Twitter cuts (#88)

Given that the Alt-Right is primarily paleo-fascist, that sounds like an impractical strategy. (Still, it’s complicated.)

((Blame Kek for the header.))

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  • michael Says:

    Milos not trying to do anything but find ways to monetize milo.


    Brett Stevens Reply:

    I saw him last night in a large and bloated city near me. He was compelling, and came across as nervous and even shy but earnest, which won the audience over completely. The pacing of his delivery was more like that of a comedian than a political speaker, but that worked very well, separating out the density of the material. His presentation was humorous but the most compelling moments came from the Q&A. Allum Bokhari was there as well, and I was glad to see him. I think what these guys are doing is trying to beat down the presumed legitimacy of the Left by pointing out the standard misbehavior of liberals, while hinting at a strong yearning for a traditional lifestyle. My guess is that Milo is depending on the rest of the alt right to rush through the door that he has opened and finish the job. During the speech, he claimed that perhaps 5% of the alt right was “racist, homophobic and all that mishmash of stuff” — trivializing it in the process — and then turned the question around by calling the Left racist and intolerant. He is not a fuehrer, but he is an important figure in reversing the disease of Leftism and at least chipping away at the decline of the West.


    AureliusMoner Reply:

    I basically agree. There is a video on the web of Milo in his very early days of public life; in it, he discusses his own awareness of the degeneracy of his homosexual inclinations – a personal intuition of his, which he portrays as harmonizing with his Catholic Faith (which he cites), rather than being unreflectively lifted from it.

    I found it; skip to 4:50 or so.

    My hunch, is that Milo is privately a man of the Right; but, he understands that he would simply be dismissed as another self-loathing, repressed right-winger if he embraced the right straightforwardly as a garden-variety ex-gay. Indeed, that is exactly what happens in the video above, since his more restrained, conservative posture in that debate leaves him firmly on the defensive through the whole interview. He has remarked at many other occasions upon how, historically, flamboyant types have been effective provocateurs (albeit usually to drag society Leftward) and he views this as a strength of the stereotypically effeminate flamboyancy. I think he chose at some point to use it, therefore, to go on the offensive and to disarm the Liberal posturing against him, right off the bat.

    In other words, I think Milo is simply playing the hand he’s been dealt, and is using Liberalism’s built-in incoherency in order to dislodge people from dogmatic Social JeWry. He then nudges them towards the Right, knowing that what they find there will be a lot more intellectually, spiritually and emotionally satisfying, if only they can experience it without the influence of the Liberal spell upon them. I would say that it seems directly based upon the Christian model: turn evil upon itself and, with its power thus broken, make use of its supplies to provision the egress from Egypt.

    I could be entirely wrong, of course, but that is how I understand him at present. If and when he starts presenting his affectation of flamboyant, Classical Liberalism as though it were Alt-Right thought pure and simple, it may be time to view him as a saboteur. For now, my appraisal of him seems to coincide more or less with yours.


    michael Reply:

    I haven’t followed him very closely but from what i have seen that’s a bit too much credit to give him. He seems embroiled in a major embezzlement scandal i heard, and as i said seems pretty much enjoying some accidental notoriety that allows him to play lord Sebastian as long as the lolly lasts.
    I suppose if it takes a dangerous faggot to get the thinest wedge of something other than utter leftism under millennials then its progress. This sort of assumes classical liberalism is not proto leftism which nrx at least think it is, the alt right as far as i can tell is a little squishy on that. Id say the alt right seems maybe eqally alt left classical liberal circa 1780 and moldbuggian , so in that sense milo might fit somewhere in there. as you no Im a bit skeptical democracy is the real problem but that said milo without the faggotry would have fit well at nro 15 years ago. I would keep him at arms length.


    (N) G. Eiríksson Reply:

    it seems [he´s] embroiled in a major embezzlement scandal you heard?

    is he or is he not? my first bet it would be jealousy and other resentment that makes the rumour or misjudgment; this always happens to certain types of figures in subculture.

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  • Avoid the Reptiloid Says:


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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    If Milo finds a way to monetize being anti-Leftist, that’s a double win: de facto Rightism advances and a wider market is created for anti-liberal thought.

    I am sympathetic to both sides.

    From the Milo/Allum side, it makes sense to peel the outer layers of the onion first.

