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One Step at a Time

The bad news: Rolling back democracy is really hard. (It’s a stimulating pursuit nevertheless.) What are the chances of this happening before this? Not high, in my estimation.

The good news: The ‘task’ of spruiking evangelical democratization is supported by the historical tide, and has already reached a quite remarkably level of maturity. If people are looking for a near-term goal, this surely gets jostled to the front of the queue. It’s not hard to foresee a time, only a few years out, when the very idea of pushing the Cathedral on politically ‘under-developed’ societies will look like sabotage pure and simple. This is already how much of the world sees it (including all honest observers).

Looking back, the ‘Arab Spring’ will be seen as the decisive moment when democracy promotion became indistinguishable from ruinous coercion. ‘Sprung’ societies are devastated. They are triumphalist democracy’s Russian Winter. Once the enemy’s advance has ground entirely to a halt, the push back can steadily, relentlessly begin.

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