Twitter wants to die


(So GAB it is, I guess.)

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  • Brett Stevens Says:

    Social media follows the arc of business: first, a new idea, then all the idiots move in, and finally, in a desperate attempt to stay relevant, it panders to the lowest of the idiots to keep growth going, because it has taken on too many parasites (extra employees, lawyers, lovers, stockholders, advisors, etc).

    Twitter knows it is going to die, because MySpace died, and Digg died. All social media dies when it becomes popular with the idiots and then the power users leave as a result. Twitter is just trying to squeeze as much from the lemon as it can before the end, which requires pandering to total idiots like SJWs — otherwise unemployables — and if it loses some smart people, oh well. Its new audience will not care or want them.

    But I’m on Gab.


    illegal Reply:

    What is happening on Twitter and Reddit seems like more than just the usual dumbing down and disintegration of the core cultural components. It’s that, but also a separate thing which is little more than libs, or whatever you want to call the arbiters of the Cathedral, punching buttons to make their preferred result more likely to take place. Behind all acts there is a person, and censorship is no different. There are a small number of people at the top of these sites, and that isn’t just mainstreaming. That’s a small group of people with a particular view explicitly working to fight those they see as their enemy. They do this by targeting users and speech which they personally disagree with. They are sitting on their computers, maybe in company space, maybe at home, and they are going through comment sections and locking, deleting, and effectively silencing views which they disagree with.

    I can’t wait to get an account on Gab. 8chan and Gab seem to me to be like the future of social media, and that is exciting. I think we’re in a new phase really, where we haven’t actually figured out how to effectively deal with “ugly” speech or whatever, that taints and maybe really does have a deleterious mental effect. I don’t deny that’s a possibility honestly. The point is, the methods being used are inhuman and completely erroneous. We have to go through it first, pass through it. We can’t just delete what we don’t like. I’d really like to see more people willingly switching websites if only to drain the censor-friendly ones of their mana.


    Dick Wagner Reply:

    @Illegal, your comment is itself “ugly” with no quotation marks included. Admin needs to crack down on this problem and mop up the libertarian draw that his blog exercises. In occult jargon: he summons demonic personalities. (I’m one myself but of a different stripe).

    Speech has definite “deleterious mental effect”, it is not a question of censorship vs. non-censorship – the question is What is to be censored?

    “I’d really like to see more people willingly switching websites if only to drain the censor-friendly ones of their mana.”

    So what are you going to do to get people to “”willingly”” switch websites? Propagandize perhaps? Persuade? Oh Void no, not “persuasion”, anything but that, persuasion might as well be verbal rape!

    Libertarianism stems from the same Progressive misperception which we’ve inherited from the Judaeo-Christian tradition: all are equal before the LORD. We should wait for our kids to “”willingly”” choose not to eat legos, not tear them out of their hands as they bring them to their mouths. Otherwise we’ve sinned.


    Brett Stevens Reply:

    You make good points, but I would like to point out:

    Computer social systems always go this way.

    Take a dial-up BBS in the 1980s, expand the userbase, and you will find that Leftist opinions have become the norm.

    Crowds always tend toward easy answers that flatter the individual, and egalitarianism does that by promising the individual social inclusion regardless of competence.

    This especially appeals to The Young, who are underconfident because they lack experience and know it.


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  • Uriel Alexis Says:

    Greer sort of predicted it in the beginning of the year (for other reasons):

    “Twitter, for example, has never gotten around to making a profit at all, and so its P/E ratio is its current absurd stock value divided by zero. Valuations this detached from reality haven’t been seen since immediately before the “Tech Wreck” of 2000, and the reason is exactly the same: vast amounts of easy money have flooded into the tech sector, and that torrent of cash has propped up an assortment of schemes and scams that make no economic sense at all. Sooner or later, as a function of the same hard math that brings every bubble to an end, Tech Wreck II is going to hit, vast amounts of money are going to evaporate, and a lot of currently famous tech companies are going to go the way of

    Exactly when that will happen is a good question, but I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that the next tech bust will be under way by the end of 2016. That’s specific prediction #1.”

    if he’s right, Twitter won’t be the last one.