    From the boots ‘n braces side, it makes sense to kick the door wide open and create chaos, controversy and open warfare.

    I suggest both: we start referring to Milo as alt-right-lite and then demand that alt-right be even more radical in its attacks on Leftist thought.

    This week’s meme should be helicopter rides.


    Dick Wagner Reply:

    Milo is useful for the same reason Nydwracu is useful: leftists have open ears for flaming homosexuals.


    Mr. Archenemy Reply:

    Nydwracu is a flaming homosexual?


    Dick Wagner Reply:

    I used to follow him on tumblr and when anons would sent something inane to his inbox he would respond with “im gay and i <3 stalin. restore the stuarts". This is a good strategy, even though for him I don't think it was a strategy, it was just the truth. Progs are receptive to gays like they are to blacks and women no matter what irrational crap comes out of their mouths.

    Mr. Archenemy Reply:

    Met him once a few years ago, didn’t seem flaming at all. For the LOLs, maybe?

    Either way, doesn’t really matter.

    Hestianprice Reply:

    Where and when did you meet nydwracu? What was he like?

    michael Reply:

    Im all for no enemies to the right and incrementalism I am even fine with nrx signalling they are not alt right as long as we all know its PR. Is it my imagination or are there not an awful lot of fags on the new right. I cant help thinking that the correct approach is it should not be flaunted and officially unlawful though if you are discreet productive and dont corrupt other its ignored.but its not something im really interested in at this point except the phenomena is add.


    oh_really Reply:

    I wouldn’t be too sure that it’s PR, Michael. Admin’s hatred of the white working class is sincere, he uses words like “Irredeemable” and “monsters”. He has said that he would like to see them weakened and subjugated by the Chinese, of all people.

    Obviously, such a fate would conflict with accelerating the pace of technological development which he claims to be his raison d’etre. But there always was more than a flavor of resentment buried in Mr. Land’s desire to see the robots crush his fellow man. The desire of the bullied nerd to see the mean jocks and girls of their home town laid low may be overlaid with rationalizations… but at root, it is but a feeling, at the pit of a poisoned soul.


    Lucian Reply:

    I can tell your name isn’t Nietzsche ’cause your rhetorical use of ad hominem is basic bitchboy level.

    michael Reply:

    agreed Land is on some psychodrama if its hysterical its historical as they say. Unfortunately its a theme that often accompanies the gifted they’re poorly socialized.And so it to a lesser extent infects nrx generally which is unfortunate because it makes them blind to the only semi-collapse they are ever going to seen the collapse of faith in elite leadership.But from what I can tell the rest of nrx is still bitterly clinging to throne and alter and Evola or whatever old book is popular with them lately. Many of them have the asian fetish,but they seem oddly able to understand the evolutionary threat of those below them but not understand the threat from above is ultimately greater. Nor can they seem to grasp that those who get this are not simply some redneck derivative. bluntly put they still believe in multiculturalism. I understand why when you really grok HBD well i was practically speechless for two years and i was always a fairly race realistic new york city kid and an alpha male so I had few illusions to smash yet when i really really accepted it all it was like that movie where they spend several days watching the huge asteroid approach that will wipe out earth, when you think about what last ditch efforts could be made or how it might unwind it gets even worse. If there really were exits i would use them in fact i did in 92 exit nyc for north idaho its futile the camp of the saints is probably reaching Newfoundland by now.Im a very well paid blue collar guy from an upper class artist intellectual half european family so i dont really relate 100% to any class. ironically I dont think anyone really disagrees that the brighter should lead the dimmer. But they should stop experimenting on them, and this bothers me about nrx a bit and lands ideas a lot its just some new progressivism. Of course I cant accxept MM as my lord and savior a prophet surely but his blog is not scripture, his assertions are never really tested just accepted on rhetorical and anecdotal basis whats more his alleged prescriptions are never thought through beyond the problem they are thought to solve and certainly the fact that they are sp far fetched they could never be implemented is ignored completely. Its a cult is what it is, which is a shame as he had some interesting things to say criques to make and things to ponder. But its gone almost nowhere since.

    Lucian come on be real Lands Contemp for the average people is legendary and in black and white in his own hand all over this blog, so you cant be protesting that are you insinuating the alleged motivation is a libel? There really are not many possibilities for it childhood abuse is the most generous. how about evil commie genius gone mad?

    Lucian Reply:

    “There really are not many possibilities for it childhood abuse is the most generous.”

