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“The missile strikes the White House is contemplating would advance Syria’s dissolution,” writes Steven A. Cook in the Washington Post.

What is this ‘Syria’ of which you speak?

Such senseless language should have been dismissed from the practical lexicon by now. It belongs strictly to history books.

Between the Mediterranean coast of the northern Levant and the Iranian border, the internationally-recognized state system exists only as a set of tokens in diplomatic games. It isn’t coming back.

This article (and book) will be seen as astonishingly prescient soon, and deserves to be already.

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  • Doug Says:

    “This article (and book) will be seen as astonishingly prescient soon, and deserves to be already.”

    In the nearly 20 years since that article was written the world has moved in the complete opposite direction. Inequality between the first and third world has not widened, but drastically compressed. Total global conflict, notwithstanding Syria, is in continuous retreat. Notwithstanding the Arab spring the number of coups and revolutions around the world has been quite diminutive. The author’s central subject: environmentally driven resource conflicts, has been a virtual non-factor in the past two decades. Even West Africa, the subject of the article, has experienced high gains in living standards, health and social stability.

    Even if you constrain to the Muslim world it’s mostly been progress, which balances the high-profile cases of Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt and Syria. Turkey’s been perhaps the strongest economy of the past decade. Malaysia, Indonesia, and Bangladesh have all make remarkable advances. The Persian Gulf kingdoms have built some of the most advanced societies on the face of the planet. Pakistan, outside of the tribal zone, has been almost as much a success as India.


    VXXC Reply:

    “The Persian Gulf kingdoms have built some of the most advanced societies on the face of the planet.”

    Not once you leave the Airport and their Rodeo Drive. Roh-day-Oh.

    In many ways Dubai IS the Airport. That and Oil of course.


    admin Reply:

    In every single case, though, the crack-up process is progressing. From your list, perhaps Malaysia, Indonesia, and (if it gets really lucky, which it won’t) Turkey could hold together, but everywhere else is either directly afflicted by, or significantly vulnerable to, escalating civil wars. Especially, the main (Islamic) civil war either gets resolved, or it goes full Kaplan on all of these places.

    Even India, which was supposed to be the next big development breakout society, seems to be tilting into a devolutionary phase (dragged down by too much demographic deadweight, intoxicated by far too much democracy). Islands of success are sinking in a morass of Tamas, with the entire eastern half of the country infested by Maoist guerrillas. Rather than closing, the gulf between South and East Asia yawns wider every year.


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  • VXXC Says:

    Thankfully the President has deftly Rooked to Congress. Bravo. I mean it.

    I actually can’t remember when a President Rooked.

    He doesn’t want it, the Court does.

    Cameron probably doesn’t want it either, and he’s off the Hook.


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