e.g. Sorbonne wasn’t LL. Maoists were far more influential than Anarchists.)


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