    This explains a lot; mike is actually stef molyneux.

    Cryptogenic Reply:

    Michael, you just haven’t reached 33rd degree in the Gnonic lodge yet. What admin has above all is the ability to pass *through* those places on the map where be dragons.

    It’s not mere obstreperousness or fucking with the plebes. It’s much, much worse than that.


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  • Cryptogenic Says:

    There is a line of rightwing homosexuals: Evelyn Waugh, Saki, Yukio Mishima, Richard Spencer…


    BJE &&& Reply:

    kekked me w/Spencer 😉

    Milo is a degenerated but he is one of OUR degenerates 🙂


    vxxc2014 Reply:


    Who cares he’s a winner.

    @the right stuff has too much time on his hands.


    grey enlightenment Reply:


    had no idea spencer was gay

    it seems like the right has its fair share of them , as does the left too


    Cryptogenic Reply:

    I am joking of course.


    (N) G. Eiríksson Reply:

    hue hue


    Anon Reply:



    Cryptogenic Reply:,_Platos_Inappropriateness_%26_Sex_at_the_Level_of_%22Mutual_Masturbation%22.html

    I don’t know if he ever rode the tiger, IYKWIMAITYD.


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  • fnn Says:

    Waugh fathered seven children. He got into homo cuz it was mandatory at his English public school.


    direita Reply:

    Kevin MacDonald defines Alt Right as ‘full-throated identitarian, explicitly White, race realist, and Judæo-critical’. As Jews fear the ‘nationalism and aggressive Christianity’ which would greatly benefit whites, it is difficult to see how Jews could make a genuine positive contribution to Alt Right. A negative contribution, however, is certainly on the cards: ‘This is what Jews do when they detect dissent to their political power, they immediately form the bodies that control the opposition.’


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  • grey enlightenment Says:

    Milo is probably the first person since Ronald Regan to make right wing politics cool again…no small feat..NRO sure didn’t


    Mr. Archenemy Reply:

    well, CLEARLY he should be immediately purged, so someone can signal how holy they are.


    michael Reply:

    you really think this guys that significant?


    apatheticcrank Reply:

    That you think Ronald Reagan was any sort of “right wing” says a lot about how you view things.


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  • Yonnny 2-Toes Says:

    TheRightStuff.reeeee are midwit goons surrounded by smelly incels. no moar post pls.


    frank Reply:

    I think if TRS didn’t exist, we wouldn’t be talking about alt-right. They’re the most prolific meme magicians of he AR.


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  • NotJamesKirk Says:

    Long time lurker for the links mostly.

    Milo is
    1. for Milo
    2. A Zionist Jew
    3. Ultimately a snake Jew trying to water down the “alt-right”

    The “alt-right” is:
    1. Pro-white in white countries. America and Europe are whites countries for white people. Fuck off shitskins.
    2. anti jewish. Jews are bad for whites.
    3. anti materialistic

    A lot of the more vocal voices in the “alt-right” are non-whites, jews, or crypto jews.

    Non-whites are like Vox Day.
    Jews are like Milo.
    Crypto Jews are like Lauren Southern or Stefan Molyneux. (Not her real name)
    Alex Jones is a good goy.

    All three groups try to tone down the “alt-right” for shekels and to make it more Jew friendly. Anti-semitism is a feature and driving force of this “movement”, without it I might as well voted for Jeb! Jews do not have whites interests at heart, they have Jews interests at heart. There is no reason for a white person not to go full 14/88, there is nothing to lose.

    NRx is dead because the “alt-right” absorbed it. This comic explains why there will be no “exit”.
    The masses will simply beat you into submission.

    Also, its funny that Libertarianism was abandoned right around the time NRx died. Around 2012 and Ron Paul’s failed Presidential bid. Then a year later the modern “alt-right” stuff started happening.

    tldr; You are either alt-kike or alt-reich. That is the split and the only one that matters.


