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  • grey enlightenment Says:

    it would seem like ‘low information’, wishful thinking is in the lower-half … realism in the upper-half


    John Reply:

    That’s one way of putting it. The lower half is intuition heavy, but that need not be derogatory.


    Henk Reply:

    Those vertical axis labels are tendentious. Abstracting from that, we get alignment with either genetic heritage, or techno-capital. There’s a third basic choice (non-alignment), but since that usually works out to almost the same as techno-capital alignment, that axis works for me, too.

    The horizontal seems less fundamental, since too much of “we don’t believe in HBD” is mendacity/signalling.


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  • Hyper Says:

    I like it…except for I think that is a poor characterization of Stratfor. However, lately I’ve been accused of being both a spook and shill, so who knows? Spooky if true.


    Ryan C Reply:

    This isn’t twitter, why be vague and short?

    Stratfor is probably more realist, as when one actually sees how the third world works, you… become more realistic.

    But I wouldn’t say they are far more realist.


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  • cyborg_nomade Says:

    political compass easily mappable to this one, by mere inversion: HBD + “All of us are prisoners of capitalism” = libertarian right, the rest follows


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  • cyborg_nomade Says:

    the ideological space triangle is a more difficult problem, though.


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  • SVErshov Says:

    to see what on other side you have to jump on the fence. that is what border lines for.


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  • Anon Says:

    Severely off-topic, but Greg Cochran was just interviewed for a podcast in which he was playfully toying with the idea that certain recent events in global history were an attempt to exhume the bodies of people like Alexander the Great or Genghis Khan for genetic purposes. Spinning this off from your prediction that:

    >at some point in the dawning Chinese Century, there’ll be a serious defense of ancestor worship


    Anon Reply:

    Whoops, looks like I jumped the gun and didn’t read far down enough, you’re up to date on his blog so probably aware


    michael Reply:

    at about minute 4 Gingrich asked the the motivation for the cuckservatives against trump responds ” signaling moral virtue”


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  • Aristocles Invictvs Says:

    Found a meme made you would enjoy Nick:


    Aristocles Invictvs Reply:

    so giddy to post it I botched the preamble… think of it as an irruption from the libidinal strata


    a Reply:

    rofl, you hit the spot. i´ve only seen a few of these, and the other one i remember was was with Houellebecq.

    Not to inspire more memes here, hardly.

    We shall leave that for the chadocrats….

    Who eagerly await their salvation in either a dark degenerate dystopia, or a new barbaric purity.


    John Hannon Reply:

    Bang on – the fastest philosopher in the East, accelerating exponentially into a post-human future!
    Nick’s writing was one of my inspirations when I created this bit of nonsense a few years back while playing around with Ableton Live –


    atlan ode Reply:



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  • S.C. Hickman Says:

    Where’s Nietzsche and Bataille? 🙂

    “In opposition to this dwarfing and adaptation of man to a specialized utility, a reverse movement is needed— the production of a synthetic, summarizing, justifying man for whose existence this transformation of mankind into a machine is a precondition, as a base on which he can invent his higher form of being.”

    -Fredrich Nietzsche, Will to Power


    Anon Reply:

    I think what makes compasses like these unwieldy is that certain parts of NRx and the alt-right sphere use or are at least familiar with continental philosophy, and some have an allergic reaction to anything remotely continental (with the exception of maybe Nietzsche). Meanwhile you find left RationalWiki types endlessly quoting analytic philosophy icons like Russel (but strangely never Wittgenstein).


    S.C. Hickman Reply:

    It was partially an inside joke: Nick emerged out of the belly of the beast, the underbelly of European Continental thought of which Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Bataille, and Deleuze are only the most obvious players. So they’d fit somewhere close to Nick’s name in there … 🙂


    Arian Machinechrist Reply:

    Oh, your big N quotations have been quite a propos! respected Hickman. Do not mistake a no-comment for a disapproval, ignoring or even an ignoramusing. No, sometimes things are so appropriate that nothings seems optimal to be said.
    Perhaps even, prince Gautama´s noble silence.

    Dick Wagner Reply:

    How’s this, from Nietzschke’s notebook:

    “Zarathustra [is] happy about the fact that class war is over, and now there is finally time for a rank ordering of Individuals. Hatred against the democratic system of leveling is only foreground: in fact he [Zarathustra] is very happy that this has come thus far. Now he can finish his task. —”


    Dick Wagner Reply:

    I wonder what’s in Land’s notebook?? Bet he won’t post a pdf of it.


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  • dale rooster Says:

    I have a lot of respect for David Nolan. Knew him somewhat personally but only through libertarian activism. I wish I could have shared Moldbug with him before his heart killed him in his car. (He died four years before I discovered MB.) His reactions to various political spectrums derived from his chart were always humorous and skeptical, but thoughtful and reflective.

    So, “serious” normies are Progs, I’m guessing. Top = Rationalism; Bottom = Idealism (a century of philosophy later: Top: analytic; Bottom: continental).

