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Scale-free Reaction

Kaplan goes full Moldbug:

Unless some force can, against considerable odds, reinstitute hierarchy … we will have more fluidity, more equality and therefore more anarchy to look forward to. This is profoundly disturbing, because civilization abjures anarchy. … without order — without hierarchy — there is nothing.

Perhaps, in the field of international relations, Kaplan is more Moldbug than Moldbug, presenting an uncompromisingly hardline reactionary model of world order, completely undisturbed by domestic considerations or even the slightest hint of libertarian descent. If sovereignty is conserved globally, as well as nationally, a worldwide Patchwork order looks as improbable as a stable constitutional republic, and exit options evaporate. Scale-free Moldbuggian analysis could prove more than a little blood-chilling.

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Reaction Points (#4)

Amongst the ruins of Soleri’s dream

When intelligent design goes wrong

Why is natural law useful? (Some background: valuable, and indispensable.)

Kermit the Prog

The mainstream triangle

Reaction as an economic imperative: “The solution to solving the problem is quite simple for an economist. Merely reverse the process.” But that won’t happen, so it’s over.

Creation myths (played straight (?) here)

Soft Left Singularity (via)

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Duzsl (fiction)

Below the break, the author’s prelude to Nemo Duzsl’s (immensely long) Cthellish Chronicles. There’s no particular reason why it should interest people here, but in case anybody finds it amusing …

[Warning: vulgarity, extreme decadence, and spiritual decay]

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