    michael Reply:

    you really want to sell 1488 you will have to prove it, jew success or even acting in jew interest over adopted nation interest wont cut it with most. most will think yeah but not gas chambers again or can you blame them after gas chamber. yeah i know i heard it all, i am saying practically speaking you have a better chance of turning jews into loyal whites by holding their feet to diversity fire they started. if you are adamant you and weev better get cracking you will need every word soros and co ever wrote or said in private and it better be explicit with deadly intent or it just won’t turn goodwhites against jews. dont get mad at me i think there’s a fair chance you are right that a certain percent of a certain type of jew is doing what you say, but id say they are as evil as Clinton or Merkel who i have no problem putting in a guillotine if the opportunity presents at which point we can put a bunch of jews in there too for specific crimes. The problem jews are the Ashkenazi 60% italian and they are being bred at elite schools with whites and have already mostly abandoned religion they wont know they are jewish much longer . That said maybe pointing out their treachery helps them rethink, but maybe it make them circle wagons. I would say the best tactic is too encourage as many of them to repent and join sure keep an eye out for entryism but Honestly, we can survive a jew overlording better than a nigger invasion so if i have to ally with the jew to stop the camp of saints for now fine i can deal with treachery later.


    michael Reply:

    I think the better slogan is either globalist or nationalist


    NotJamesKirk Reply:

    I don’t have to prove 14/88 because its self-evidently true. My type of thinking will win out on the 100 year time scale because diversity will fracture the country and everyone will know why. Making deals with Jews is what got us into this mess in the first place. America is a white nation, no further justification is needed to remove non-whites. Jews are not white, they tell us all the time they are Jewish. Get a spine.

    (N) G. Eiríksson Reply:

    if jews are what chiefly what caused the decline of western civilization (a term that only dates back to the 1700´s btw) then what chiefly caused the decline of other white civilizations or peoples in history of which there are dozens?

    e.g. the Hittites, the Tocharians, the Solutreans, the Celts, the Vedic civilization?

    the only answer I´ve ever gotten to this is a vague citation to cyclical decline, but if jews are a special factor now, what was the special factor before?

    in any case it´s seems more than evident that civilizations decline (and white people disappear) [also] because of factors other than the jews.

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  • Worm Says:

    This post mentions The Right Stuff, so I went to the TRS site, read their latest article (The US Government Takes a Step Towards War in Syria), and randomly selected the following excerpt:

    “Despite the talking heads lamenting the existence of ISIS, the reality is that stopping ISIS is not the primary goal of American foreign policy in the Middle-East. From Hillary Clinton’s leaked emails, we have an honest insight into the goals of the establishment:

    “The best way to help Israel deal with Iran’s growing nuclear capability is to help the people of Syria overthrow the regime of Bashar Assad.”

    Forget the nonsense you hear about America’s foreign policy being concerned only with the well being of people being oppressed. The best way to defeat ISIS would be to back Assad, but for the reasons stated above, America will not do this. That’s because Israel has very powerful co-ethnics in the United States who put the interest of their country (Israel) first. This is why Trump’s slogan of “America First” has been decried as anti-Semitic — not because it is anti-Jewish, but because it is not in the interest of Jews.”


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  • Worm Says:

    “One of the most secret forms of the gigantic, and perhaps the oldest, is the tenacious skillfulness in calculating, hustling, and intermingling through which the worldlessness of Jewry is grounded” – Heidegger GA 95: 97 (Überlegungen VIII, 5).

    “The last god has his own most unique uniqueness and stands outside of the calculative determination expressed in the labels “mono-theism,” “pan-theism,” and “a-theism.”

    There has been “monotheism,” and every other sort of “theism,” only since the emergence of Judeo-Christian “apologetics,” whose thinking presupposes “metaphysics.”

    With the death of this God, all theisms wither away.

    The multiplicity of gods is not subject to enumeration but, instead, to the inner richness of the grounds and abysses in the site of the moment for the lighting up and concealment of the intimation of the last god.” (Heidegger)


    Dick Wagner Reply:

    The “last god” – that reminds me of this from H’s Contributions which lines up with NRx’s exit project: “The age of the complete absence of questioning tolerates nothing questionable and destroys all solitude… This age of the complete absence of questioning can be overcome only through an age of simple solitude, in which preparedness for the truth of be-ing itself is being prepared.”


    John Hannon Reply:

    “This age of the complete absence of questioning can be overcome only through an age of simple solitude”

    Just to get a sense of where Heidegger’s thinking comes from, I once spent 2 weeks wandering the field paths and forest trails around Todtnauberg. It’s an untouched-by-progress sort of place, naturally conducive to meditative as opposed to calculative thinking, and sufficiently quiet for the voice of Being to be heard. But how many philosophers are grounded in such simple solitude today?
    In any case I was thoroughly bored there after 2 weeks.


