Zimmerman Walks

Anarcho-Tyranny loses one.

The feverish media spin: It doesn’t mean anything (see ABC at the link).

Nicholas Stix on what it would have meant (had things gone to plan), with the conclusion:

George Zimmerman must be kept out of jail. But even then he will need to get a new name, a new face, and … a new country.

In fact, we all need a new country.

ADDED: So it has to be time for some Charlie Manson Helter Skelter action, Goldman Sachs style.

ADDED: Nydwracu is on the case.

ADDED: Delingpole: “Half of the US (the Obama-voting half) is up in arms about the verdict of the Zimmerman trial. The other half is breathing a huge sigh of relief that the justice system in the US is still functional. (If but barely.)”

ADDED: Tortured liberal watch.


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  • Doug Says:

    Due to how large Nazi Germany looms in history people have the image of a ethnic cleansing as a centrally coordinated and executed plan that the government carries out. Most times it takes the place in a far more decentralized manner. The government selectively ignores legal violations by one group and stringently enforces them against the other side.

    If a Serb friendly government wants to clear the Croats out of an area all it has to do is let Serbian paramilitary organizations run free with minimal government prosecution. Continually turn a blind eye and lightly enforce laws against them. In contrast if Croats try to form defend or organize themselves vigorously prosecute them for every infraction to the full extent of the law. The asymmetry of law enforcement means that Serbs will be able to terrorize Croats until they’re all driven out or killed.

    The whole process allows the government to keep its hands clean in a technical sense. There’s no government officiants to send to Nuremberg like trials, because none of them directly ordered any atrocities. But in every meaningful sense they promulgated and directed them. The only real risk is the paramilitary organizations you let run wild, get a little too dangerous and take you out.


    admin Reply:

    OK, but ‘ethnic cleansing’ doesn’t really capture what this is about, surely? If it did, ‘white flight’ would be a matter of unambiguous celebration. Criminalizing self-defense as racist evil is something else. I think the (Sam Francis) ‘Anarcho-Tyranny’ concept gets close to it. It’s also noteworthy the way it clicks together ominously with the Bryan Caplan libertarian suicide agenda.


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  • Thales Says:

    After an enjoyable Saturday night out with good friends, I’m having a nightcap of impotent tears of rage cruising around the interwebz. Schadenfreude is an acquired taste, yet one I partake of too infrequently to have yet done so. It reminds me of fugu — ultimately toxic, yet stimulating in moderation.


    admin Reply:

    As an occasional tipple, I don’t think it can be recommended highly enough.


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  • K. Kaprow Says:

    Libertarian anarcho-racist-prepper types are in for another disappointment. They’re in their bunkers, their firearms locked and loaded…waiting for, hoping for, praying for the race riot that will validate their sick philosophy. It’s both sad and funny–like Linus waiting in the pumpkin patch for the Great Pumpkin is sad and funny.

    Here’s a delightful reaction to the verdict from Reason.com:

    One “Live Free or Diet” writes, “We have good perches, plenty of ammo and kids who know how to hit whatever they can see.”

    Picture that charming family of armed and paranoid anarcho-libertarians–Mom, Dad and the kids–at their “perches,” rifles at the ready, waiting for the hordes of angry, violent and presumably black folks to descend upon their little corner-compound of Heaven…it’s the stuff Hallmark Cards cover-art is made of!


    admin Reply:

    There are “anarcho-racist-prepper types” to be found at Reason? I need to head over there more often.


    K. Kaprow Reply:

    Not only are they there, they’re in the ascendancy at that formerly reasonable place. Obama’s reelection pushed many of them over the edge and into insanity. One commenter-clique at Reason actually created a betting pool on whether area blacks would riot following a “not guilty” verdict. Yes, some “libertarians” are really, really invested in race riots. Why? That’s one for the psychologists and philosophers, though it doesn’t take a Ph.D to understand the concept of psychological projection.

