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Worth waiting for, even without the triple word-play.

(Perhaps the master of the house could assist with a categorization problem: Is this long-awaited arrival a neoreactionary blog?)

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Chaos Patch (#5)

This is pretty much a naked attempt to divert attention from this blog’s temporary impact with a rotary neural de-cultivator. (But that’s not a serious challenge for you guys, is it?)

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Some time fragmentation is wholly predictable until Wednesday, in Ningbo (Zhejiang), due to an end of summer family break with berserk offspring. That was to have been compounded by computer crisis until the excellent IT guy at the hotel here sorted out what had seemed an insoluble connectivity problem. We’re at a beautiful Park Hyatt out at the edge of the town, done out in an aesthetic that mixes Jiangnan elements with the company’s cosmopolitan minimalism (rough textures, earth tones, and intricate landscaping seem to be consistent themes.) Our explorations of the city isn’t likely to amount to much, but there are a couple of cool things to report on over the  next couple of days. My expectation is something like the Hong Kong activity slump, but on heavy tranquillizers, so I’m throwing in a Chaos Patch to keep the wolves at the door.

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Rough Triangles Redux

Is it conventional wisdom yet?

ADDED: Peter Bergen at CNN: “Doing nothing will not be treated kindly by future historians writing in the same vein as Power.” (Every time you read that sentence you’ll get more out of it.)

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