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  • Dick Wagner Says:

    It’s interesting that besides the oven in the twitter pics “Right” is the prominent propaganda. What is it that attracts people to the Right label?

    On a related note: is it a synchronicity or a coincidence that “right” is associated positively with handedness, the antithesis of “wrong”, and rights as in human rights?


    Nicean Necropolitical Reply:

    Synchronicity and coincidence are not mut. exclu. Quite the contrary, they´re co-incidental. No synch without coinciding.

    If you study concepts like RHP, and right

    you will find their cognation. radix ipsius.

    A truly significant man, whatever he is thinking

    about, in fact, he is thinking about himself.

    — Otto Weininger


    Dick Wagner Reply:

    Synchronicity runs into the problem New Ageiness in general tends to run into – reversion to superstition. The esoteric/pragmatic question is does one wish to kill faith (in the Jung cult in this case) or uplift it. Post hoc ergo propter hoc turns Synchronicity on its head and vice versa, the latter is arguably just a nobler lie. Like hierarchy over equality.

    “Jewish monotheism has no relation to a true belief in God; it is not a religion of reason, but a belief of old women founded on fear.”

    –Otto Weininger

    Watch the new Nietzschean religion decay into Nietzschendom and be decried as a belief of young men founded on immoderate bravery.

    I wanted to bounce a conspiracy theory off you from this thread wherein Moldbug debates MacDonaldists:

    It’s claimed that MM is a “safety valve for awakening gentiles”. This is a possibility; I say that only because my respect for MM keeps me from putting anything past him. It seems like an animus toward Puritans would work as a scapegoat seamlessly as it is a sublimation of the white guilt complex. And on the other hand it’s a synchronicity that MacDonald’s name reminds us of…


    Nicean Necropolitical Reply:

    In the process of reading this post. I had seen it before, so someone must have brought it up. Coincidence intensifier is that @TanstaaflAoT (the author) appeared in my Twitter this morning also, re this:

    There´s a funny split going on in the Alt-Right. It´s Spencer vs. Vox Day vs. Milo vs. @Zikamagic vs. NRx.

    Or it´s anti-Christian/Semitic Americanist WN vs. Atlanto-Europhile Neo-Trad WN vs. Capitalist Liberal Trads & Technos vs. Christian Occidental WN vs. Russophile Nazbol WN.

    Or something like that.

    Idk, who Zikamagic is but he´s in the center of it:

    Dick Wagner Reply:

    Speaking again of synchronicity: Nick “Land” and Patchwork – these two are relatable. Landlord genes, Feudal lord genes? Are Brits divided along castes a la Indians at all? To adopt Full Communism is to screw landlords out of the deal, therefore our good ol chap of a host has a genetic interest to further the patchwork agenda–a class interest, as the they-who-should-not-be-named refer to it. Realpolitikally, this is no argument against his goal, it only shadows suspicion on it.

    My favorite gleaning from Emperor MM is rather than dogma, method. He is a crypto-Nietzschean insofar as he is a genealogist and never accredits it. Humans continue to live mythically and (religio-)history is our myth. Realpolitikally, Moldbug was half Jew half Scotsman; Land: English(?); Donald: Scotsman. We need to stop beating around the bush about this. MM opened up limitless possibilities by taking a Fnarglian crowbar to the creaky crate of Official Enlightenment History, and more radically than MacIntyre or Strauss. Once the New Nietzschean Religion kicks off we shall honor an annual “Internet Day”. (Heartiste’s “Martin Luther Kong Jr.” is a start to infectious counter-propaganda).

    I want to see what Jews think about History if one supposes that the American and French revolutions were mistakes. I want to see what Germans say about it. And ditto i/r/t WWI and II. So far we have as intellectual powerhouses Anglo-Jewry. Moldbug’s genealogy of teh world wars was super fscking pozzed, he could have been a lot more brutal; but he was speaking to a specific audience. He was speaking to many of US. We’re farther in the mindset now, and we can look back on history more brutally.