    Eh. Okay, so…Ayn Rand is top because Objectivism (or, as some are so fond of saying…autism). But the spirit of her fiction belongs to the bottom half, the Faustian Spirit, the Fountainhead, the lone artist who rebels against the crowd, etc. I used to hammer Nolan on his chart, despite how clever it was, because it was so reductionistic. Ex: “I’m a liberal…who supports speech codes and gun control.” Moldbug (and Nietzsche) do political “science” a favor by taking historical twists and turns into account leading to what means what.

    Dugin’s in the same class as normies? Normies are soft existentialists now? Regime media, who hates Dugin, are soft continental philosophers who tell the Normies to hate Dugin?

    Where does Lincoln go?


    Apotheotic Monkey Business Ltd. Reply:

    The lover side, sorry, I mean the lower side, (“muh feels”, anger, hopes, annoyance, grievance, nostalgian, sorrow) is inspired by and hoping for what once was too such an extent that it can be regarded as more sustaining and propagating sentiment rather than realistic or doable — a viable strategy.

    E.g. hope for that the ‘neophilia’ that originated somewhere in* the Middle Ages to finally end, and for the, as it were, slow times to return.

    (* Or simply with Modernity, or the Enlightenment. It´s obvious to me that it had started in the 14th century at the latest.)

    This overlaps with them don´t knowing how capitalism works, and thus not knowing what it properly is. Capitalism is completely rational (even the sentimental trends of the people are predicted — and directed — accurately enough to sustain profit, as seen by companies in the business for decades or centuries).

    Capitalism isn´t just some inhuman system. Some of the higher-tier are guys with extraordinary abilities and the right background making their teenage dreams happen.

    And a lot of jelly makes it even hard to admit this observable and endlessly documented fact.

    E.g. the main guy at Nintendo who died not long ago, or the guy making the Zelda games. Or tada! Steve Jobs, Bill Gates.

    > muh socialism
    > muh church
    > muh pat


    Arian´s Apothecary Reply:

    That is not to say that they are useless or without hope. One of the greatest medievalists that I know of in the world is one who´ve I´ve engaged in conversation about this all, for half a decade, has through our conversation begun to see that a life too much in nostalgia is just that, a life too much in nostalgia.

    Meanwhile somebody else who I´ve talked to for the same time, is the same para-Fascist he was when he first contacted me even more years ago.

    The difference is in that the former was fare more intelligent to begin with, and still is, obviously, so altho he was more a traditionalist, indeed a Christian Medievalist, because of his high intelligence he was able to evolve more than a younger Fascist. Their difference now is that the Medievalist can read Nietzsche, and learn from him, but the Fascist never could.

    If your Political striving is merely sentimental there is no room for growth. There´s only room for sentimental heights again and again. And the Fascist sentiment has many books on it, and shares some structure with the Alt-Right.
    It´s the same as an obsession with Jews or Niggers, it becomes a demon who feeds on the arousal of the sentiment and it buries itself well into your psyche, so you never have access to who you were before starting to be its food.

    In situations where these people get power, it ain´t pretty. Because it ain´t them that´s fully operating. This you see in the Bolsheviks, in the Red Guard, in the Blackshirts and the Nazis. These are movements that feed on negative sentiment.

    Not that Capitalists are robots, but there´s a difference between emotion and sentiment in this traditional typology.

    Is negative sentiment deployed/harnessed by the Deep State? It certainly was in the Gladio operation, as late as the 80´s.

    But here we are in the territory of homo sacer.

    Watch out for those hopes.

    And delete your mourning.

    If there is some form of the past that you think would do good in the now, re-present it, without ressentiment, but with joy.

    Of course, as predicted almost 200 years ago, only a few can do that.


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  • John Hannon Says:

    Vaguely (very vaguely) reminiscent of Wilber’s orienting generalization –


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  • Tentative Joiner Says:

    Good choice of axes. If either political compass represents linear space, however, its placement of Moldbug and Land relative to the anime Nazis and other totalitarian sentimentalists (potentially chewy ambiguity) is wrong. Those tend to see whites as as good as uniform; regardless of Moldbug’s stated values, he doesn’t. They also by definition ignore the coming wave of HBD-acceleration (fail to “think face tentacles”), meaning that Land must be placed farther East of them.


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  • TheDividualist Says:

    The original is better. I love “prisoners of capitalism”. The idea being that it is not about emotionally liking and supporting capitalism but simply the idea that competition does not care about your emotions, whoever wins, wins. It could even be that it is not pure capitalism that wins e.g. state investment into infrastructure can be a good idea. The point is that it is likely the systems with the least emotional reasoning will win.

    The original is very insightful. “muh feelings: justice for all” and “muh feelings: my tribe is my identity” really captures the mainstream left and alt-right. In the north segments, mainstream “serious intellectuals” of the Marginal Rev type really think like the whole world could work fine if only they would adopt the right economic policy, they refuse to notice differences in human hardware. The northeast segment is probably the truest but also the hardest to sell. Selling people “racism” but without emotional attachment to the lower IQ members of your own race? Good luck to that. A capitalism not interpreted as a flag-waving national tradition? Good luck selling that.


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