Twitter cuts (#95)

They have to know what this looks like, but they can’t help themselves.

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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    [[[ O’ Sullivan ]]] has no idea what it could be like. She, like most Leftists, is merely engaging in wordplay to point the narrative back toward a Leftist Utopia without Realists.


    smg Reply:

    She’s quoting Rubio.

    The sooner the cucks die the better.


    Brett Stevens Reply:

    [[[ Rubio ]]] and [[[ O’Sullivan ]]] both have no idea that their presence here is a product of liberalism, as is their appeal. The wave is coming, and soon they will be on boats.


    Apothecary Reply:

    Brett, you seem to have confused O’Sullivan with someone else. She’s one of us.

    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Stevens has gone overboard.

    Dick Wagner Reply:

    Erikson, some comments you make I wonder if you’re high. Can you even grow weed in Iceland? Muh third eye, it’s as clear as ice but jaundiced as blonde hair. Stevens wrote a book on nihilism, you’re a lapdog who yips. Does the book suck, I haven’t read it. Is it cucked? I doubt it. That’s very important in a world that is nihilistic to such a degree nihilism itself has appropriated discourse on anti-nihilism. You need to know who your friends are. The sectarianism propagated here against the alt-right is hearty and wholesome to cure the populist disease of rabble-sickness but there remains an irreducible politically incorrect realtalk that the NRx is apparently too Christian to adopt.

    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    >”the NRx is apparently too Christian to adopt.”

    What are you trying to say?

    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    The point of Nietzsche is to become post-Nihilistic.

    If one is wallowing, one isn´t.

    Your eternal soul is at stake, young lamb.

    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    you dumb little pizza, you think this is abt Christianity merely?

    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Hic namque uos ad uitam de non esse deducens mortem inducet et ad se uos resurgere faciet.

    nobody Reply:

    If anyone is confused: Brett considers Irish immigration a mistake


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    i´ve been told Brett is a paid shill. but i doubt that.

    he´s free to want an america without irish.

    admin Reply:

    If he’s getting paid, I’m impressed. (But I doubt it, too.)

    Blogospheroid Reply:

    Isn’t she the one who was formerly known as Andrea Castillo and one of the contributors to Mitrailleuse?


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  • michael Says:

    admin will like this


    Alrenous Reply:

    Ah, the emergent properties fallacy. Reductionism is totally true except for consciousness, researchers find.


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  • Dale Rooster Says:

    Who is “us”? Wordplay indeed. Does Rubio represent NRx or the Altright or the right or libertarian constitutionalist individual rights or Jews or Western Civilization or White Identity or Red-State people or Catholics or Jesus living in the hearts of conservative incorporated Syrians blasting away his reverence within an Oklahoma megachurch?

    “Wikileaks = Terrorists,” AKA Madam President, thank you for saving our democracy.

    Rubio is our God and he doesn’t know it.


    Posted on October 20th, 2016 at 4:18 am Reply | Quote
  • G. Eiríksson Says:

    Here´s a pill for the crowd: Nationalists are the most valuable asset of Globalists.


    Aristocles Invictvs Reply:

    Old and trite conspiracy theory meme, divide et impera, nationalism only divides us so the globalists can have their way while we engage in internecine struggle. Utter garbage, the globalists are genuinely clutching their pearls at the nationalist resurgence. They are not omnipotent and have underestimated the blood-dimmed tide of reaction.


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Old and trite response to an eternal truth. Divide & conquer. Nationalism only divides us so the globalists can have their way while we engage in internecine struggle. Works quite well. Which is why Globalists tend to overrule Nationalists. They are not omnipotent, but they have a science to it.

    muh reaction


    Harold Reply:

    Nationalists aren’t fighting nationalists from other countries.

    G. Eiríksson Reply:


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    it would help you to conceive of this if you in fact realized that megas alexandros and various imperials were globalists or inter-nationalists.


    G. Eiríksson Reply: “we”


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Published on Oct 16, 2016
    the empress stripped bare
    descending a staircase
    that spirals out of sight…

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  • Rick Derris Says:

    Rubio must have a short memory. Wikileaks released information that was damaging to the Bush 43 Presidency. A cynical Republican politician should laugh and utter the retort about what’s good for the goose.

    Instead of bashing WikiLeaks these politicians should keep good character (yes, I typed that with a straight face).


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  • G. Eiríksson Says:
    Uploaded on Jan 22, 2011 professor Shadia Drury


    G. Eiríksson Reply:

    Neoconservatism is the new aryanism, but not so far as it lies but so far as it tells teh truh.

    there are no accidents of birth, is the ultra-karmic view and the aryan view.

    as a north-atlantic germanolatii nordid nonbourgeois gent

    ´tis is easy for me to say life isnt that hard


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  • G. Eiríksson Says:

    anyone remember those video scenes from the 80´s & 90´s with the skinheads screaming WHITE POWER??

    funny, those who were the most powerless screamed the most sore-throatest.


    John Hannon Reply:

    I certainly remember White Power by Screwdriver –

    I accidentally ended-up at one of their gigs once, back in the day when I was a long-haired hippie. To make matters worse I was with an Indian work colleague at the time, but fortunately all the National Front skinheads there were too busy pogo-ing to pay us any attention.


    Posted on October 21st, 2016 at 11:37 am Reply | Quote

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