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  • Milo Yiannopoulos Revitalizes The Alt Right Says:

    […] of recent calls for the Alt Right to wage war on Breitbart editor and troll auteur Milo Yiannopoulos, the man himself came to a nearby bloated […]

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  • Worm Says:

    @ Dick Wagner

    If you haven’t already discovered it, you might be interested in Heidegger’s reading of Georg Trakl

    Here’s some notes on Trakl, all from the link below, none of these words are mine:

    “The poems of Georg Trakl have a magnificent silence in them. It is very rare that he himself talks — for the most part he allows the images to speak for him. Most of the images, anyway, are images of silent things.

    In a good poem made by Trakl images follow one another in a way that is somehow stately.

    The images have a mysterious connection with each other. The rhythm is slow and heavy, like the mood of someone in a dream. Wings of dragonflies, toads, the gravestones of cemeteries, leaves, and war helmets give off strange colors, brilliant and sombre colors—they live in too deep a joy to be gay.

    At the same time they live surrounded by a darkness without roads. Everywhere there is the suggestion of this dark silence:

    The yellow flowers
    Bend without words
    over the blue pond

    The silence is the silence of things that could speak, but choose not to. The German language has a word for deliberately keeping silence, which English does not have. Trakl uses this word “schweigen” often.

    When he says “the flowers/Bend without words over the blue pond”, we realise that the flowers have a voice, and that Trakl hears it.

    They keep their silence in the poems. Since he doesn’t put false speeches into the mouths of plants, nature has more and more confidence in him. As his poems grow, more and more creatures live in his poems—

    first it was only wild ducks and rats, but then oak trees, deer, decaying wall- paper, ponds, herds of sheep, trumpets, and finally steel helmets, armies, wounded men, battlefield nurses, and the blood that had run from the wounds that day.”

    Yet a redcloud, in
    which a furious god,
    The spilled
    blood itself, has its home, silently
    a moonlike coolness in the willow bottom”

    to read more:

    https://www dot dreamsongs dot com/Files/Trakl.pdf


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  • nbieter Says:

    He still seems pretty up front about it.


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  • illegal Says:

    @They’re ten times more interesting than Milo.


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  • illegal Says:

    The only reason Milo has any success is because he fits the Cathedral vision. It’s a double edged sword.

    One way of looking at it: he’s redpilling people by tricking them into listening to him with his schtick.

    Another way: he’s just perpetuation of the lies the Cathedral tells playing into their hands with the whole “I’m gay” act and his Judaism. He’s not really white is he? He’s still inside of the box the Cathedral, and increasingly NRX and everywhere else, has drawn. We say we’re against PC, but we don’t touch that one particular box without a thirty thousand foot pole to protect us from getting tainted by it. It’s really quite a sham, actually. You don’t have to agree with “national SOCIALISM” or the racist communists that were the Nazis. That said, to deny the importance of European nationalism and the factual whiteness of Western civilization is nothing more than Cathedralized PC BS. It’s not breaking out of anything. Without a grasp of that, we remain steadfastly within the boundaries set by the progressives. The only true way, in my view, to completely blow the f***ing doors off of their whole disgusting contraption is to embrace the opposite of “white guilt” with a sort of extremist fervor. The complete opposite. One has to see the entire “anti-white” zeitgeist in all of its colors, speech, tones, and shapes and then do the primal, EXACT opposite of that. That’s the only way to truly obliterate PC.

    We can all talk about how we’re against the SJWs and so on. The thing is, the “white” issue is the Holy Grail of SJW thought crime. It’s the one thing that decides who speaks, who does this, and who does that. It’s literally illegal thinking, more or less. It’s the one thing that really seems to decide who becomes known and who doesn’t. It’s what separates The Right Stuff from Milo, and NRX from Richard Spencer. It is no question that the JQ then enters into the question, naturally. However, why is this question arbitrarily considered off the table? This is where the ultimate zenith of the Holy Grail finds its peak: the entire Cathedral is a Jewish creation and the entire peak of the whole mountain of garbage is a Jewish throne. You can laugh it off, call me a national socialist, and so on and so forth. I’ve thought about this long and hard and I’ve concluded that anti-white attitudes are the primary God Tier of the SJW Cathedral PC brain virus, and behind that is an extremely powerful Jewish influence. One doesn’t have to hate the Jews to notice this, it’s just a fact. And how one decides to feel about it is up to one’s own inclinations.

