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Dark Thoughts

Peter A. Taylor contributes this gem to the comments thread of Foseti’s recent democracy round-up:

Washington is not the dark heart of a pure nation. It is the dark heart of a rotting nation. That’s why the Dark Enlightenment is so dark.

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If only libertarians could get over their “creepy obsession with free market capitalism.”

[via Hotair]

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Bespoke Singularities

When techno-commercial and left singularities seem too damn vanilla, it’s time to branch out. John Cussans (master of the shuffling undead) passed on this selection.

It’s frightening how many of them look almost uncontroversially realistic. The Outside in favorite (predictably enough) was the ‘Bilderbergularity’:

Billionaire overlords throw in the towel trying to run the planet, escape en masse to low earth orbit. People around the world breath a sigh of relief … before falling onto each other like zombie hordes.

[A Governmentularity / Fungularity mash-up would work well for me.]

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