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Chaos Patch (#2)

So, latching onto both the theme and purpose of the Chaos Patch … Having too many places for community building is worse than not having enough of them. A lot of amazing commentary happens on all the different blogs of reaction-space, but it takes a full-time commitment to read them all.
— Survivingbabel (announcing blog plans, last time)

That says it all … or most probably not.

As SB suggests, detailed division of labor is one obvious solution to the dark-energy driven cosmic inflation problem. Perhaps overwhelming traffic congestion will catalyze that.

ADDED: The flood of darkness continues.

ADDED: CP#2 Topic Summary:– Abortion
— Tech-issues
— Environmentalism
— Does entropy always win?
— New blog announcement (Francis St. Pol)
— Khem chaos

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Reaction Points (#6)

“It’s becoming impossible to keep up” — that’s probably a direct quote from at least 17 different dark side blogs, so I won’t try to pin it down to anyone in particular. One response to the mania is to drop all pretense of a round up, and go meta. A round-up of reactosphere round-ups is still doable (at time of writing), with Foseti still master of the art (here and here), challenged by infant upstart Nick B Steves (here and here). How long before the depressive phase of the cycle begins, and we can all get some sleep?

More on overload (and time).

Competition on the reactionaryvisualization front arrives from James Goulding, embedded in an excellent post (among many recently).

‘Spengler’ on the disastrous consistency of American foreign policy.

In encouraging news for explorers of the abyss, Lee Smolin argues that outside time is still time (the time of the outside): “Time must go all the way down. It must not be emergent, it must not be an approximate phenomenon, it must not be an illusion. … It seems to me a necessary hypothesis that the Big Bang was not the first moment of time but was an event — a transition, something like a phase transition before which there was a universe that had possibly different properties and different laws.”

Could we really be getting off this rock?

Non-reactionary, but probably close enough to get into trouble.

I’m slow getting to this, but slow’s the norm: “… a decline of ~1.23 IQ points per decade or fourteen IQ points since Victorian times.” (HBD* chick has more.)

Hyperinflation in strange places.

Two good race reality pieces. (+ “i are a scary”)

ADDED: Spandrell is on fire.

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