    The fact is that Milo is out speaking because Milo is not white, he is not really European, and he is not really a true thought criminal. He fits into the establishment and the institutions privately like him for being their “good little guy” and saying things exactly how they want them to be said. Everyone knows there is no turning back on the Red Pill, it’s just a matter of controlling it to whatever ends the establishment which got us here wants it to be controlled. And having a leftist degenerate be the spokesman for this inevitable uprising of enlightened individuals is just another play in the long history of leftist victory. It’s not a win for us, it’s a win for them, and it will ultimately lead to the deeper and more rich flavored red pills being shut out.


    michael Reply:

    of course was there any doubt you can go at least as far back as Wolf in mau mauing the flak catchers and his portrait of the panthers in Bernsteins park avenue apartment raising money from the social xrays while insulting the men and fucking the women.
    Nrx just thinks it can get beyond good and evil by including the proles in the nigger class. its a variation on I hate white trash as much as niggers.usually clumsilly expressed as something along the lines of theres niggers in every race all blacks arent niggers.The thing is when the cathedral hears them say this they know they are fronting


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  • Worm Says:

    “Surely, what’s happening now in Iraq and Syria must serve as a final wakeup call that we have been led into a horrific situation in the Middle East by a powerful Lobby driven by the interests of one tribe and one tribe alone.

    Back in 1982, Oded Yinon an Israeli journalist formerly attached to the Israeli Foreign Ministry, published a document titled “A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties” This Israeli commentator suggested that for Israel to maintain its regional superiority, it must fragment its surrounding Arab states into smaller units.

    The document, later labelled as ‘Yinon Plan’, implied that Arabs and Muslims killing each other in endless sectarian wars was, in effect, Israel’s insurance policy.

    “Of course, regardless of the Yinon Plan’s prophesies, one might still argue that this has nothing to do with Jewish lobbying, politics or institutions but is just one more Israeli strategic proposal

    except that it is impossible to ignore that the Neocon school of thought that pushed the English-speaking Empire into Iraq was largely a Jewish Diaspora, Zionist clan. …..

    …..But is it just the Zionists who are engaging in such tactics? Not at all.

    In fact, the Jewish so-called Left serves the exact same cause, but instead of fragmenting Arabs and Muslims into Shia, Sunnis, Alawites and Kurds they strive to break them into sexually oriented identity groups (Lesbian, Queer, Gays, Heterosexual etc’)

    Recently I learned from Sarah Schulman, a NY Jewish Lesbian activist that in her search for funding for a young ‘Palestinian Queer’ USA tour, she was advised to approach George Soros’ Open Society institute. The following account may leave you flabbergasted, as it did me:

    “A former ACT UP staffer who worked for the Open Society Institute, George Soros’ foundation, suggested that I file an application there for funding for the tour. When I did so it turned out that the person on the other end had known me from when we both attended Hunter [College] High School in New York in the 1970s. He forwarded the application to the Institutes’s office in Amman, Jordan, and I had an amazing one-hour conversation with Hanan Rabani, its director of the Women’s and Gender program for the Middle East region.

    Hanan told me that this tour would give great visibility to autonomous queer organizations in the region. That it would inspire queer Arabs—especially in Egypt and Iran…for that reason, she said, funding for the tour should come from the Amman office” (Sarah Schulman -Israel/Palestine and the Queer International p. 108).

    The message is clear, The Open Society Institutes (OSI) wires Soros’s money to Jordan, Palestine and then back to the USA in order to “inspire queer Arabs in Egypt and Iran (sic).”

    What we see here is clear evidence of a blatant intervention by George Soros and his institute in an attempt to break Arabs and Muslims and shape their culture.

    So, while the right-wing Jewish Lobby pushes the Arabs into ethnic sectarian wars, their tribal counterparts within George Soros’s OSI institute, do exactly the same – attempt to break the Arab and Muslims by means of marginal and identity politics.

    It is no secret that, as far as recent developments in Iraq are concerned, America, Britain and the West are totally unprepared.

    So surely, the time is long overdue when we must identify the forces and ideologies within Western society that are pushing us into more and more global conflicts.

    www dot


    Y. Ilan Reply:

    Do you genuinely believe that any sort of Jewish lobby would even have the ability to create the present sectarian conflict in the Middle East? Sectarianism of this sort has always existed here, and the current outpouring of violence and ethnic cleansing is merely a natural process that would’ve happened either way, Iraq war or no Iraq war. I should take it as a complement that people like you think that we’re this powerful.

    Good luck with your victim mentality.


