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Quote notes (#20)

Sailer’s review of Blomkamp’s Elysium is indeed a “self-recommending” masterpiece, and not just for this:

The notion that art is about equality and niceness is just a cover story put out by artists to keep us poor schlumps from realizing what they are up to. Art, from the Great Pyramid on down, is actually about the most talented and/or self-confident bullying the rest of us into furnishing them with the resources to realize their visions, while the nice liberal dweebs pass on to us the artists’ self-serving justifications.

[There’s even a jolt of Kurtz to keep the horror flowing]

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Quote notes (#19)

Adam Garfinkle:

Might doesn’t necessarily make right — that’s not at all how Islamic jurisprudence on such matters reads — but it’s good enough for government work …

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