    Got in line for GAB, no success so far =/


    Anomaly UK Reply:

    The other discussions of the “trajectory” of a social media company are interesting, but the fundamental point about twitter is that since it is not profitable, its value as a propaganda mouthpiece outweighs its (negligible) value as an advertising tool.

    The same does not apply to facebook, which makes substantial profit.

    I wonder what plans Torba has to make Gab into a viable business. His commercial approach has triggered a growth that we haven’t seen in the amateur GnuSocial sites or in Twister, but it’s not obvious how it will make profits where Twitter hasn’t.


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  • Cryptogenic Says:

    A quote from Salman Rushdie is not exactly reassuring.


    NRK Reply:

    Now I’m curious, what’s wrong with Rushdie?


    Cryptogenic Reply:

    He’ll curse the whole thing:


    NRK Reply:

    Well, unlike bookstores, they can’t bomb the internet.



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  • atavisionary Says:

    28sherman, chateau heartiste, and vox day have also had their accounts deleted in the last few days. Seems like a pre-planned purge. Then you have the youtube purgings (done by “heroes” in most orwellian style).

    All this stuff is happening at several big companies at the same time. It is clearly coordinated and almost certainly has a connection to the upcoming election. In other words, the cathedral must be getting very, very desperate to be so obvious and heavy handed. Both with these change in policies and a variety of other things in the last year.

    It really makes you wonder if we are really up for some epic change in the near future, and how bad it is going to end up being.


    Brett Stevens Reply:

    “Worse is better.”


    woods Reply:

    Heh, good times back then…


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  • Thales Says:

    The signs of a preference cascade has made the Cathedral very, very nervous. Hence the hasty action.

    Many NRx’ers predicted last year that 2016 would be the Year of Censorship, so it should come only as as surprise that it has taken this long.


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  • michael Says:

    guess nrx will have to await teh collapse in the dark


    michael Reply:

    how many years ago did i say nrx should invent open source social media since its not doing anything else worthwhile


    Brett Stevens Reply:

    Not just open source, but decentralized.

    NNTP > social media.


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  • Axel Mckibbin Says:

    This is awesome. On twitter I’ve said before that the NRx needs its own twitter.


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  • Axel Mckibbin Says:


    Kek is also smiling on another start up

    Listen to this:

    A Startup Is Automating the Lawsuit Strategy Peter Thiel Used to Kill Gawker

    Did you look at Peter Thiel’s systematic destruction of Gawker via the American legal system and think “Wow, it’s too difficult to extract money from corporations and people using the courts?” Did you think, “Why don’t I try that?” If you answered yes to either question, there’s a startup you should meet.

    Legalist is a Silicon Valley startup that was developed in the Y Combinator incubator offering “data-backed litigation financing” using algorithms…


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  • TheDividualist Says:

    There is only one way GAB and every other replacement could work: tile. it. over.

    I.e. make all your gab posts automatically cross-post to twitter (unless you don’t want to) and make gab display all your tweets from Twitter. This way you lose nothing.

    Using two apps is annoying and most people will not switch from a bigger to a smaller social network. This is the only way it can work.


    Kwisatz Haderach Reply: already tried and failed at doing this

    The replicating onto Twitter kind of killed the project, because everyone was replicating into Twitter, so there was nearly zero content available exclusively on After a while everybody realized that it was mere petulance that brought them over, and sheepishly moved back to Twitter.

    But for about the first six to nine months of, I actually preferred it, because the early adopters had a better SNR.


    Brett Stevens Reply:

    A modified strategy: mirror the content onto Twitter, but not from Twitter, wth a 2-hour delay.


    woods Reply:

    Heh, everything old is new again; Usenet called and wants it uucp back 🙂

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  • Ryan C Says:

    I recently read about this, but I’m not certain about it’s utility.


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