    Meow Blitz Reply:

    Gosh, I don’t know. Maybe ask Hillary Clinton:

    “The best way to help Israel deal with Iran’s growing nuclear capability is to help the people of Syria overthrow the regime of Bashar Assad.

    Negotiations to limit Iran’s nuclear program will not solve Israel’s security dilemma.”


    Posted on September 21st, 2016 at 9:44 am Reply | Quote
  • Worm Says:

    @ Y. Ilan

    None of those words are mine. That’s why I put them in quotation marks, and provided a link at the end.

    They’re from Gilad Atzmon, a British jazz saxophonist, and writer, who was born in a secular Jewish family in Tel Aviv, and trained at the Rubin Academy of Music, in Jerusalem.


    Y. Ilan Reply:

    Yes, I got that. I know who Gilad Atzmon is; we (Jews) don’t lack people like him, although they’re getting more marginal as time goes on. Do you find any truth in what he says? I’m curious as to the point of your extensive quotation of a person I see as a traitor and a hack. Please, indulge me.


    Posted on September 21st, 2016 at 12:12 pm Reply | Quote
  • Dark Reformation Says:

    In other news:

    The game-is-the-game.



    “Moreover, the rule of law, independent judiciary, and the respect for individual rights and freedoms will ensure accountability, in terms of prosecuting and punishing corrupt leaders. Freedom of speech and the press will provide transparency, checks on the government, and make it easy to inform people of policies and unearth corrupt practices. I accept in general that the ‘idea of democracy’ is theoretically a good system of organized social living and political governance, and that some Western liberal democratic institutions and principles have some merit. However, I do not believe that the liberal variant of democracy is workable in the context of multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-religious, and anomalous ‘post’-colonial African states without major modifications and adaptations to Africa’s communal values, ethos, and traditions. In this essay, I examine the historical colonial antecedents of the problems facing African states, and also why liberal democratic principles cannot address them.”


    Moreover, the rule of law, independent judiciary, and the respect for individual rights and freedoms will ensure accountability, in terms of prosecuting and punishing corrupt leaders. Freedom of speech and the press will provide transparency, checks on the government, and make it easy to inform people of policies and unearth corrupt practices. I accept in general that the ‘idea of democracy’ is theoretically a good system of organized social living and political governance, and that some Western liberal democratic institutions and principles have some merit. However, I do not believe that the liberal variant of democracy is workable in the context of multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-religious, and anomalous ‘post’-colonial African states without major modifications and adaptations to Africa’s communal values, ethos, and traditions. In this essay, I examine the historical colonial antecedents of the problems facing African states, and also why liberal democratic principles cannot address them.”

    If democracy does not work in Africa because it “multi-cultural” and tribal, then does this not, when we turn the tables, show that democracy in the “multi-cultural” West will also not work? Of course, the elites are simply playing the divide and conquerer strategy — the BDH V OV game.


    Posted on September 21st, 2016 at 12:57 pm Reply | Quote
  • spandrell Says:

    It’s only fair that the homos are the first to be purged.

    I’d be more willing to give the guy a break if not for that disgusting stunt he did with Gavin Mcsomething.


    admin Reply:

    Has the Alt-Right had its “purging anything from an Internet bubble is impossible” moment yet?


    spandrell Reply:

    What’s the point of anything then?


    admin Reply:

    Is that a “without Purgatory life has no meaning” kind of remark?

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  • Thales Says:

    ((Blame Kek for the header.))

    88 is amateur radio code for “love and kisses”, so kek indeed…


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  • Outliers (#24) Says:

    […] The Alt Right Goes To War With Milo Yiannopoulos (Outside In) […]

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  • Nick B. Steves Says:

    Now that’s pretty rich coming from the “mouth” of The Right Stuff, who recently averred on TDS… “We don’t really have a problem with feminism”. This seems an intramural squabble between competing visions of classical liberalism at best. Milo prefers the 1989 edition, whereas Mike Enoch prefers 1959. Obviously one is to be preferred, but remains nevertheless hopelessly misguided.


    admin Reply:

    Milo: “All the freaky paleo-fascist stuff is just trolling.”
    Alt-Right: “No, no, we really mean it …”


    Lucian Reply:

    Where’s the debate Chaos Patch?


    admin Reply:

    There’s a Chaos Patch overdue (as always recently). But a debate focus? That would be way too demotically-obsessed and depressing.

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