    Some of the most violent rhetoric I’ve encountered comes from so-called “libertarians” who, simultaneously, are quick to parrot the nonaggression principle. They use it selectively, however. All bets are off when it comes to violence against the state and its representatives. The state, you see, is the original “aggressor.” Courts, cops, armies–the apparatus of a legitimate state–are enemies of the anarcho-libertarian. Initiating force against them is acceptable behavior. Some even refer to it as a duty. Yes, believe it or not, cop-killing is becoming fashionable in some libertarian circles.


    admin Reply:

    I’d assumed ‘wild-side’ libertarianism was more of a (Rothbardian) LewRockwell.com thing, but I suppose the Reason folks have better drugs.

    Matt Olver Reply:

    One only needs to look to Larken Rose for advice.

    Aaron Reply:

    As a hunch I didn’t think riots were likely but it was certainly a possibilty. If there were riots, it isn’t as if it would be unprecedented, with the LA riots as the most well known example. There were all the “we’re gonna riot” posts on twitter and facebook. There was that “please don’t riot video” put together by the city. Somebody at DailyKos called even called for riots following the verdict:


    So it isn’t as if riots were totally out of the question. More to the point, it isn’t as if anyone’s predications were much more than a guess which makes them insignificant in any outcome. If there had been riots, you would have found something else to focus to on to reinforce your prior political viewpoint.

    You also seem to sketch an entire profile, rich in crocodile humor, on that Reason commenter based on a couple lines of text. You entirely ignore the possibility that he may a hunter and goes hunting with his family. According to your marrative, he simply can’t be prepared for either outcome and act accordingly as events unfold but must be “hunkering down in his bunker.” You want to characterize this commenter in a specific way in favor of your own politics and do so in a way that is beyond the information available to you.


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  • K. Kaprow Says:

    Hilarious, and a fine example of why nobody takes anarchists seriously.


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  • Mark Warburton Says:


    He’s not totally out of the woods yet..


    admin Reply:

    There’s still time for a teachable moment, apparently: self-defense will destroy your life.


    Mark Warburton Reply:

    Thanks for the Stix article. Shut the ultra-catherdralists right up – although I’m probably going to be labelled a racist for refering to it…


    admin Reply:

    Interesting thing though is how neatly this case has divided Left and Right down the middle (rather than out on the fringe). Even moderate conservatives seem to realize that if a guy like Zimmerman can be thrown to the wolves, there’s nothing left except utter crushing submission.

    For instance, this appears to have struck a nerve.

    Thales Reply:

    That Greenfield summation is nothing short of brilliant: succinct and approachable.

    Nick B. Steves Reply:

    Just as with post-OJ, almost no white person in America, who payed even cursory attention to the facts of the case, thinks GZ guilty of any crime… the pained tones of all the Lefty Talking Heads are saved for “Stand Your Ground Laws” (which were never in play in this case) or for stricter gun control laws, and how we really need to have a serious “conversation about race” (which we never can have because the only people with the vocabulary to do so are insufferable “racists”).

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  • Scharlach Says:

    The blacks in L.A. are too afraid to riot these days because now they’d have to deal with bad ass Messicans instead of Korean grocery store owners. Shit, I remember

    Oh, and on a somewhat related note, everyone in here should rent End of Watch. Highly reactionary. Made by a white guy who grew up in South L.A. and doesn’t, err, white-wash the reality of non-white crime.


    Mark Warburton Reply:

    Loved that film!


    admin Reply:

    Just saw it too, and really enjoyed it. A strand running through it exemplifies one Hollywood theme that is excellent, and which doesn’t get discussed enough: Friendship is impossible when Political Correctness reigns. Movies can show that to people, in a way that is irresistible. The cross-cultural cop buddy relationship is entirely dependent on continuous and totally ‘insensitive’ ribbing based on stereotypical ethnic characteristics — unimaginable, for instance, in a university or news office.


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