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They Just Must

Walter Russell Mead sinks to musty exhortation:

Time and money are running out before economic conditions for ordinary Egyptians lurch even further downward. Egypt’s new, government absolutely must find some way to restore stability and rebuild confidence, or things will get much, much uglier.

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The X Factor

What’s stopping Detroit from becoming a new Hong Kong? asks James Pethokoukis. After all “Out of options, it might just make the China choice.”

From the appallingly realism-afflicted comments thread that follows:

Patrick Harris: The problem with this theory is that Hong Kong is populated by Hong Kongers, and Detroit is populated by Detroitera.
chinacat26: and your meaning is?
[Note: ‘Detroitera’ appears to be the more sensitive and politically correct term for human detroitus.]

: Salvation is just a free-market revolution away! (Have American conservatives always been this fricking psychotic?) Once again, the comments thread contributes the strait-jacket.
ADDED: The force of Schadenfreude is strong in this one.  “The agonizing death of Detroit is cause for celebration. It’s the first of the liberal-run big cities and states to fall, and we should welcome its collapse with glee.” Delicate reality-editing aside, it illustrates the truly delicious aspect of the Detroit story — aim even vaguely in its direction and shoot, you inevitably hit a left sacred cow.
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Search Records

If anyone has found difficulties reaching this blog, it’s possible that inefficient search terms are to blame. From the WordPress Dashboard, I’ve been assured that these search paths all have a record of success:

domestic robotician
racism blog

nick land goes insane
nick land date died when?
h.l. mencken heaving deadf cats in the cathderal
14 vector shot red dawn mood and sex stimulator directions
how all organisms are buckets of anachronisms
one click chicks spanking
free nude picture tubes of saddam hussein

(Some loyal commentators can take their share of credit for our emerging definition within the Planetary Cybermind.)

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